21 Great Watercolor Tattoos

by myklist

Since everyone is loving the other post on watercolor tattoos, let’s check out some more. Lots of delicately shaded multi-color flowers, abstract splashes of color, and some kittens and unicorns just for fun. But really you’ll Luv the abstract splash style flower tattoo for the back of your legs. Amazingly pretty and uncommon, but probably really uncomfortable especially at the back of your knees when you’re getting it done and while healing.

Anyhow, on to the ink.

beautiful abstract watercolor flowers – back of legs

abstract watercolor body tattoo

abstract watercolor colorful arm tattoo

abstract paint splash tattoo sleeve

abstract swirls of color watercolor tattoo

amazing flowers tattoo

blue black and purple watercolor feather tattoo

blue purple pink orange butterflies tattoo

cute cat watercolor style tattoo

kitten minimalist line tattoo with watercolor splashes

yin yang watercolor style tattoo

huge dandelion and dragonfly watercolor tattoo

watercolor splashes flower tattoo lotus

text and pink watercolor splash tattoo

geometric unicorn sketch tattoo

nagative space unicorn tattoo watercolor splashes

green and black abstract color strokes tattoo

tree tattoo with colorful swirling watercolor leaves

life figure drawing sketch-watercolor tattoo

I also really like this concept that’s a barely noticeable wash of colors. So subtle and unique.

subtle wash of colors back tattoo

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