Easy DIY Modern Boot Tray


This post is sponsored by Build Something, Kreg Tool’s website for hundreds of free building plans from small beginner projects to large scale built ins. Whatever you’re wanting to make, Build Something probably has plans for it 😉 Like this boot tray I’m about to show you!! This post also contains affiliate links. See disclosure policy for details.

We recently got moved into our new home!! There is a TON of work left to do, but it’s livable and we are enjoying being able to work on it while living here. It makes things much easier.


By the way, have you checked out all the progress posts on our new kitchen?? It’s like a chaotic adventure!


Anyway, back on topic…one not so exciting thing about new construction in the fall and winter is….MUD. We mowed down a small section of a soybean field, then brought in a bunch of dirt and gravel to build our garage house and install our septic tank. We attempted to plant some grass, but it’s pretty patchy.


Now that the weather is getting cooler, we’ve given up our efforts to grow anything until spring and decided to embrace the muddy mess we will have over the winter. HOWEVER, I did find a super cute solution to help keep us from tracking it all over the new house.

It’s a modern boot tray! Super simple, super functional, super “fits-my-style-perfectly” while also acting as my floor protector and my handy “place to throw my dirty shoes when walking in from a snow storm this winter.” It’s got many jobs, but it handles them well 😉


The rocks on the top not only look nice, but also allow water to drain off of wet rain boots and shoes. Underneath the rocks is a moisture barrier so the water should never get all the way down to the floor.

You can build the entire thing from one 1x2x8 board and one 1x4x8 board. So you’re looking at a 2 board project. That’s like, what? A few bucks in wood??

What are you waiting for? Get building! I’ve got the YouTube video for you here (complete with voice over…I’ve gotten a lot of requests for voice overs in my videos. That makes me nervous, but I’m attempting it, so let me know what you think…yay or nay??):

And the free plans are available here over on Build Something.


This was a VERY easy build, but it was made so simple by use of my Kreg Pocket Hole Jig. Even if you are a beginner woodworker (and by the way, this project is a GREAT beginner project), this is a must have tool. And don’t forget the pocket hole screws for this project as well. You can find links to the products I used for this project here:

Miter Saw


Pocket Hole Jig

Pocket Hole Screws


Two other things you will need for this build are:

Tar Paper (moisture barrier)

Landscape Rocks (small bag at your home improvement store should be plenty)


I’ve actually used this exact design in my old house for years and it worked great for keeping the water off the floors ESPECIALLY when it snowed and would get stuck all over our rain boots. I HATED looking at wet towels all over the floor by the front door when it snowed, so I built one of these. Worked like a charm 😉


So if you’ve got a few bucks and an hour to burn, go check out these plans and build one of your own before winter hits! Oh, and I’d LOVE it if you’d pin this for later 🙂

Until next time, happy building! 🙂