Nursery Plan


If ya know me, you know I have an obsessive personality and can’t get enough of the color seafoam green. I had this nursery plan down pat at around 9 weeks pregnant. 😂We have super limited access to furniture ordering options while stationed in Japan which made the planning easy. I ended up getting a majority of our items from the IKEA that is luckily 20 minutes from base. Otherwise, if it didn’t ship from Amazon, it didn’t make the cut. Lucky for me I think I would have purchased my crib and dresser from IKEA regardless, so really all I compromised on was the chair.

Please note this post contains amazon affiliate links because I am an amazon affiliate (see full Amazon Affiliate disclosure at end of blog post). The rest of the links are not affiliate links. The numbers next to each item are linked below the image. I linked the closet thing I could find to a few items that I already had and purchased in stores stateside (9. mirror, 10. rug, 11. pillow).

1. IKEA Sniglar Crib | 2. IKEA Muren Recliner | 3. IKEA Lisabo End Table | 4. IKEA Hemnes 3-Drawer Chest in White | 5. Extra Large Woven Storage Basket 6. Playtex Diaper Genie Complete in Green | 7. Bunny Print | 7. Deer Print | 8. Nyla Changing Basket | 9. Round Gold/Brass Mirror | 10. Seafoam Rug | 11. Seafoam Pillow | 12. PB Kids Fox Pillow | 13. Nursery Geometric Flannel Fabric

The details

I originally didn’t want to bother with a nursery chair because the room is pretty small. I didn’t think we would be able to find anything worth spending money on. We also have perfectly good living room furniture and the apartment is small. I figured baby and I will be spending a lot fo time in the living room.

We settled on the chair pictured for the nursery plan because we found it in the scratch and dent section for 50% off. It is not a rocker, but it does recline very nicely and is super comfy. The small covers were a little dirty from being on display but otherwise it was great condition. (Shout out the Japanese for being so clean and deeming that worthy of making the chair half off.) If I could have ordered any chair I wanted, it would have been this one from Amazon, but it wouldn’t ship to my APO address. 😭

As far as tables went, I just needed something small. I actually had a small, round gold table that would have been perfect but it was a victim of the PCS and the glass on it was all shattered upon arrival. I went with the pictured IKEA table but I also thought about these nesting tables from Amazon!

The prints I actually purchased stateside at Homegoods and TJmaxx years ago. I just had them in my office because I loved them. I secretly knew they would end up in a nursery one day. They did come with the gray frame pictured in the link but I ripped them out of that and built new ones. My mirror is also actually from Hobby Lobby but I can’t access the site from Japan.

A Word to the Wise

The moral of the story here is important. It might be worth it to purchase the furniture you want ahead of time if you are moving to an overseas location and planning to get pregnant during your overseas tour. I realize that will take a lot of convincing your husband. Mine didn’t go for it, which is why we ended up with what we did. There are some options for ordering through AAFES, but the available options just didn’t suit my style. Do a little research on what you’ll have access to before you go if possible! Especially if you’re picky and obsessive like me. 😆

The full reveal of the nursery is now here! Preview below! The transition from nursery to toddler room is here.

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