DIY Mini Wood Sign Christmas Ornaments


It’s been so crazy busy lately around the house that I haven’t been able to create as much as I wanted to for Christmas. However I’ve managed to work on some projects that I LOVE how they turned out. These Mini Wood Sign Christmas Ornaments are some of them. Ever since I started working with wood a few weeks ago I’ve been getting more confident and started experimenting more. This project was a fun and also really relaxing to be honest.

DIY Mini Wood Sign Christmas Ornaments

You see, I’m really perfectionist, I like even, symmetric, perfect stuff. That includes my work. Or should I say specially my work? Anyway, working with wood, specially for farmhouse/rustic style has completely brought me out of my comfort zone. I’m not used to work randomly and this weathered technique is mostly about random LOL. When I saw Holly’s Rustic Wood Christmas Ornament Signs I knew I would love some of these for our Tree but of course I gave it a my own twist.

For this project I didn’t have to buy anything since I only use stuff that I already had. Of course, if you don’t have exactly what I used you can always change things and you will probably still get a pretty result. I had some leftover wood planks so I cut them in half and got 4 mini strips of wood. Some of them were already painted so I used that in my advantage to weather it.

As I said it’s a fun and very relaxing project, no perfection or expertise needed. Believe me! I’m in no way an expert in wood work or painting.

Let’s see how to make these cute Mini Wood Sign Christmas Ornaments, shall we?


  • Wood strips {as many as you want and the size is completely up to you, they can be all different if you may.}
  • Wood stain {I used walnut}
  • White Acrylic Paint {or any appropriate kind of white paint}
  • Sand paper {I used 150 because that was what I had}
  • Steel brush.
  • 2 Brushes {one for stain another one for acrylic paint}
  • Wipping cloth.
  • Gloves
  • Vinyl cut letter {cut yourself some words or buy those pre-made vinyl letter}
  • Twine
  • Beads and Jingle bells {optional}

So, The first thing I did was sanding the woods to remove as much paint as I could. I had one piece clean but the rest were painted in brown, white and grey. If you want that same effect, just get some acrylic paint and paint your strips randomly with those colours let them dry completely and then sand them off.

When I liked how each strips of wood looked I brush them with the steel brush roughly. This opens a bit the wood grain so it will look even more rustic and also absorb the stain better.

Then I stained all he strips. First stain it all and then remove the excess with your cloth. You can of course stain the wood with the cloth directly but I wanted the wood to absorb as much stain as it could so I used brush and then rub it with the cloth.

Let it dry and I got this:

Next step, I drilled holes vertically on each strip. Why vertically? Well, because I wanted to hang some beads and jingle bells at the bottom, basically LOL.

Sand a bit everything again.

Decoration Time!

Clean your wood strips very well and start placing your stencil letters on them. I used the words JOY, SNOW, BELIEVE and NOEL. You can use any word you like.

Since I cut them with my Silhouette cameo, I just peal them from the sheet and place them on one side of the strip. Repeat with the rest.

Then I dry brushed with the white acrylic paint on top of everything. Don’t pay attention to details, just brush it and brush it randomly until you are happy with the whiteness.

Repeat with the rest and let them dry for a couple hours.

Carefully peal each letter off from the wood.

You will get this pretty effect with the aged wood on the back.

When I pealed them all off I got this! I was in love!

Then it’s time to sand again the lowest the grit the better, I only had 150 so that’s what I used. Send it so you damage the white paint but don’t get too carried away because you might sand off the stain too.

I focused on the wood edges mostly and tried some sanding on the letter edges too.

There you go!

Signs done!

Then I cut some twine strings long enough to go from one hole to the next and left some more for decor.

Cross the twine through the holes making sure the ends are on the bottom of each sign.

Insert your beads and jingle bells {if the case}

And make a tight knot.

Pull the twine from the top and you are done! Repeat on the rest of the signs.

The Mini Wood Sign Christmas Ornaments are ready to be hung on your tree!!!

I LOVE how they turned out! and it seems like someone else loved them too!

Look how pretty they look on the tree! What do you think???

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