The 8 Best Ecommerce Training Courses Compiled And Reviewed


If you did not already know, eCommerce is a trillion dollar industry and more and more people are shopping online.

Naturally you would want to take your product online and go where the demand is right?

You probably have tons of questions about how to start, what products are best to sell, where to buy your products and a whole other heap of mind boggling tasks that you need to figure out.

Well the best place to start when venturing into something new is to invest in a course.

And not just any old course. You want to invest in an e commerce course that is worth your time and money. At the end of the day you want to use the resources provided within the course to achieve a decent return on investment (ROI).

This is why I have compiled this online guide to help you determine which course is more bang for your buck. You know, the crème de la crème.

These courses are based on reviews of the population and even personal trials. Hopefully one of them will give you the goodies that you need to expand and grow your eCommerce business.

If you are serious about eCommerce see it as a valuable investment and don’t forget you can also write these off as business expenses.

Now keep reading to find out the 8 best eCommerce training courses online.

The 8 Best Ecommerce Training Courses Online

1| Build A Shopify Dropshipping Business From Scratch

Creator: Adam Reed

Profile: A 22 year old graduate who launched his first online business at the age of 17. Now at the age of 22 his speciality is dropshipping.

Cost: Originally $200. Now $15

Who is this eCommerce training course for:

  • Anyone who wants to start an online business
  • Anyone who has no experience in online business
  • Anyone who wants to start a business with little start up costs
  • Ideal for digital nomads

What you will learn:

  • How to build an eCommerce store using the dropshipping model. You will learn how to do this from scratch.
  • How to do niche, product, theme research and selection
  • How to create a store with Shopify. Shopify offers a 14 day free trial to my readers so be sure to claim your trial by clicking this link.
  • How to use Oberlo to add thousands of products to your store easily and effortlessly
  • How to set up your store for Shopify SEO
  • How to link social media fan pages to your Shopify store
  • Tips and tricks to increase your sales conversions
  • A walk-through of getting traffic to your Shopify store
  • Plus a lot more


  • The creator of this e commerce course provides as much information as possible to start a Shopify store and use the dropshipping model. Therefore in my opinion, any new beginner who wants to start an eCommerce career can use this course to help them get started.
  • The course over delivers on extra tips and tricks to help give you a head start over other Shopify users (who do not take the course obviously ;-)).
  • It reveals the different apps that the creator uses to make the process of setting up your store more streamlined.
  • The eCommerce training course does not hold much back and his delivery of the course is in a step by step fashion allowing you to do everything that he shows to get you from A to Z.


  • As with all courses I am of the belief that many eCommerce course providers, set you up to believe that running an eCommerce store is simple. Adam has many great credentials and his eCommerce history is outstanding but as a beginner one’s expectations should be met from the start.
  • Running an eCommerce store is no easy feat.
  • In fact it is a lot of hard work like any business. You must be prepared to put the effort in to get great results. You must also be prepared for the bumps that will come a long the way.
  • No business is easy otherwise we would all be doing it and getting rich in the process. However if you have patience, determination and a strong will to succeed you can be successful with this course to get your first few sales.
  • Aside from the hype attached to this course, it is a little disjointed. For example, he may touch on a topic in one video series but not give a complete overview leaving you to guess how it is finished. Then he may pick up that same topic in another video series. So organisation of the course is a little out of whack.
  • There are a few broken videos in the course as well making the video and audio quality poor.


This eCommerce training course is useful if you want to set up a Shopify store and start making your first sales. Whilst it does touch on Facebook Ads, it was not very detailed to help you understand exactly the metrics you need to look for to be successful with Facebook ads.

Ideally this course is suitable for beginners only. If you want to be more intermediate or advanced then you may have to invest in other eCommerce courses to truly be successful and generate a healthy income with eCommerce.

Start the course by clicking here.

2| Shopify Tyrant: How To Start An Ecommerce Biz From Scratch

Creator: Niche Tyrant

Profile: Niche Tyrant is a brand. They are internet entrepreneurs and trainers who offer courses to help those who are struggling in the internet marketing space.

