Dollar Store Hack: DIY Painted Geometric Cork Coasters


Happy Monday everyone! Today I would like to present you with my first DIY blog post… FINALLY! I saw some super cheap cork coasters at my local Dollarama last week and, realizing that my coasters were old and gross, I decided to buy some new ones and attempt to make them look less Dollar Store-esque.

This is a super easy project that only requires 4 materials:

1. Cork coasters

2. Your choice of acrylic paint colours (I chose Craftsmart acrylic paint in bright gold, robin’s egg blue, white & dark gray)

3. A paintbrush

4. Tape (not even fancy washi tape or anything… plain old scotch tape actually sticks to cork the best and will give you the cleanest lines!)

The first step of this project is to place the tape on the coasters where ever you don’t want paint to go. Press down hard so that no paint seeps underneath and make sure your piece of tape is long enough to extend past the sides and onto the back of the coasters.

I decided to give all my coasters different designs with the same colour scheme. However, feel free to do whatever you would like in terms of designs and colours!

Start painting away! Darker colours usually only require 2 coats, however you may have to do several coats on your lighter colours. The white and robin’s egg blue of mine required 5 coats each and the gold required 4. Just make sure to add coats until the coaster is opaque with the colour you would like it to be. Make sure you get the sides of the coasters as well!

Once all the paint is fully dry, slowly peel the tape off, and violà! Affordable and super cute coasters that no longer look like you bought them at the dollar store for $1.25!

If you are worried about the paint getting scratched, stained or fading over time, I highly recommend spray painting them with a clear protective coat (this Krylon Crystal Clear acrylic spray paint is awesome!)

Did you enjoy this dollar store hack? What other things would you like to see me hack in the future? Let me know in the comments below

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