Free V-neck top Pattern and sewing tutorial


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Thank you for stopping by today at On the Cutting Floor. This is the Free V-neck top Pattern and sewing tutorial

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Free V-neck top Pattern and sewing tutorial

  1. Place back and front bodice pieces together, right sides together and match the shoulder seams.

2. Stitch the shoulder seams with a zigzag stitch or overlock stitch. The pattern has a 3/8 seam allowance, so remember to trim the excess fabric after sewing it.

3. After sewing the shoulders, place the side seams together and stitch them in the same way as you just did with the shoulder seams.

4. Set aside. Now, bring the sleeves to the table and fold the sleeve in two.

5. Stitch the seams with the zigzag or overlock stitch.

6. After this, fold the cuff of the sleeve 1 inch to the inside and press flat with your iron.

7. Then, stitch it with a zigzag stitch.

8. Now, turn the sleeve to the right side and insert into the bodice.

9. Stitch the sleeve to the bodice. Remember to match the seams.

10. Then, fold the hemline of the top 1 inch and press flat. Then, stitch them together with a zigzag stitch.

11. For the neckline: fold the neckline all the way from the side seams, including front and back 1 inch and press flat.

12. Then, stitch it with either a double needle in your regular sewing machine or use a coverstitch as shown in the picture below. After this, press again.

13. The last step is to fold the v-neck top and match the side seams together. Topstitch the top side seams with a zigzag stitch.

And that is all. I hope you like this top as much as I do and send me pictures of your designs.

Happy Sewing!

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