Cost: Originally $95. Now $15

Who is this eCommerce training course for:

  • Only for beginners who are interested in starting an eCommerce store

What you will learn:

  • How to start a profitable Shopify store. Shopify offers a 14 day free trial to my readers so be sure to claim your trial by clicking this link.
  • How to research high converting products
  • How to create successful Facebook ads
  • How to use Instagram to drive traffic to your Shopify store
  • How to scale your business and automate the process
  • Which apps you must have to run your store


  • If you are new to eCommerce you can use this step by step course to get you started with Shopify. It is an easy to understand course and very informative for those users who have no understanding of what Shopify is and how to use it.
  • It explains how to research your niche, find products and target your audience.


  • This course is not for advanced users of eCommerce. The course really touches the surface of eCommerce but does not go in depth on marketing the store and the best ways to do that.
  • Whilst the course touches on Instagram and Facebook marketing, more detail is required for the user to fully understand how to use Facebook and Instagram ads, what metrics are important to consider when running the ads, how to scale the ads, how to achieve a great return on investment to ensure that the store is profitable, how to write ad copy.
  • The course is therefore not detailed enough. In some cases the student may have to figure things out on their own or use another course to help them hone in on specifics that they need answered.
  • You may be able to find much of the information in this course on eCommerce blogs (like this one ;-)) or YouTube channels. So you must decide whether you wish to spend money first on this course or whether you should spend a bit of time in blogs or YouTube to find the information you need.


This eCommerce training course is ideal for beginners only. I would not recommend this course for advanced students.

The course is very simple so you will not find as much in depth analysis to get your store progressing to a profitable and successful business.

Much of the information found in this e commerce course can also be found on blogs or YouTube but if you want everything in one place without having to figure things out then this may be an ideal course for you.

Start the course by clicking here.

3| Ecommerce Training Academy

Creator: Alaa Hassan

Profile: An eCommerce pioneer with over sixteen years under his belt. He is currently the Director of Digital Marketing at Canada’s leading home fashion retailer. His purpose with the Ecommerce Training Academy is to help other eCommerce professionals like him grow a profitable eCommerce business.

Cost: unknown

Who is this eCommerce training course for:

  • This course is for eCommerce and digital marketing professionals
  • For anyone who is new to the online eCommerce space and wants help getting started

What you will learn:

  • Ecommerce basics how to launch an online store
  • How to increase online store traffic and profit from it
  • How to convert shoppers into customers
  • How to retain customers
  • How to get more email subscribers


  • The material on this website can be accessed for free. Therefore I will consider this a free demonstration of how to get started with eCommerce.


  • This e commerce training course has not yet launched and you must sign up to get notified when they do so.
  • If you are prepared to wait for the Academy to launch, that is your choice. If you would like to start right away then it is better to utilise the other courses that I have recommended in this post.
  • Whilst you can use the content on Academy website for guidance, it does also point you in the direction of other resources to follow to solve an eCommerce problem.
  • The content on this website is not ideal for beginners. There is no step by step instruction on the site on how to get started with eCommerce. Rather the site directs you to other content elsewhere on the internet where you can learn how to get started.
  • If you have some knowledge of eCommerce and merely want extra tips for better results then this site is a useful source of information.


This course has not yet launched and you will merely be directed to a blog like platform where information on eCommerce is given for free.

I would not recommend this site for beginners as there are no step by step guides on how to start an eCommerce store. In fact the website makes it clear that the content was created for professionals. It therefore is useful for anyone who wants a bit more insight into eCommerce.

You may wish to get your name on the email list to find out when the Academy has officially launched. More than likely when it has launched you will be required to pay for the course.

Click here to put your name on the email list

4| How To Make An Online Store With WordPress eCommerce Website

Creator: Hoku Ho

Profile: A website developer who teaches others how to create beautiful websites from scratch using WordPress. Hoku got started by designing wire frames and mock ups in Adobe Illustrator for an Iphone App company he co-founded. He then learnt about HTML, CSS and WordPress and now teaches many others how to use WordPress as well.

Cost: Free

Who is this eCommerce training course for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to create an eCommerce website using WordPress and Woocommerce

What you will learn:

  • How to build an eCommerce website step by step using WordPress
  • How to register for a domain name, set up web hosting and WordPress so you can go live on the internet
  • How to customise WordPress with the Woocommerce plugin and the Storefront theme


  • This eCommerce course is a very short course lasting one hour and 12 minutes. It is free to access. It is like a crash course to get you set up and running in no time if you are ready to start your eCommerce career.
  • The course is straight to the point, clear and easy to understand.
  • There is no hype surrounding this course which is great in my eyes.
  • It is not intended to mislead the reader into thinking that ecommerce will make them rich. In fact there is no mention of all that fluff that you usually get when someone is trying to sell a product. This was probably eliminated because the course was free.
  • The instructor for this e commerce course was very easy to understand, engaging and informative. There were no issues with audio or video quality.


