Mason Jar Lid Snow Globe


Happy Holidays! We have something so adorable to share with you today! Who loves snow globes? (Raises hand). Who loves mason jars? (Raises other hand). This easy DIY Christmas craft idea is just for people like us! Today I’ll show you how to make a cute mason jar lid snow globe using just a few simple supplies. You know how we do things around here at Smart School House…. crafts need to be fun for everyone and recipes need to be quick and easy! Are you ready to see the secret to making them? It’s so much easier than you think….

Mason Jar Lid Snow Globe

You will need some clear plastic ornaments that open in half like these:

I went to Michaels and found 2 different sized clear plastic ornaments. The “small” ones fit on top of a regular mason jar as well as the small mason jar. The large one fit on the big jar! If you’re unsure , grab one of these plastic ornaments at Michael’s and head to where they have the mason jars to find ones that “fits” closely on a lid. In the end, they will look cute no matter what on top of a mason jar!

You will also need something to fill the jar(s) with! I used mini candy canes, hot chocolate with marshmallows, and the big jar has pretend snowballs and these battery powered twinkle lights inside (also known as fairy lights). It looks SO PRETTY at night when the lights are glowing in the jar. It’s my favorite!

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Mason Jar Lid Snow Globe

Aren’t these the cutest DIY snow globes you’ve ever seen? They’re so cute that you could actually give them as gifts! We use them as decoration on our mantle. My kids love to sneak a candy cane here and there:)

What kind of holiday scene will you create in your mason jar lid snow globe? These are so simple and beautiful that you can’t go wrong with making any kind of snow globe you can dream up!

Mason Jar Lid Snow Globe

Print Here

You Will Need

  • Mason jar with a lid. Find them at a grocery store, craft store, or here
  • This is the large jar I used.
  • Miniature Christmas tree ornaments. Find them at the craft store or here
  • 1 bag of fake snow. Found at a craft store or here
  • String, ribbon, or twine (to wrap around the lid)
  • Glue gun (tip: E6000 glue works for a stronger hold!)
  • White paper
  • Scissors
  • Clear Plastic Ornaments (as pictured above and in the video)


  1. Take apart the mason jar lid and trace inner circle part of the lid on white paper.
  2. Cut the circle out and glue the paper circle to the inside of the lid
  3. Hot glue the lid to the rim (as seen in the video). Use E6000 glue for a longer and stronger hold, if necessary.
  4. Cut the ornament string off of the top of the miniature Christmas tree ornaments.
  5. Create a snow globe scene! Hot glue different things on top of the white paper.
  6. Add some fake snow on top.
  7. Dust off any extra snow on the very outside of the mason jar lid.
  8. Open up a clear plastic ornament and glue so it is in 2 pieces. Glue around the 1 of the edges or glue the edge of the mason jar lid (either works!)
  9. Place it on top of the mason jar! There is a small circle on the ornaments which is made to put string in and hang on a tree. Place that circle part in the back of the snow globe when gluing so it is hidden.
  10. Add whatever you want on the inside of your mason jar and tie a little string, ribbon, or twine around the lid to finish it off.

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