Make This Stylish Cover To Hide Your Electronics


My husband’s playstation box is on our dresser and it drives me up the wall. As someone who loves decor and things to look nice, it sticks out like a sore thumb. It’s just an awkward shape and the cords are everywhere. Kiel loves playing on it though (is that what it’s called? Playing on the playstation? Gaming? That sounds better haha, gaming! Kiel loves gaming)… anywho, tucking it away when it’s not in use isn’t an option, it lives on the dresser for easy access. My only option was to accept it as an eyesore lol, OR take matters into my own hands and DIY something to cover it. This project was an upcycle actually and cost me zero dollars, plus it took maybe 5 minutes to make!

The before… it’s not bad, but it’s not great 🙂

It looks cluttered and I never knew what else to put on our dresser that would ‘go’ with the ps console. You can see me trying and it feels messy and all over the place. The struggle LOL /s.

I had this giant box in our closet that I was about to recycle, but I had a lightbulb moment when I was holding it! It was a hair bigger than the playstation and I realized I could turn this into some sort of minimal cover for the playstation.

This would work for any electronic though!

You could make one for your cable box, pvr or anything! As long as the box measurements are a touch larger than the electronic you need to cover, you’re good!

I totally eyeballed this all, but you could be a little more precise and measure, mark it and cut it all out like a professional however, it ain’t me apparently. I trimmed out a little square in the back for the cords to come out and cut out a rectangle in the front so the remotes, etc can still access the playstation. In hindsight, I would have made the front rectangle a lot skinnier, so the playstation would be hidden more but alas, it is what it is lol.

I used a heavy duty exact-o-knife and it worked perfectly! Be careful though and always cut away from your body.

The end result is very minimal and clean.

You can’t even tell that there is a playstation there! I mean, obviously you can because of the giant rectangle I made in the box, but if you didn’t know I put a playstation in there, it’s not the first thing your eye is drawn too.That’s exactly what I was going for, a way to help it blend it and let the pretty decor shine.

The charging cords, remotes and controllers are all stored in one of the small drawers. I love when everything has a home. It helps combat visual clutter and as always, organization is my favourite thing ever lol.

This before and after has me sent! What do you think? Is this little DIY hack something you would try yourself?

One more before and after:

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