  • This course only teaches you how to set up an online store with Woocommerce. If you need extra guidance on store content, product description, how to make your store convertible, how to get sales, how to drive traffic to your store, then this course is not for you.
  • Similar courses like this can be found on YouTube. The course is however free so there is no problem here.
  • It is an introduction however to a paid course. Like everything on the internet there must come a point where you will need to pay for things to get better results. This eCommerce course is a precursor to a paid course.


This eCommerce training course is not fine tuned. It merely shows you how to create an eCommerce website using WordPress so will not teach you how to get sales etc. If you need to find out how to build a profitable store then you must go to other courses for help.

Only use this course to find out how to get started with WordPress and Woocommerce.

Start this course by clicking here.

5| Ecom Entrepreneur

Creator: Vick Strizheus and Shubham Singh

Profile: Vick Strizheus is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, business strategist, and has coached over 3 million students from over 180 countries. Many of those students have already created success stories for themselves.

He is the creator of the Four Percent Group and has partnered with Shubham Singh to create the eCommerce training web class Ecom Entrepreneur.

Shubham Singh is an ecom entrepreneur who started his business at the age of 17 by selling electric scooters. He does not promote the dropshipping model like everyone else but has a unique way of building profitable eCommerce stores.

His actual first store involved arranging a distribution deal with the manufacturers of the electric scooters, rebranding it under his own name and then promoting it online through eCommerce. He has replicated this process for many other eCommerce businesses and is today teaching students how to do this through the Ecom Entrepreneur course.

Cost: Originally $6997. Now $1997

Who is this eCommerce training course for:

  • Anyone who wants to start an eCommerce business
  • Anyone who does not want to use the drop shipping model. In most cases courses that teach the drop shipping model require you to ship from places like China. Therefore if you prefer not to ship from China markets then this course is for you.

What you will learn:

  • How to find the right product for your store
  • Finding a manufacturer to get products from
  • How to create your company name and domain
  • How to set up your brand
  • How to create content
  • Must use apps for your store
  • How to create an eCommerce account with Shopify. Shopify offers a 14 day free trial to my readers so be sure to claim your trial by clicking this link.
  • How to set up your store with Shopify
  • Using a prelaunch checklist to make sure your store is in order before launching
  • How to set up an email list
  • How to integrate a newsletter feature on your store
  • How to prevent fraud on your store
  • How to set up live chat on your store
  • How to manage inventory on your store
  • How to launch your store
  • How to scale your store


  • This in-depth e commerce course has a precursor to it, which is a free four part video series. From the video series you will learn more about the man behind the Ecom Entrepreneur course, Shubham Singh.
  • He tells his story of his start up and how he has deviated away from the drop shipping model, to build hugely profitable eCommerce businesses for himself.
  • One of the things that I like about the four part video series is that they make it absolutely clear, that drop shipping is a dying model and that it is unacceptable if you are using Stripe or PayPal to receive payments from customers. In fact drop shipping as a business model is forbidden by Stripe and PayPal and is clearly set out in their terms and conditions. You can therefore have your business collapse if you use drop shipping.
  • Therefore the Ecom Entrepreneur teaches you an alternative way which ensures that your business is stable and does not have any risk of falling under in the event PayPal and Stripe discontinue their services with you.


  • This course is not complete.
  • At present the free video series is only accessible. Although it is in its early launch, having launched September 2017, there is still a lot of work to be done with the Ecom Entrpreneur course.
  • You can still access the free course if you want whilst you wait for the official paid course to be started.


It is difficult at this point to give a detailed synopsis of this eCommerce training course as it is not yet finished. You can however get some value from the free training series where Shubham speaks about his success as an ecom entrepreneur without using the drop shipping method.

If you decide to start a drop shipping store, eventually you will want to get to the point where you are importing in bulk and managing inventory from local fulfilment centres. When Ecom Entrepreneur releases all of its training videos it will teach you how to do so.

6| Shopify Power: Build An Ecommerce Website Using Shopify

Creator: Jason Miles

Profile: Jason Miles is the co founder of Liberty Jane Clothing which started as a brand being sold on eBay. They were soon able to scale up their business and grew from strength to strength launching other online stores, blogs and book deals. Miles’ passion is for business start ups, branding and social media.

