10 DIY Driftwood Decoration Ideas To Create A Unique Home Decor


Driftwood is a form of marine debris and it usually becomes a form of shelter and food for birds, fish and other aquatic species. However, it can also be used as part of decorative furniture and other art forms. It’s a popular element in fish tanks and it can also be used to create other types of decorations for the home and even some practical items. We have selected 10 examples to illustrate this idea.

1.Driftwood wall garden.

This is a beautiful decoration for the house and a way of introducing a piece of nature inside. To make a similar decoration you need a piece of driftwood, hooks, nails and some air plants that don’t need soil. You should first clean the wood to get rid of the eventual bugs and unwanted bacteria and then screw the hooks to hang it on the wall. Add the plants and it’s done. The plants need either to be placed in water once or twice a week or to be sprayed with water occasionally.{found on enderbynest}.

2. Driftwood cloth hangers.

Another thing you can make using driftwood is a cloth hanger. It’s a practical item and it will also have a unique look. For this project you’ll need some dry tree branches or pieces of driftwood, wire cutters, pliers, a saw, a drill and glue. Start by peeling off the bark from the branches so that your cloths won’t get dirty. Then drill a hole in the middle of the branch and attach the hook using strong glue. Let it dry and your hanger is ready.{found on site}.

3. Driftwood table lamp.

Some more complex items can also be made using driftwood. You’ll need patience and creativity. A driftwood lamp, for example, would be a very beautiful and unique decoration for any home. In this case, the project can go in two directions. You can either make a permanent or a temporary lamp. In both cases you’ll need pieces of driftwood. To make a temporary one you just need to fix the driftwood pieces to the base of a lamp with wire or tape. In you want to make a permanent lamp you can just use glue to keep everything together.{found on sweetsomethingdesign}.

4. Driftwood wreath.

A great idea for a decoration would also be a wreath. This is an item that you can make when you have a bunch of small driftwood pieces but no idea what to do with them. The wreath is really simple to make. You just need to glue together the driftwood pieces to form a circle. Hot glue is preferable in this case. The wreath would make a nice decoration for the entrance door or for the wall.{found on alisaburke}.

5. Driftwood candle holder.

Candle holders are classical decorations in any home. There are lots of them and they can be found in any store. But if you want something different, something unique, you can make your own decoration using something as simple as a piece of driftwood. You’ll need a long piece of driftwood, candle lights, a drill, a spade, tape measure, a flat head screwdriver or a chisel and a hammer. Mark the places where you want the holes to be and then drill holes using a space bit. You can also use a screwdriver and a hammer. Put the candles in the holes and your decoration is complete.{found on restorationhouseblog}.

6. Driftwood stand.

A beautiful piece of driftwood can also be sued to make a peg or stand. Simply attach it to the wall using hooks or nails and leave it as such or add some rope like in this case. You’ll be able to make a beautiful and ingenious decoration for any room of the house, including the bathroom. The rope will serve as a support system for shelves or, in this case, decorative panels with all sorts of messages written on them.{found on theletteredcottage}.

7. Driftwood coat rack.

Another very useful item for any home is a coat rack. If you want to create something original you can make one yourself using a tree branch or a piece of driftwood. You can either mount it on a wall or suspend it from the ceiling or any other structure. Add hooks directly onto the rack or put hangers on it to protect its surface. Make sure it’s big enough to accommodate your clothes and accessories.{found on houseandhome}.

8. Driftwood key holder.

Another practical item for the hallway is a key holder. It’s really helpful and you can make one yourself if you like. You can use driftwood or a tree branch. You’ll need some hooks, a drill and screws. Drill some holes in the driftwood, fix the hooks using screws and attach it on the wall or anywhere else you want. It will also make a beautiful decoration.{found on restorationhouseblog}.

9. Driftwood jewelry display.

This is a particularly beautiful decoration because the contrast between the driftwood piece and the delicate pendants and necklaces is quite strong and visible. To make such a piece you’ll need a piece of driftwood or a fallen tree branch, some wool or string, a hammer, nails, a ruler, a pencil and a drill. Insert the nails. They will serve as hooks. Drill a hole into the wall and insert a nail to hang the decoration from. Attach the string and you’re done.{found on kookyquirkycute}.

10. Driftwood mirror.

Mirrors are some of the most common decorations and there’s at least one in any home. You can personalize yours by using driftwood pieces. First take a frame and cover it with strips of burlap using hot glue. Use dry pieces of driftwood and attach them one by one using hot glue. Make sure the mirror is protected and that the glue doesn’t affect it. Let everything dry and enjoy your creation.{found on makethebestofthings}.

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