25 Craft Ideas You Can Make And Sell Right From The Comfort Of Your Home


Having the knowledge to start a craft business means following the same methods as for any other business. Knowing who your customers are is a first. What exactly do you want to market? Who are your competitors? Would people have a need for what you are selling? How much money and time do you intended to invest in the growth of your business? All very valid questions one must ask when contemplating becoming an entrepreneur. Well, here are a few tips to remember if you have a craft idea that you may want to turn into a business.

Tips and tricks on crafting and selling from home

  • Make sure your craft ideas is one that would appeal to enthusiasts, amateurs or both. If no one likes what you’re offering, then two things are gonna happen. Either they will just buy to patronize you, not because the really need or want it, maybe because they are your friends and family. Worst than that, they just would not buy at all.
  • Make friends. Remember you never know what situation you may end up in and need the help of someone. Plus if people know they are potential customers, then they expect you to be nice and friendly to them. Don’t overdo it, just be professional.
  • Always have samples of your work at hand. Pictures are also good enough, just in case an opportunity arises with an interested, zealous customer.
  • Set aside time for your craft business. If this is not done, your business may fail or just would not grow.
  • Create a website. – You will need to market your stuff and give people a chance to view what you have to offer. Have a blog on your site informing people about your product.
  • Figure out your profit. How much money do you intend to make or how much would you like to pay yourself?
  • Consider platforms like Etsy. In there you will see what crafts people actually like and how your work compares to the work of other enthusiasts in both price and quality. You also get access to a platform that can jump-start your business, bringing your item in front of a huge audience early on.

With these tips we give you 25 craft ideas you can make and sell right from the comfort of your home.

Craft Ideas You Can Make And Sell Right From Home

#1 make your own mail-able slice cake

Source: sheknows.com

#2 make and sell your own dog treats

Source: sallysbakingaddiction.com

#3 make and sell your own lip balm

Source: diyready.com

#4 make and sell your own crayon candles

Source: adventures-in-making.com

#5 make and sell neck/bow ties and other clothing for pets

Source: 4shared.com

#6 make and sell hair accessories

Source: beadandcord.com

#7 make and sell coasters

Source: beneathmyheart.net

#8 custom made personalized flatware

Source: indulgy.com

#9 make and sell candy cane soap bars

Source: gluesticksblog.com

#10 make and sell postcards and also take orders for custom made cards

Source: cleardisplays.com

#11 you can learn to sew design and sell jute bags

Source: storenvy.com

#12 make and sell diy multi-colored friendship bracelets

Source: lovethispic.com

#13 make and sell cell phone cases

Source: diyready.com

#14 amateur artists can advertise and sell their work

Source: etsy.com

#15 make and sell bath bombs

Source: susi10.hubpages.com

#16 create mason jars Lanterns

Source: sugarbeecrafts.com

#17 make and sell decorative wreaths

Source: leisureartsblog.blogspot.com


#18 Crochet skilled handiwork

Source: etsy.com

#19 Make and sell jewelry

Source: blog.embergrass.com

#20 make and sell baked items right from your oven

Source: itsalwaysautumn.com

#21 make and sell delicate paper lanterns

Source: gleamitup.com

#22 make and sell throw pillows perfect for living room decor

Source: alisa-thesweetlife.blogspot.com

#23 make and sell doily bowls

Source: indulgy.com

#24 make and sell soap dishes

Source: etsy.com

#25 make and sell your own rope rug

Source: abeautifulmess.com

Great ideas to start a crafts business right from the comfort of your own home. We invite you to share your own crafts and ideas in this creative topic in the comment section below.

Craft away!

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