Cost: Originally $145. Now $15

Who is this eCommerce training course for:

  • Anyone who wants to build an online store using Shopify and is ready to work hard
  • You should already have a product, product idea or product plan in place
  • You are an artist, crafter or seller of items and need to know how to set up a fully functional eCommerce website
  • This course is suitable for entrepreneurs, marketers, small business owners and people. It is not suitable for web developers.

What you will learn:

  • How to set up a Shopify website quickly and easily. Shopify offers a 14 day free trial to my readers so be sure to claim your trial by clicking this link.
  • How to integrate Shopify with Amazon, Etsy and other selling sites
  • How to integrate social media into shopify
  • How to understand the Shopify eCommerce platform
  • How to collect money from your customers via Shopify
  • How to use apps to maximise your eCommerce profit


  • This course is all about Shopify. If you want to learn how to start an eCommerce store using Shopify, then this is for you.
  • It is an easy to implement e commerce course for beginners who want step by step instructions on how to start Shopify. It also delivers the power and possibilities for using Shopify as your eCommerce platform.


  • This course is very basic. It is not for the user who already has a store set up and is ready to take it to the next level.
  • There is no level of detail to this course. As I mentioned before it is very basic and really gives an overview of Shopify.
  • The instructor for this course uses Power Point slides rather than walk throughs of how to set things up with Shopify. Therefore this is more or less a what to do, rather than a how to do it course.
  • I think that most people prefer to have practical steps when they take online courses. They want a bit of hand holding and a detailed guide on how to do something. Sadly this course does not deliver on that.
  • It will not teach you about niche selection, product research or traffic strategies.


You may find this eCommerce course useful if you are very, very new to eCommerce and want to learn how to begin by using Shopify.

Other than that, if you are more intermediate then I would not recommend this course. Perhaps the Ecom Entrepreneur course will be better suited for you.

Start this course by clicking here.

Ecommerce Marketing And Lead Generation Courses

7| Social Traffic Blueprint Facebook Ads Course

Creator: Jon Penberthy & Jubril Agoro

Profile: Jon Penberthy is a full time online entrepreneur who originally achieved success with YouTube Ads. He then catapulted his success from YouTube to Facebook and created the Facebook Ads course for people who want to use Facebook but do not know where to start.

Jubril Agoro is a full time traveller who has been using Facebook Ads to market his products. He is well versed in how to set up and scale a Facebook ad and is ready to help other marketers use this marketing tool to grow their business by thinking outside of the box.

Cost: $997

Who is this marketing course for:

  • For anyone who already has a fully functional eCommerce store set up and wants to learn marketing using Facebook Ads
  • For any eCommerce website owner who is struggling to get traffic to their online store and wants to learn how to use Facebook to drive traffic to get more sales

What you will learn:

  • How to set up a Facebook fan page
  • How to create story ads
  • How to define and research your target audience
  • How to place your first Facebook ad
  • Which type of ad is best for your product
  • The metrics to look for when running a Facebook ad
  • How to read your ads data
  • How to troubleshoot ads
  • How to reverse engineer your income
  • How to retarget your audience to increase sales conversions


  • This is a very detailed course that first gets into why you need to do things in a particular way in order to get a desired result.
  • There is a lot of theory given upfront to help beginners understand why they write ads the way they do so as to attract the right audience.
  • This course gives step by step instructions on how to place your first ad and also gives walkthroughs of what to look for to determine whether an ad is profitable or not
  • There is a Facebook support group where the creators of this course jump in and answer all the questions posted by the students.
  • You can tell that the creators want you to win and are willing to help you as best as they could to get great results.
  • They also offer group coaching once a week, so you can take action on your ads and then have them ready to be critiqued.
  • People who took this course have seen really great results when they implemented the teachings of the creators
  • 30 day money back guarantee


  • Sometimes you may have your Facebook Ad account disabled however in my opinion not enough help is provided on how to recover your ad account.
  • If you are new to eCommerce then you must know that Facebook likes certain legal policies on landing pages that they direct their audience to. The course however does not cover this and this is critical to an ad being approved. More information should be provided on this to help the beginner understand everything that is needed to be known about using Facebook ads.
  • Coaching calls are sometimes interrupted by poor internet connection


This is a great course for getting to know about Facebook Ads. Most eCommerce store owners use Facebook ads to drive traffic to their stores.

