How Adding New Items Gets You More Sales


Hey Etstians!

I wanted to put together something super cool and decided to share some Etsy tips within an entire series. For the next 12 days, I will be sharing tips to help you grow your Etsy shop.

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It’s Day 7 my sweets and we are just over halfway through the series. Can I just celebrate for a sec?

Woot, woot! Happy dancing over here.

Why am I so freaking happy?

Well, for starters, this project was certainly no small feat. If you haven’t yet dived into the world of blogging, this would be compared to adding an entirely new line of products to your shop. It requires a ton of strategy and time to execute properly.

You not only have to be consistent, but you must create value every step of the way. I’ve got the consistency part down so far, how am I doing with the value part?

Speaking of products, I recently placed my shop on vacation mode for a few weeks to revamp it. I did so because I wanted to give my customers a better experience with my products.

As I am prepping for my launch, which is quickly approaching by the way, I noticed that my shop has crept up to 121 items. How did that happen? I remember when I first opened my Etsy shop and only had 12 listings.

Those 12 items were a lot to me back then. I felt good about it. But the reality was that I had meager views and even fewer sales, which was nothing to feel good about.

Want to know the one thing I did outside of Etsy SEO that tripled my traffic and gave me more sales?

Adding more items.

That’s right!

And if you are a new seller, your goal right now is to establish a solid reputation to assure customers you know what you’re doing. Unfortunately, you don’t have sales or customer reviews to back you up at this point. But a full shop shows shopper’s that you are serious about your business. Which in turn builds trust. Which then results in sales.

Light bulb moment!

Today, I will share with you how stocking your Etsy shop can increase your sales.

The Game Changer

You are a little fish in a BIG sea of sellers. With close to 2 million sellers on Etsy, it’s crazy hard to stand out with five little listings. You are barely scratching the surface.

Increases Traffic

The reality is, the more items you have, the easier it is for you to get found. And once someone lands in your shop, they now have access to all your goodies. But wouldn’t it be a bummer to find a product that you are IN LOVE WITH and you scramble to make your way back to their shop, only to find they ONLY have a handful of products.

So disappointing. I want more goodness!

I can speak for myself, should this happen to me, I would still purchase the item if it is amazing and rocks my world. However, other shoppers may not feel that way and leave.

Why is that? A well-stocked shop communicates credibility and displays that you are actively investing in your business. Don’t let this be the cause of keeping you from making sales.

Which leads me to sales…

Increases Sales

With increased traffic, comes the increase in sales. With a stocked shop, you are now giving shoppers more options. More options translate into selling multiple items.

A shopper can find one of your items in search, browses around your shop and walks away buying that item and other items as well.


Repeat Customers

Oh, did I mention that adding products on a regular basis also brings back customers who have previously purchased from you? Simply sending an email or promoting on social media about your new items will have your customers coming back for more.

Stocking Your Shop

Okay, now that you understand the benefits, I will tell you how to make this happen without pulling your hair out.


Each month I plan for the month ahead with things such as: what fabric choices I will use for my subscription box, ways to promote my shop, what new items to roll out, what items to get rid of and the list goes on (it seems like it is never-ending).

The one thing I have found that helps maintain my sanity is to batch my tasks. One day I focus on promotions, one day I focus on cutting fabric, one day I focus on photography, etc.

See how this works…

Each day, I focus on ONE task and ONLY do that for that day. Jumping from one thing to the next is EXHAUSTING. And quite frankly, I found myself never finishing. Or at least not on time.

Style Options

Do you have items with multiple color choices? Although I like this option, the likelihood of a shopper buying two of the same items in different colors isn’t great. Instead, try filling your shop with more style options rather than a ton of color option listings.

For example, I sell four different styles of bows. In some of my listings in which it applies, I add the option for shoppers to choose a different style bow in that color. I even include a photo of the bow styles to help with the decision-making process.

Pro-Tip: With color choices, instead of creating one listing for multiple color choices. Give each color their own listing. Doesn’t this cost me more? Sure, but it gives your shop a full, cohesive look. Not to mention, it gives shoppers a visual idea of what the color looks like for that product. Therefore, alluring them to make a purchase. I would say that is a good use of your .20/per listing investment. Wouldn’t you?


Create items that you can reproduce easily. When an item sells, you have the option of manually relisting this item or set your listings to renew automatically once sold.

Avoid creating a product you can only sell one time, that means you are creating a product, taking photos, and making a listing for a one-time product. That’s a lot of work for a one-and-doner. You will find you reach more success with products that you can make time and time again.

What’s Next?

I’m sure hearing this totally blew your mind. Who knew simply adding items could change the culture of your shop. Also, outside of shoppers, Etsy loooovvves a shop that is active. When you are adding products on a consistent basis, you are now in Etsy’s good graces and are given a little nudge up the search rank for your good behavior.

With these tips, I don’t expect you to run out tomorrow and create tons of products. Please don’t do that. In fact, I totally discourage that.

What I do encourage you to do is decide upon a set number that you are comfortable with making in a month and roll them out weekly. In the beginning, my goal was to add ten new products each month. I batched out those products over a two-week period and then started rolling them out the following month. I would list about 2-3 items per week. I did this for about four months until I was able to reach 100 items, gradually increasing as I got better at managing my time.

How many items should you have? There isn’t a set number. Don’t be fooled with floating advice that says you NEED a certain amount to get sales. It is your call. What I have found is that the more items I added the more my shop grew. But be mindful, that the more items you have the more inventory you will have to manage.

And for my new sellers or those who are currently planning to open an Etsy shop, you DO NOT and SHOULD NOT wait to have a full store to start selling. You would be surprised at how this could hold you back from success. Go for it and add as you go.

Tomorrow I will be popping in to talk to you about using social media to promote your products. See you then!

How many items do you have in your shop? After reading this post, what is your current shop goals? Let me know in the comments.

If you find this series useful, be sure to check out my free course, Etsy Playbook. In this course, I teach foundation and marketing strategies and techniques just like these included in this series (BUT WAY BETTAH)!

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