How to Create a Perfect DIY Mother’s Day Gift Basket

How to Build the Perfect Mother's Day Gift Basket

May 1, 2021 – all links have been updated! 😊

Mother’s Day is for showing Mom how much she’s appreciated, and gift baskets / care packages full of goodies are a great way to surprise and treat her on her special day. Pre-made gift baskets are nice, but a personalized DIY gift basket is even better because it’s customized for her, based on what she personally likes! Whether you’re shopping for your mother, grandmother or wife, here are some suggestions on how to build a perfect gift basket that she’ll love because of the extra thought you put into it!

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1. Start with a Cute Basket

For the basket, you can’t go wrong with a traditional wicker/straw one. Alternatively, you can use a cute storage basket that she can reuse around the house year-round!

2. Add Her Favorite Food Items

We all have our favorite food items and surprising her with some of hers would make her day! Does she have a hard-to-find favorite? Track it down and throw it in! Does she have a favorite drink? Get her a fancy version of her favorite brand, or one that she hasn’t tried before! For example, if she enjoys tea, get her the super fancy organic pyramid tea bags from Tea Forte! (I’ve tried it and trust me, it’s good.) If she likes chocolate (and who doesn’t?), you can’t go wrong with a fancy Godiva sampler box in a classy gold box. Their assorted chocolate biscuits in a beautiful red and gold box also looks delicious! A local favorite of mine is SF-based Miette Patisserie, which makes the cutest, most delicious cookies, candies and macarons available for mail order. Their Mother’s Day gift box is filled with all sorts of delights in the prettiest packaging!

3. Add Spa / Self-Care Items

Luxurious spa and/or self-care items are a great way to show Mom that she deserves to be cared for and pampered! Now’s the time to get her that luxury spa item or sampler set that she wouldn’t normally get herself. Safe bets are Jo Malone’s heavenly scented candles, rose scented soap petals, or luxury skincare sample sets from Nordstrom or Sephora. For something timely, how about a moisturizing hand cream for over-washed hands?

4. Add a “Best Mom” Item

Having a “Best Mom” or “I Love Mom” or anything with the word “Mom” on it is almost mandatory for gift baskets! Here are a few fun ones!

5. Don’t Forget the Flowers!!

Fresh cut flowers from the garden would be best, but if that’s not available, there are many beautiful faux options that she will also love!

Bonus Points: Jewelry

Every mom appreciates jewelry as a token of appreciation!

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