Therefore it is a must have resource to go to, to learn more about how driving traffic if you want to increase sales.

At the price, I love the fact that there are group coaching calls and ongoing support.

The details that need work such as poor internet connection during the coaching calls and covering the legal policies are tiny in comparison to the value that is delivered on this course.

Start this course by clicking here.

8| Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

Creator: Lauren McManus & Alex Nerney

Profile: Co-founders of the Create and Go blogging community and the Avocadu weight loss website. They successfully used Pinterest, a search engine, to drive tons of free traffic to their blogs and create a six figure income in doing so. They are now teaching other people how to use Pinterest as a marketing tool to build your brand.

Cost: $197

Who is this marketing course for:

  • For anyone who already has a fully functional eCommerce store set up and wants to learn marketing using Pinterest
  • For any eCommerce website owner who is struggling to get traffic to their online store and wants to learn how to use Pinterest to drive traffic
  • For any eCommerce blogger who wants to use Pinterest to drive traffic to their blog

What you will learn:

  • How to set up your Pinterest account for success
  • Pinterest SEO
  • How to design your Pinterest profile and boards
  • How to create viral content on Pinterest
  • How to create pins
  • How to avoid Pinterest jail
  • How to find and join Pinterest group boards
  • How to automate Pinterest traffic using Tailwind. Tailwind is Pinterest’s approved scheduler. They offer a free trial where you can schedule 100 pins for free.
  • What plugins to use for a better Pinterest experience
  • How to track your progress with Pinterest analytics
  • Pinterest ninja secrets


  • This course is a detailed course on how to get started with Pinterest.
  • Pinterest is a search engine and so search engine optimisation is critical to winning with Pinterest. The course gives a detailed review of how to master Pinterest SEO to ensure that you get the most traffic .
  • Usually with courses you are given a lot of fluff with Power Point presentations on what to do rather than how to do it. The creators actually show their own dashboard so you can get a behind the scene look at all their content and analytics to see what is working for them and implement it in your own business.
  • I also like the fact that they are very transparent about their pinning schedule so you will know how to do the same.
  • They do have a Facebook group where they are helpful in answering questions and posting things that are working for them. It’s like they are on the same playing field as their clients.


Some of the statements made in the course by the creator gave the idea that it is best to avoid other traffic sources.

Whilst Pinterest is attributed as one of the driving factors behind the creator’s success, I do not think it is acceptable to advise ruling out other traffic sources.

If you have an eCommerce blog and use Shopify then you will know that Shopify allows you to optimise your store for Google SEO. The creators also rule out Facebook. However Facebook is a gold mine for eCommerce store owners and should never be casted out.

At the end of the day it is their opinion but if you were to take this course then you may not agree with their statements when it comes to other traffic sources.


This course is useful if you have an eCommerce store and want to try Pinterest traffic for sales. 87% of Pinterest users bought something because of what they saw on Pinterest. 93% of pinners use Pinterest to plan purchases.

Plus you can actually get massive amounts of traffic from Pinterest for free whereas you will have to use Facebook ads to get any comparable numbers.

The course is a detailed step by step course to help anyone who has never used Pinterest get started.

The only thing that you should be wary of is the creator’s own comments regarding other traffic sources. It is an opinion so it is up to you whether you want to give it high regard or let it pass over your head.

Start this course by clicking here.

Final Thoughts

The courses listed here all bring to the table some type of value which you may get out of it when used. If you are serious about starting eCommerce as a career then I would strongly recommend that you use the best course to become knowledgeable about the topic and master it.

If you are a beginner to eCommerce then the courses on setting up an online store may be suitable for you but you can also find such information on eCommerce blogs or YouTube channels for free.

(I have posted a few of my own blog posts which help in setting up an online store below)

If you want more strategies and tips on building a profitable eCommerce store and potentially growing it to six figures or more, with ongoing support and hand held coaching then an investment is needed for the best courses.

There are three out of the eight courses that I would recommend that you make this investment:

Build a Shopify Dropshipping Business From Scratch. Click here to start

Social Traffic Blueprint Facebook Ads Course. Click here to start Social Traffic Blueprint

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Course. Click here to start Pinterest Traffic Avalanche


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P.S Have you taken any courses that has helped you successfully create an online store? Let’s get the discussion rolling. Mention it in the comments below.

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