14 DIY Tree Branch Decor Projects

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If you love the look of bringing items from nature into the house like I do, you will love these DIY tree branch decor projects!

There are so. many. beautiful. DIY tree branch decor projects you can make for your home. Some require a bit more labor than others, but I’ve included ideas in this post for all levels of DIY expertise.

Hopefully you live near enough to a woods or beach that you can find some stellar branches and driftwood yourself – that’s part of the fun. But thanks to Apartment Therapy I learned you can buy it online too. For branches check out Save on Crafts, and you can find driftwood at Coastal Driftwood and Jamali Garden.

Here it is, the ultimate list of DIY tree branch decor projects.

DIY Tree Branch Floor Lamp

DIY instructions at Apartment Therapy

In my opinion, this DIY tree branch decor project wins for the coolest on my list. The site gives high level instructions, but you’re going to need to have some know-how to get this one mounted.

DIY Driftwood Wall Hanger

DIY instructions at The Effortless Chic

Perfect for your entryway or even a bedroom, this can function as a coat rack or a display for scarves, hats, or purses.

DIY Floral Wall Hanging or Backdrop

First DIY at A Pair and a Spare; second DIY at Free People

Don’t let these gorgeous DIYs intimidate you – they’re easy, and when working with flowers and greenery, it’s hard to make anything ugly. If I was making the first one, I’d probably hang flowers upside-down without vases to dry them and make it longer-lasting as wall art. This is a great idea for a wedding backdrop as well!

DIY Cat Tree

DIY instructions at By Brittany Goldwyn

I had to include this one because I love cats. (I’m trying to win Ryan over to the cat-loving side and I think it’s working!) If any of you love your cats enough to home-make them a tree like this to climb on, please own it and tell us about it!

DIY Branch Ladder

DIY instructions at Design Sponge

This one takes a bit more manpower but look at the end result! I love ladders used as decor in the house because they’re simple and rustic while being multifunctional. You can let it be bare, use it to hang blankets or even Christmas lights, as pictured here.

DIY Hanging Wall Art

DIY instructions at eHow

Love the concept behind this one. I personally would probably not paint the branches and leave it more natural, but it’s up to you to make it your own!

DIY Twig and Twine Place Cards

DIY instructions at Almost Makes Perfect

Whether for a wedding, special event, or even a party, these place cards are extremely easy to put together (you only need twigs, twine, hot glue, and your name card) but look amazing.

DIY Tree Branch Towel Hanger

DIY instructions at Free People

The uniqueness of this DIY tree branch decor towel hanger will totally update and change the feel of your bathroom, but it’s super easy to put together – all you need is a branch, two café rod brackets, and screws or nails.

DIY Tree Branch Pendant Light Fixture

DIY instructions at Decor8

I love the simplicity of this Scandinavian design. You’ll need an electrician to help you with this one, but maybe you’re lucky enough to have a handy spouse or friend to help you out!

DIY Wooden Tree Branch Buttons

DIY instructions at Design Sponge

This DIY shows you how to make wooden buttons from tree branches, and how to stain the wood using metal and vinegar! Super cool idea for clothing or crafting.

DIY Tree Art Sculpture

DIY instructions at TOMFO

With some tree branches, a pot, and concrete mix you can make this simple tree sculpture! I love the natural and minimalistic design of this DIY tree branch decor project.

DIY Tree Branch Clothing Hanging Rack

DIY instructions at House and Home

Hanging some of your most beloved clothing in your room rather than just hidden in away in a closet is a great way to display them, almost as decoration! You can find all kinds of inspiration for tree branch clothing racks online, but here’s one that has detailed DIY instructions.

DIY Branch Table Lamp

DIY instructions at The Merry Thought

Rustic and simple, with a small bit of drilling and sawing this lamp is really quite easy to make!

DIY Branch Coat Rack

From A Designer Life

I really love the look of this coat rack, but unfortunately I couldn’t find DIY instructions for it anywhere. If you’re skilled at working with wood you can probably figure it out! I also found a different type of coat rack also made with branches that does have DIY instructions.

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