16 Print-On-Demand Companies That Let You Make Money From Your Home



The incredible technology available today has made it really easy for anyone to start a print-on-demand business.

Traditionally, operating a business always required an upfront investment on inventory, be it food or clothing or groceries. However, times have changed.

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With print-on-demand business platforms, you can make money selling customized products globally without ever having to hold any inventory. The beauty of running a print-on-demand business is that you will never run out of ideas.

Why is print-on-demand business a good idea?

  1. With a print-on-demand business, you have the opportunity to unleash your creativity. If you are a creative person and have a lot of creative ideas, you can offer unique products to your customers and grow your business exponentially.
  2. You can offer customers a great variety as this business allows you to place your designs on many different products such as apparel, mugs, phone cases, towels, etc.
  3. You never have to make an investment on machines or products. All you have to do is upload your designs on products you want to sell using one of the below listed platforms and promote the products.

Here are 16 print-on-demand platforms that allow you to sell customized products without ever holding any inventory.

1. Printify

Printify lets you to customize over 250 products for your e-commerce store. It is one of the best print-on-demand platforms out there.

You can create unique designs for t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, accessories, etc, and sell them in your store. Over 250,000 merchants across the world already use Printify to deliver unique products to their customers.

You do not have to worry about inventory and fulfillment as Printify takes care of that. The name ‘Printify’ doesn’t appear on the package or the shipping label. Instead, they allow you to ship products under your own brand name.

They have partnered with over 90 printing facilities around the world to speed up the order fulfillment process.

Printify connects seamlessly with several different e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Wix, etc. So if you are just starting out, you can choose to sell on a platform that you are most comfortable with.

In case you run into issues, you can contact their 24/7 merchant support team.

Their Basic plan is free and lets you connect up to 5 stores to your Printify account. Their Premium plan costs $29/month and it lets you connect up to 10 stores to your account.

Their Enterprise plan has customized pricing as it is for large businesses with over 10,000 orders per day and it lets you connect as many stores to your account as you like.

You will find the pricing for each product in their catalog page. If you select the Premium plan, you can save some money on the products as the Premium plan has reduced pricing.

They do charge you for the shipping, so this is something that you should keep in mind while listing products in your store.

Start selling custom printed products now and make money with Printify!

2. Printful

Printful is an amazing platform that offers printing-on-demand, warehousing, and fulfillment services. They started in 2013 and have grown to be one of the biggest and the most reliable companies in the world.

They allow you to customize over 200 products including apparel, hats, jewelry, bags, pillows, towels, etc. They handle all the inventory, print designs on products and ship them. They also allow you to send your inventory to them for them to fulfill orders on your behalf.

What makes them special is that they do not outsource any function and every task from printing to shipping is performed in-house.

Additionally, in case the package they ship out gets lost in transit or gets damaged, they cover the costs for it. They even allow you to create a custom packing slip and add your brand logo to the box in which the items are shipped.

With five fulfillment centers covering over 250,000+ sq. ft. of space strategically located across Europe and the United States, you can get products delivered to your customers fast no matter where they are located.

This platform would be a very cost-effective option for you to start your print-on-demand business because its free to sign up with Printful and there are no hidden fees.

There is no minimum order quantity requirement as well. They only charge you for the product and for shipping.

To get started, you have to sign up with Printful and connect it with the platform you would use to create your storefront, such as Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.

3. T-Pop

T-Pop is a print-on-demand company located in Europe (France) but they ship their products worldwide.

They have different products you can choose from to include in your store such as shirts, hoodies, bags, mugs, etc. Their products are of top quality.

You need to have a Shopify store to use T-Pop. Click here to check out and install T-Pop’s Shopify App. The app itself is free and you only pay them when you make a sale.

After you make a sale, the order goes to T-Pop directly without you having to do anything. They start production within 2-4 days of receiving the order, and then ship it out which takes some more days depending on where your customer is located.

The package in which the order is shipped out does not include their brand. Your logo is included on each package and you can also customize packing slips.

T-Pop makes it really convenient for you to start your own print-on-demand business. Learn more about T-Pop and get started with your own line of products!

4. TeeFury

TeeFury is a print-on-demand platform that focuses on selling pop-culture type merchandise featuring parody art as well as original art from genres such as cartoons, anime, video games, sci-fi, etc. Their products include shirts, hoodies and posters.

As an independent artist, your designs can get good exposure as TeeFury has over 1 million visitors everyday. You can only sell in their marketplace.

Selling on TeeFury works a little differently as compared to other print-on-demand platforms. To get started with TeeFury, you are required to submit your designs to them. You can submit as many designs as you want. They take up to 2 weeks to review your designs.

They send you a notification if your design is accepted. If your designs are accepted, they are placed on TeeFury’s products which are then offered for sale.

5. Zazzle

Zazzle is a marketplace that allows creators to customize and sell different kinds of products such as clocks, bags, stickers, shirts, etc. Artists can create unique designs from scratch or customize existing designs.

The Zazzle marketplace is quite popular and can be a good launching platform for you as you can get good exposure for your products.

