DIY No-Sew Stuffed Sock Animals

by myklist

What do you do with your odd socks? You know, those ones that mysteriously lost their mate in the dryer somehow? I usually hold onto them optimistically for a few weeks hoping the other one will turn up, but then they usually get shoved to the back of my drawer all alone. Here’s a better idea: why not turn those odd socks into cute DIY stuffed animals instead?

I made this cute trio of a rabbit, cat, and dog – aren’t they adorable? This project does not require any sewing, so with a bit of felt and hot glue you’ll be well on your way to a group of playful sock pets. Lucky enough to not have any odd socks hanging around? Buy a few pairs of colorful socks and use those instead. Let’s get crafting!

What You Need

  • Socks
  • Scissors
  • Fine tip black permanent marker
  • Mini pom poms
  • Felt
  • Hot glue gun
  • Stuffing (not pictured)


Step 1
Fill your sock with stuffing, leaving the ankle area empty.

Step 2
Fold over the empty ankle and hot glue it to the back of the sock.

Step 3
Hot glue mini pom poms onto the sock to make the eyes and nose. Use a fine tip black marker to draw on the mouth, whiskers, and other details.

Step 4
Cut ears out of felt and hot glue onto the head.

Step 5
In the same way, cut felt arms, legs, and a tummy for the cat. Hot glue in place.

Step 6
Finally, cut a tail out of felt and glue to the back of the sock. Repeat for a whole crew of little sock buddies!

Happy crafting!

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