DIY Sofa Table


I am going to promise you this will be the easiest DIY sofa table post you will ever find. This table requires no power tools and no cuts. I completed this table with one trip to Home Depot and one hour long kids nap time. If you love an easy DIY project with high end results, this post is for you!

A few hours of searching for sofa table legs online is enough to drive you crazy. I found an amazing pair on Etsy for $100 and thought SCORE! When I went to buy them, I found out that initial price didn’t include the additional $180 for shipping them! This is when I knew I needed to get creative. I bought two of THESE laptop tables as table legs instead.

I found a simple 2x12x8 piece of wood since the table frame was 10 inches in width. 8″ long was perfect for my sofa, if you need longer or shorter, there are other options in lengths, or you may need to cut the board to size. I choose Varathane wood stain in the color Special Walnut. You will also want to pick up some sanding blocks, staining cloths (or you can use an old shirt) and some polyurethane. I did use a power sander to sand the wood, but if you don’t have one, a hand sanding block will work perfect.

Tips: For those are you that are new to buying wood, a 2×10 does not mean the board will be 10 inches wide, it is actually 1 1/2″ x 9 1/4″. So if your side table legs are 10″ wide like mine, a 2×10 will not work. Another tip is to search through the boards to find one that is flat. I lay all of the boards flat on the floor until I find one that is not bowed.

After your wood is sanded, stained, sealed, sanded, and sealed again,  its time to attach the legs. Simply remove the old top from the side table, line the legs up where you want them on the board, and screw the screws into the new top. I did use a impact driver for this part, but if you do not have power tools, a manual screw driver and some muscle will work.

THAT’S IT! I told you it would be the easiest DIY project you have ever seen. If you have any questions you can ask in the comments below or find me on Instagram @brooklynnicolehome. I respond very quickly to DM’s on Instagram, so if you are impatient like me, that’s the way to go! Also if this post inspires you to make your own sofa table, tag me in your posts of them so I can see!

Find the table legs HERE

Thanks for stopping by, and happy DIYing!

xoxo, Brooklyn

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