Easy Crafts That Make Money – 14 Simple Crafts To Make And Sell For Extra Money


Making crafts from home can be a great way to earn some extra cash. People love buying handmade items from craft fairs, flea markets and on Etsy! I have gathered together 14 easy crafts that make money that are cheap to make and can be sold for a nice profit.

These cheap homemade crafts to sell are simple enough for anyone to make and take from just a few minutes to a few hours to do.

Let’s get on with the best easy crafts to make and sell for extra money!

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1. Soothing Lavender Oatmeal Bath Bombs

Source: Beauty Crafter

Bath bombs are easy to make and everyone loves them! These lavender oatmeal ones are extremely soothing and relaxing and leave the skin silky soft. Wrap them to sell individually or store 3-5 in a jar. These are always a hit at craft fairs!


2. Rose Gold Bath Bombs With Rose Petals

Source: Military Fam Of 8

Another great bath bomb recipe. This one uses real rose petals in making it very luxurious and fancy!


3. Easy Fabric Coasters

Source: Swoodson Says

The perfect project for using up fabric scraps, making them almost free to make!


4. Hanging Kitchen Towels

Source: Happiest Camper

This project will take you less than 5 minutes to make but everyone at the craft fair will be amazed at how genius this little kitchen towel and pot holder hybrid is!


5. DIY Agate Necklace

Source: Beatty Bunch


6. Cane Pole Whistles

Source: Live The Old Way

This is a fun project to make with your kids! These are totally unique so you won’t have to worry about the competition selling anything like them at the fair.


7. DIY Lined Snack Bags

Source: Mom Foodie

People always go crazy for functional and cute items and these will sell out in no time! You can even sell these on Etsy!


8. Orange Mint Sugar Scrub

Source: Beauty Crafter

This delicious smelling sugar scrub will leave anyone’s skin fresh, moisturized and soft.


9. Mason Jar String Art

Source: Chaotically Yours

Wall art always sells really well at my local craft fair. This beautiful mason jar string art piece with artificial flowers is too beautiful for anyone to miss!


10. DIY Wax Warmer Cubes

Source: Utensi

Wax warmer cubes can be really expensive to buy, but not that expensive to make. You can easily make these DIY ones it many different scents using your favorite essential oils!


11. Ombre Blush Pastel Mason Jar Vases

Source: Home Made Lovely

Beautiful Mason jars are always easy to sell, but these ones are just STUNNING. Sell them one at a time of as a set for a nice profit for little time spent making these.


12. Orange Flax Seed Soap

Source: Confessions Of An Overworked Mom


13. DIY Hydrangea Wreath

Source: To Simply Inspire

A stunning wreath people can display on their front door all year round.


14. Simple Pom-Pom Rug

Source: Simplify Create Inspire

This beautiful rug is super inexpensive to make but I’ve seen them go for upwards a $100 dollars. The reason why people charge more for them is that it will take a few hours to make. Recruit your little helpers to help you make this one and speed up the process!


So there you have it! 14 Easy DIY crafts that make money. Try a few of them out today and see which one was your favorite to make and sell for extra money! Don’t forget to pin this to your DIY crafts Pinterest board for reference!


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