13 Projects to Use Watercolors


When I was a child, I used watercolors in order to know more about painting. I found that watercolors are amazing because I could create dark or light colors by mixing up several colors. As a child, I did have fun in making watercolors, but I was not a good drawer still. Though I am not good at painting, thanks to the useful DIY projects, I create something with watercolors for my home!

So today Prettydesigns will share some simple DIY projects with watercolor. It’s not hard for everyone to finish these watercolor crafts. The post offers you many a simple DIY tutorials and it will bring you lots of fun as well. You can spice up your wall art, your tea cups or even your cushion with watercolors.

Browse through the post and learn how to use watercolors to decorate your house. Just stay with prettydesigns and find what you like.

Watercolor Cup

Watercolor Cup via

Watercolor Business Card

Watercolor Business Card via

Watercolor Canvas Art

Watercolor Canvas Art via

Watercolor Sweatshirt

Watercolor Sweatshirt via

Watercolor Pillows

Watercolor Pillows via

Watercolor Notecards

Watercolor Notecards via

Watercolor Lettering

Watercolor Lettering via

DIY Watercolor Cards

DIY Watercolor Cards via

Macaron Canvas Art

Macaron Canvas Art via

Watercolor Envelops

Watercolor Envelops via

Puppy Prints

Puppy Prints via

Watercolor Garland

Watercolor Garland via

Simple Sunburst Paintings

Simple Sunburst Paintings via

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