20+ Smart and Gorgeous Ikea Hacks ( & Great Tutorials )


As a lover of all things DIY, I have encountered hundreds of Ikea hacks. My AHA moment: the most inspiring ones have these qualities in common-

1 . Beautiful: the best Ikea hacks truly transform the look of the original piece – vertical becomes horizontal, minimal becomes farmhouse, etc.

2 . Smart: great Ikea hacks take full advantage of the functional structures of Ikea furniture to save time and money in the DIY process.

In the second group of our favorite Ikea hacks ( first group is here ) we will look at some inspiring ideas for every room, from Ikea hack bed, desk, to kitchen and living room furniture!

Video: 20+ Smart and Gorgeous Ikea Hacks

Let’s start with a gorgeous Ikea hack desk!

1 . Easy Ikea Hack Desk

It is not easy to find a desk that offers great storage, great looks, and great price all in one, unless you DIY to make it just the way you love!

The Ikea Alex and Helmer drawer units are the perfect height for a desk, add an ikea table top, you can have a beautiful Ikea hack desk here for under $100.

2 . Ikea Rast Dresser to Farmhouse Style Dresser

When we think of Ikea, we don’t picture a farmhouse style look.

This Ikea dresser hack is so creative. It totally transformed the original Ikea Rast Dresser! You can watch the full Youtube video tutorial from This Old House below-

If you love the distressed paint look, here’s a detailed tutorial on several easy techniques to distress wood and furniture. The candle technique used above is one of them!

7 easy techniques to distress wood and furniture.

3 -5 . Kitchen Island Ikea Hacks

Who doesn’t love a kitchen island? If you feel challenged by small space or limited budget, these 3 Ikea hack kitchen islands are here to inspire!

Two Ikea bamboo cutting boards, one Kallax unit, four casters. You have a kitchen island! Tutorial here.

Similar to the first one, this Ikea hack kitchen island / bar is built over the portable Kallax unit. ( The original website sketchystyles.com has expired. If you are the creator of this, please let me know! )

By adding molding at the bottom and wood planks at top, this brilliant Ikea hack kitchen island totally looks like it’s built in!

In addition to this DIY tutorial and Youtube video above, Liz and JP have many great DIY tutorials on their Youtube channel, The Rehab Life, you would love!

6 & 7 . Platform Bed Ikea Hacks

The entire bedroom above is created from the Ikea Expedit units, isn’t this DIY smart and gorgeous?

Sadly, Ikea has discontinued the Expedit shelves. The Kallax and Billy bookcase ( images and dimensions above) are good alternatives to create the platform bed and shelves.

This awesome platform bed also offers tons of storage. The base is made from Ikea wall cabinet units and 2x4s. Check out the video tutorial below.

Chris also built another version of this platform bed, which you can check out at his fabulous Youtube channel HandyDadTV.

8 . Shoe Storage Ikea Hack

How to give the minimal Ikea Hemnes shoe cabinet a reclaimed wood finish for $10, without touching any power tools?

In the youtube video below, Heather shows you just how to do that! You can check out more creative DIYs at her channel HeatherMoxieDIY .

In addition to the paper Heather suggested, you can also use reclaimed wood peel and stick vinyl like this! See more choices below!

9 & 10 . More Rast Dresser Ikea Hacks

This glamorous Ikea Rast dresser hack by Allison Byrd is a great example of how paint colors and hardware details can dramatically transform a piece of furniture. Visit her channel and tutorial here.

Now you can see why the Rast dresser is one of the favorite Ikea hack subjects! Your guests would never guess this vintage apothecary chest originally came from Ikea.

Below are some great hardware choices for Ikea hacks!

11 – 28. 18 More Ikea Hacks

Visit 18 more fabulous Ikea hacks here, with more awesome Ikea furniture and room makeovers!

You may also love: 25 beautiful paint color ( with brands and names ) for kitchen cabinets and beyond!

Happy hacking! See you next week! 🙂

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