With their “Name Your Royalty” program, you have the option of setting your own margins. You can choose a margin between 5% and 99%. They then add this percentage to the base price of the product to set the retail price.

Zazzle ships worldwide to a majority of the international destinations. Their production process is usually completed within 24 hours, but some products can take up to a couple of days.

You have to create an account on Zazzle and then set up your store to start selling your designs. Zazzle only allows you to sell in their marketplace.

Setting up a Zazzle store is free. You do not have to manage inventory or deal with customer service as Zazzle takes care of that for you.

Start selling on Zazzle now!

6. SunFrog

SunFrog is an e-commerce store that sells high-quality customized shirts, hoodies, mugs, wall art, etc. It is also a print-on-demand platforms that enables sellers to create their own designs or choose from over a 100 million designs. You can only sell on the SunFrog platform.

With SunFrog, you do not even have to come up with creative designs yourself. You can choose the existing designs that they have and start promoting them. If they sell, you can earn a good amount of money.

SunFrog is committed to high standard of quality. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee which allows customers to return the products in case they do not love the print.

You can even track the performance of your store. SunFrog allows you to link your store with tracking tools, such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, to track the people showing interest in your store and understand the actions they take.

SunFrog has many different tutorial videos in the SunFrog Academy that can come in handy as you market your products.

Get started with selling on SunFrog!

7. Bonfire

Bonfire is an apparel print-on-demand company that allows you to create and sell customized shirts online.

To sell with Bonfire, you have to create a public campaign page. You can customize your campaign page by adding details such as title, description and videos. Bonfire campaigns run from 7 to 21 days.

You can create your designs by uploading your own artwork or by adding graphics using their powerful design tool.

Once you have created your designs and launched your campaign, you can start spreading the word for people to buy your products.

Bonfire allows you to sell only on their marketplace. Bonfire handles printing and shipping, so you do not have to hold any inventory.

Selling on Bonfire is 100% free. They only charge you for the cost of the shirt. Shipping fee is paid by the customers. Start selling on Bonfire now!

8. Threadless

Threadless is an e-commerce store that has been around since 2000. It is also a print-on-demand platform for artists. They allow you to open up an Artist Shop, customize it completely to the way you like, and add 100s of unique products such as apparel and home decor items.

With Threadless, you can only sell through your Artist Shop. You have the freedom to create your own designs and list them in your Artist Shop.

As with all the other platforms, Threadless also handles all the inventory and fulfillment. They are responsible for production, shipping, and providing customer service.

There is no fee to open up an Artist Shop. You can open up an Artist Shop from anywhere in the world as long as you have a PayPal account. There are no order minimums and you are free to set your own prices. They also provide free website hosting for your storefront on Threadless.

They charge you for the product cost after you make a sale. Threadless charges customers for shipping depending on where they are located.

Sell your designs on Threadless now!

9. Redbubble

Redbubble is a global marketplace that sells customized t-shirts, stickers, posters, phone cases, etc. This platform has been around since 2006. As a seller on Redbubble, you can customize over 60 different high-quality products and sell them to their massive audience base.

Over 700,000 artists across the world already use Redbubble to sell their products.

You can only sell on Redbubble’s platform. You can open up a shop for free and start uploading your designs. You have the freedom to set the prices for your products.

Redbubble handles all the transactions, prints the products, ships them out, and provides customer service. Their packaging consists of Redbubble’s brand name, design and logo.

They have many different locations from where they print and ship their products including USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, and other countries in Europe. They ship internationally to almost all the countries.

Check out Redbubble and start selling today.

10. TeePublic

TeePublic is owned by Redbubble, but both of these companies operate independently. TeePublic is a print-on-demand platform that allows you to customize and sell over 75 different high-quality products. With TeePublic, you can sell shirts, phone cases, hoodies, books, stickers, and more.

Independent artists have already earned millions of dollars selling on TeePublic’s marketplace. Some of the biggest brands such as IGN and Merriam Webster also use TeePublic to sell their merchandise.

To start selling, you have to create your store on TeePublic, upload your designs, and publish them on your store. They take care of printing and shipping from their third party fulfillment centers. They offer international shipping to over 70 countries.

What’s interesting to note with selling on TeePublic is that they do not allow you to set or change the prices of your products. They control the prices to be fair to their customers.

TeePublic only allows you to sell in their marketplace. Joining and selling on TeePublic doesn’t cost anything. All you have to do is create your store and start selling.

According to TeePublic, artists get paid the highest for selling products on TeePublic as compared to any other print-on-demand platform.

Join other artists who have already earned over $7.5 million selling on TeePublic!

11. Spreadshirt

Spreadshirt was founded in 2002 and has shipped over 5 million orders since. They are competitively priced. They claim to have the best prices and they guarantee to beat the price of any other print-on-demand company in the United States.

With a range of over 200 products, you will always have something to sell to your customers. You can choose to sell customized shirts, hats, hoodies, waterbottles, bags, etc.

You can either choose to sell on Spreadshirt’s market place which is quite popular and has over 100,000 daily visitors or open your own shop and have complete control over your brand. You can open up your own store on Shopify, WordPress, etc and link them with Spreadshirt.

