Creative Wall Décor Ideas and Unique Items to Frame


For many months after we moved into our home, several walls remained unadorned because I just couldn’t figure out what I wanted to hang there. I knew before we moved in what I would place on some walls, but with others, I couldn’t come up with anything I liked. I never knew there were so many creative wall decor possibilities.

Here are some creative wall décor ideas to get you thinking out of the box—or off the wall—in your home

Enlarged Images

For an eye-catching work of art in a dining room or kitchen, get a treasured family recipe enlarged and printed on canvas.

via Konfetti

Or enlarge a quote or page from a favorite book and frame it. Many big-box office-supply stores can print large works like this rather inexpensively.

via The New Victorian Ruralist

This larger-than-life pet art silhouette is perfect for a child’s room.

via Shelter Interior Design

Ideal for a game room, enlarged images of playing cards is a creative way to add something fun and unique.

via Martha Stewart

You don’t have to be a musician to love this oversize sheet music art that was enlarged and framed.

via The Nest

Framed Objects

We found so many creative items for framing items or treasures, like these framed vintage French textiles make a bold and dramatic statement.

via Coastal Living

Maps are classic choices when it comes to large-scale art. If you don’t want one big map, cut it into smaller pieces, frame, and hang together.

via Hadley Court

Some scarves are so pretty, they’re almost works of art by themselves. Scarves passed down from mothers or grandmothers are especially nice to frame.

via OMG Lifestyle Blog

In the early 1900s, flour and grain manufacturers printed their packaging with designs so they could be used as fabric. These vintage feed sacks look so pretty in this space.

via Proverbs 31 Girl

Framed Natural Elements

Curating a collection of natural elements is another creative way to create beautiful wall decor.

This flock of feathers would make a warm and natural addition to just about any room. Here, they’re hanging in a kitchen.

via Chapter Friday

This collection of intaglios in matching gold frames looks opulent against the refined black wall.

via Elements of Style

These framed leaves and flowers bring some of the outdoors in and make a really pretty grouping together in these double-sided frames.

via Love Maegan

Showcase your shell collection with Cyndy’s great tutorial for making double-sided glass frames.

via The Creativity Exchange

Objects on the Wall

Creating groupings on the wall of objects that can be hung is another creative way to create beautiful wall decor.

Wall décor doesn’t have to be two-dimensional. These baskets create a lovely grouping with a bit of depth.

via Fieldstone Hill Design

This stunning arrangement of plates combines similar colors and patterns.

via Driven by Decor

Mirrors work with so many different styles. Here, four mirrors combine to make a large yet elegant-looking piece.

via Verdigris Vie

Even thrift store mirrors can be pretty when clustered. If you can’t find enough mirrors in the same color, you could paint them all to match or apply gold leaf. To make new mirrors look vintage, you could distress them a bit.

via Domino

Seriously Outside of the Box

Can you believe this art is actually a shower curtain? Learn how to make it with this tutorial.

via House of Jade Interiors

Traditional with a Twist

Create beautiful and inexpensive wall art easily with this fun tutorial for DIY framed calendar prints.

via The Creativity Exchange

With so many gorgeous wallpapers available today, you don’t have to settle for just one for your wall, as these framed wallpaper samples illustrate.

via Design Indulgence

You’ve seen gallery walls before, but this design, with multiple types and colors of frames, gives the popular treatment a different look.

via The Style Files

The size of the black-and-white photos relative the clean white mats makes this so much more than your average gallery wall.

via Mix and Chic

With so many creative ideas for unique wall décor, we hope you find something to inspire you to take another look at your walls. If you want to check out more unique wall ideas, Cyndy has several great Pinterest boards here for unique wall decor ideas, gallery walls and room inspiration.

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