7 Creative Handmade Scrap Wood Crafts That Will Sell Quick


Have you ever thought about selling crafts and making extra money for vacations, holidays, or you need some MAD money? Today I’m sharing 5 creative scrap wood crafts that you can DIY and sell for a profit. They also make great gifts!

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7 Creative Handmade Scrap Wood Crafts That Will Sell Quick

#1 Scrap Wooden Tag Craft

These are my favorite scrap wood crafts to make! I think it’s the rusty washer that does it for me! Use them as home decor, gift tags, or anything else you want to add a rustic feel too. Or personalize them for seasonal use—Spring, Fall, Summer, and Fall with your favorite stencil. These farmhouse cuties are always popular year-round. Makes these Wooden Tags in 6 Easy Steps.

#2 Scrap Wood Church Craft

These wooden churches take me all the way back to my childhood growing up in a rural farming community. The memories of sitting in church with my Grandmother lead me to use my scrap wood to create this memory. Memories will sell! And again, another great gift idea from the heart.

#3 Scrap Wood Tree Craft

I created these for my front porch for the holidays, but who is to say that the front porch can’t have Summer trees? I can envision these Wood Christmas Trees hand-painted to perfection for every season. Let your imagination flow with this blank scrap wood canvas!

#4 Scrap Wood Bathtub Caddy

Try this 1 board bathtub caddy… it was the easiest project ever! Add some cute Hobby Lobby handles, and you have money in your pocket. $$$

#5 Picture Frame Tray

Got wood scraps?! Make this easy DIY picture frame tray. The thrift store and Goodwill are full of these old frames, and they’re perfect for this unique coffee table tray. Cha-ching! $$$

#6 Church Craft

Can you tell me I have this thing for wood churches? This one-board project is quick and easy, and you can customize it any way you want. Think of the possibilities.

#7 DIY Table Riser

And lastly, another simple but profitable scrap wood project is this DIY table riser. It literally took me less than an hour to make. Well, I had to wait on the paint to dry… 😏.

Whether you’re a storefront owner or sell on Etsy, try increasing your profits with these simple but profitable DIY scrap wood crafts and a little paint. I think your customers, friends, and family will love them!

Thanks for joining me!

xo, Do

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