Spreadshirt delivers to over 150 countries worldwide and they process and fulfill orders from 5 of their factories located across Europe and the United States. They ship out products within 48 hours of receiving the order.

Start selling on Spreadshirt!

12. Teelaunch

Teelaunch is another one of the most popular print-on-demand companies. It has established itself as a solid platform for customized products. With Teelaunch, you can customize over 65 different products including apparel, wall art, jewelry, dinnerware, towels, and more.

Teelaunch is known for their quality of products and high level of performance. They have over 170,000 sq. ft. of production infrastructure all around the world to ensure your customers get their products quickly. Their printing and fulfillment services eliminate the need for you to ever hold any inventory.

Teelaunch requires that you have a Shopify account. Over 120,000 Shopify stores have launched their businesses using Teelaunch’s print-on-demand Shopify app.

However, this doesn’t mean that you are only restricted to using Teelaunch on Shopify. Once you have set up your Shopify account and installed Teelaunch’s Shopify app, you can go ahead and integrate Teelaunch with other e-commerce platforms you may prefer such as Etsy, eBay and Amazon.

One of the features of Teelaunch’s Shopify app is that it allows your customers to choose the image they want. For example, your Shopify storefront has a mug from Teelaunch listed for sale.

When customers view the mug, they would have the option of personalizing it. Customers can upload a photo they want on the mug and then proceed to checkout.

The Shopify app itself is free to download. You do not pay Teelaunch anything unless you make a sale. Once you make a sale, you have to pay Teelaunch for the product and shipping. They ship globally.

Sell on Teelaunch!

13. Teespring

Teespring has been around since 2011. They are also one of the top print-on-demand companies out there. They allow you to customize and sell anything that you want to sell.

While Teespring has over 50 different products that you can choose from and customize to sell, they take this a step further by allowing you to sell whatever you want to sell. You can do this with TeespringGo.

TeespringGo provides sourcing and fulfillment services. With TeespringGo, you can send the inventory you would like to sell to Teespring’s warehouse for them to fulfill orders for you.

If you do not have inventory and would like Teespring to help you source inventory, you can choose to use their sourcing services. They have good connections with trusted vendors who can get you the product you need.

You can sell your Teespring creations on a variety of platforms including YouTube, Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, and more.

They deliver products to over 180 countries worldwide. They have the highest buyer ratings in the industry. They offer exceptional customer services for buyers and sellers.

Teespring is free to use and there is no upfront cost or risk involved. You only have to pay for the product cost and shipping after you make a sale.

14. CustomCat

CustomCat has 15 years of print-on-demand experience. They have a huge range of high quality products that you can customize to your liking.

From their state-of-art 270,000 sq. ft. production facility, CustomCat has shipped out more than 20 million customized products to date. They customize and ship over 15,000 products every day. They do all the work of printing and shipping from their facility, so you do not have to hold inventory yourself.

You will not run out of choices with CustomCat as you can customize over 550 products including shirts, hoodies, bags, blankets, towels, pet accessories, etc.

To use CustomCat as your print-on-demand service provider, you would either need a Shopify store or a WooCommerce store. They also support API integration and orders by CSV.

Once you make a sale through your store, you can rest easy knowing that CustomCat has got your back. They fulfill orders quickly within 2-3 business days. They offer worldwide shipping.

They have two plans you can choose from if you want to integrate your Shopify store with CustomCat. They have a free plan and they have a plan that costs $30 a month. The difference between the two plans is that each item in their product catalog costs $2 more with the free plan.

There are no subscription fees associated with the other options of integration.

Check them out!

15. Society6

The Society6 marketplace has over 30 different categories of consumer goods including apparel, furniture, bed and bath products, stationary, wall art, and more. Society6 enables artists to customize all of the products under those categories.

Anyone can join the Society6 print-on-demand platform. Once you create an account, you can upload your work to your artist shop. You can then enable the products that you want to sell.

You can only sell on Society6’s e-commerce platform. Society6 fulfills your orders for you. They print and ship the products to your customers. They ship worldwide.

With Society6, you earn 10% of the retail price set by them. You cannot change the retail price except for a few selected products. With art prints, framed prints and canvas prints only, you have the ability to set, change and control your markup.

Check out why you should sell on Society6!

16. JetPrint

JetPrint is another print-on-demand company that customizes products for your customers on demand.

They have many different products to choose from such as shirts, blankets, doormats and mugs, but they are primarily focused on customizing watches on demand. They started as a watch print-on-demand store and they have now expanded to other categories too.

JetPrint requires you to have a Shopify store. The Shopify app is free for you to download, install, and use.

They offer two options for shipping products to your customers: free standard shipping worldwide or $15/piece for express shipping worldwide. There are no other hidden charges.

Once a customer orders on your Shopify store, the order automatically syncs with JetPrint, so you do not have to worry about manually placing an order with JetPrint. There is no minimum order quantity requirement with JetPrint.

Visit JetPrint to learn more about them.

Tip: Print-on-demand is a great way to make some side income. If you are looking for other ways to make money, make sure to check out 13 ways you can make more money while having a full-time job!

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