A reclaimed wood branch shelf that’s really… anything!


A reclaimed wood branch shelf

Most of my creations are generally out of need. I think of what I want, then find a way to make it.

But this round, I had no idea what I was about to make.

In fact, I still don’t really know what it is!

Other than a reclaimed wood branch shelf of course.

Here’s what I did… and how cute it turned out!

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A reclaimed wood branch shelf that’s really… anything!




1. The shelf started with two reclaimed wood fence panels. After pressure washing and sanding, they were cut to desired length.

2. Then they were laid side by side and stenciled off-centre in black.

Note: This Route 66 stencil is no longer available, however you can find MANY other 10″ x 10″ sign stencils that would fit perfectly HERE

3. Two side planks were measured to the same length, then cut at an angle.

4. 1 larger plank was cut and fit for the top.

5. All pieces were assembled with screws.

How to assemble:


  • pre-drill holes
  • attach with drywall screws

The two side-by-side planks were attached with rustic hinges from the front as well as supported from the top board.

However you could also use a Kreg Jig OR use cedar strips attached from the back as I did in THIS NOEL SIGN PROJECT.

6. The side pieces were drilled to create a hole, with a thin tree branch strung through.

Cute and compact… and can be used for anything!

Here’s a few ideas:

Toilet paper holder


Well now THAT works! And if you made the shelf 1 plank wider, you could get 2 or 3 rolls in it!

Toilet paper storage, rustic style…

But take a good look at the rustic cabinet… can you spot all the oddities in the wood?

Even the top has a sky light knot hole!

The branch dowel worked amazing to hang toilet paper! Easy to change out too!

Isn’t that rustic wood with all its natural imperfections amazing though?

There is nothing like a live edge or oddities to make a rustic piece special!

So… what else can this little rustic shelf be?

Paint caddy shelf


How about a paint or DIY paint shelf caddy of sorts? Kinda makes having a few easy to grab supplies enticing to use, don’t you think?

Add metal s-hooks to the branch to hang up paint brushes or anything desired.

This would also be a cute shelf beside a phone station!

Let’s try another idea…

Craft room shelf


Or how about a laundry room or craft room shelf?

Once again, the s-hooks would be super handy to hang up any crafting gear such as scissors.

As you can clearly see, I went through several hundred staging ideas. 

But, I have to admit, one idea stood out more than the rest…

Coffee station shelf


The cutest little coffee station shelf! The S-hooks are perfect to hang up a couple of mugs… or more if you make the shelf wider!

Now I want this handy little helper in my kitchen!

With a coffee stencil next time! 

This was quite the fun little reclaimed wood branch shelf to make and use! What would you use it for?


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