Front Porch Spring Reveal with Painted Steps


I think you all know one of my favorite things to decorate each season change is our front porch! Keep in mind the fact that I consider “front porch stalking” one of my hobbies, I am on a bike and with my kids so it is a legit hobby! I really appreciate and notice the efforts others put into caring for their homes. You just might be surprised to know how much people enjoy the effort YOU put into your exterior! We ended up painting our steps this time around with some stripes! I shared the DIY details to get the same look at the end of this post. Also check out how you can win an outdoor makeover from Joss and Main! 

Here she is! With the painted steps addition! Every year we paint the steps with a fresh coat of white paint. Yes, they are a little more high-maintenance due to the fact that we have to paint them every year. Although this year I set a timer for how long it took us to re-paint them and it was 20 minutes! That’s it. Something we are willing to do every year because we like the look. I had wanted to do some sort of stripe down the front for the past two years and just didn’t think it would look like our style. Worried it might look to “cutesy”. We decided to give it a try and hey,  if we hated it we could paint right over it! And I think you can guess if we like it or not!

Our front porch is covered so I can do a preserved boxwood wreath without worrying about it fading in the sun. This year I used my big chunky wood beads (that I already had) to hang the wreath with and I love the look! (Find Boxwood Wreath HERE and similar Wood Beads HERE  similar Pineapple Door Knocker HERE).

Front Door is Black Knight from Benjamin Moore

We really like a pair of chairs out front. We had some solid wood Adirondack Chairs and they just look like garbage after a year! I learned my lesson, that it is worth the extra money to get water resistant chairs. These Black Adirondack Chair are the best and will last forever! 

We sold the light that we had by our front door so we could switch to  THIS black lantern looking one with the gold accent. The other one we had was great but it just didn’t go with all the other changes we made. I really like how it sets the tone for the gold and black we have throughout our home. 

If you saw on my Instagram Stories I talked about how our old mailbox had rusted and also didn’t protect the mail from getting soaking wet if it rained. So far this one keep the rain out and also we don’t have to worry about the rust. (If you look closely you can see the nail holes on our siding, where we had to lower this mailbox, since we are getting new siding we didn’t put too much effort into repairing it). Find the Mailbox HERE.

We stopped at Shop Terrain to check out their plants and that Whipcord Red Cedar basically jumped in my car. I love the modern style and how it mixes well with our new modern planters! Find the Planters HERE.

Layered doormats are my jam! I LOVE them so much. We had THIS black and white outdoor rug from last year and it has held up awesome! I went with THIS larger “Hello” mat this year that is a better size for our space. (The bottom rug is 3×5 and the top rug is 2.5×4).

Painted Steps Details- 

Above shows what the painted steps looked like after the winter. Below are the steps we took to get the look-

  1. Clean off the cement steps with water.
  2. Lightly sand the bigger pieces of chipped paint.
  3. Paint the entire steps with a roller in cement paint. We used Behr Premium Porch and Patio Floor Paint in Ultra Pure White No. 6050-N.
  4. Measure out the area for the stripes. First by finding the center of the step. Second by deciding the width based off if the width of the stairs and door. Our center stripe is 36″ wide. Stripes are painted in Behr Premium Porch and Patio Floor Paint in Deep Base 6300 mixed with Black at Home Depot. (They have a limited amount of outdoor paints).
  5. Leave the tape on and add another piece of tape for the outside stripe (our outside stripe was 2.5″) I painted outside stripe with a paint brush.

So far the black is holding up much better choice because it hides all the dirty footsteps. I have gotten asked if the steps are slippery and we haven’t noticed a big problem when they are wet. You can mix in and or they sell a mixture to put in the cement paint to prevent the steps from getting slippery. 

Pretty lucky that Kevin is game for most any project I throw at him. He is a really good painter too! He touched up the stripes after I had taken the tape off just by free- handing it! 


What do you think? I have had a few readers message me that they drove by and love it. Which was very reassuring, because it is a bold entrance! Nothing wrong with being bold! 

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