Unique Dorm Decor You Can Actually Afford


When it comes to scoring unique dorm decor, things can get expensive fast. Every person wants some decor that reflects their personality and doesn’t look cheap. We’ve got you covered with chic and affordable unique dorm decor that will make your friends green with envy!

1. Cutesy Wall Quotes

There is nothing I love more than an inspirational quote. A great quote can really pump you up for the day. A great unique dorm decor idea is to find your favorite inspirational quotes, and scatter them around your room. There are so many kinds of quotes that you can choose from. If you need encouragement for exercising, then try a quote by Jillian Michaels. If you need a quote about perseverance, then try a quote by Einstein. They may be corny, but you will be thankful you have them on a hard day. “I’m going to make everything around me beautiful–that will be my life.” -Elsie de Wolfe

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2. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are such a great unique dorm decor idea. You can get small mirrors, or large mirrors. You can get mirrors to hang on your walls, or mirrors to stand up against the wall. Also, this decor idea is practical. You need to check your outfit out anyways, so having as many mirrors as possible can only be a good thing! Don’t worry, we think you look great! Plus, you can add your own flair to your mirror by decorating your decor; you can add some stickers, flowers, or pictures around your mirror to reflect your personality.

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3. Faux Fur

To me, fur says luxury. But luxury doesn’t always have to be costly. There are many places where you can pick up adorable faux fur pieces at affordable prices. No one will dislike your faux fur throws or pillows-it’s like petting a dog. Also, faux fur is not everyone’s style, so it showcases your unique individuality and style. You may be a little too much-but you’re always killin’ it honey!

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4. Hanging Photos

This unique dorm decor idea is so cute! Let’s face it, when you’re at college, you sometimes miss everyone back home. You can print out all the cute pictures of yourself and your family and friends from back home, and hang them in unique ways around your room. You can use clothespins and string for a rural feel. You can use a wooden board if you’re feeling crafty. Whatever the way you do it, your room is sure to be more homey with this decor idea.

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5. Vintage All The Way

For the old souls, we have the unique dorm decor idea of vintage items. Vintage is such a statement nowadays that you will definitely get compliments on your room. You could grab some vintage decor items from Marshalls or TJMaxx and have the time of your life. What’s great about vintage decor, is that it tells a quirky story about you! Birdcages, globes, skulls, vinyls, and more, vintage decor is versatile and so much fun!

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Do you love any of these unique dorm decor ideas as much as we do? Comment below and let us know your favs!
Featured Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/85357355423759331/