Fall and Halloween Crafts to Make and Sell


Hey there crafty friend! Are you looking for Fall and Halloween crafts to make and sell? Well, you are in the right place. Now that craft fairs are picking up, it is a great time to create and sell some seasonal crafts. Whether you are selling on Etsy, at a craft fair or online, I am sharing these ideas to help you come up with crafts to make and sell this fall.


T-shirts are a great craft to make and sell. I have found that sassy Halloween t-shirts like this are HOT! Whether you use HTV or permanent Ink, you can make custom t-shirts to sell at craft fairs or online. Looking for ideas and sayings to put on t-shirts- check out Pinterest for ideas.

Fall Gift Tags

Fall gift tags are a great (and inexpensive) craft you can make and sell. Gift tags, like the ones here can be used for gifts or as decor. You can attach them to a hostess gift if you are visiting family or friends for Thanksgiving, or you can add them to your fall tablescape or to a fall tiered tray. These white wooden tag blanks are PERFECT for crafting.

Fall Sign

A fall sign is another great craft to make and sell this season. People love decorating for fall and you can easily create a fall sign. If you don’t have a cutting machine like a Cricut or Silhouette, you can make this with reusable silk screen stencils and chalk paste. Here’s a quick video showing exactly how to make this sign.

Halloween Potion Bottles

These are super popular for Halloween. You can use old condiment bottles to make these and they look like Harry Potter-inspired potion bottles. Make these and sell them at craft fairs or online (I’ve seen them on Etsy!). All you need is the bottle, a little paint and something to decorate the front. Easy peasy! Check out this video to see how to make them.

Fall Porch Leaner

If you have been to a craft fair in the past year, you know that porch leaners are SUPER popular! This one is Fall themed, but you can customize them for any season. Porch leaners are one of the best crafts to make and sell locally because shipping these can get expensive. A few ways to sell these to local customers is through farmers markets, craft fairs and Facebook marketplace. Click here to see how this was made

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Halloween Wreath

Wreaths are one of the most popular crafts to make and sell. They are versatile and can be used indoor or outside. These brightly colored deco mesh wreaths are fun and whimsical for Halloween. Check out how to make your own to sell!

No-Carve Pumpkins

These are wooden-shaped pumpkins that can be painted for either Fall or Halloween. You can grab the supplies to make them here. What I love about these is that they will not rot and you can pull them out all year. These no-carve pumpkins have been a huge seller for me! There are also wooden leaf cutouts that are GREAT for decorating and selling!


Tea Towels

Custom tea towels are another inexpensive craft to make and sell. They can cost just a couple of dollars to make and you can turn around and sell them for a big profit. I like using reusable stencils to create tea towels because I can use the stencil over and over. Check out this video to see how this was made.

Shelf Sitter

Use a wood surface with a frame to make this adorable shelf sitter. These add a little pop of seasonal decor to a shelf, desk or table-top. These are also a really great craft to sell because the overhead is low. I use these box frame blanks and they are DOUBLE SIDED! Make one side Fall and the other side Christmas!



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