How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Etsy Shop


Hey Etstians!

I wanted to put together something super cool and decided to share some Etsy tips within an entire series. For the next 12 days, I will be sharing tips to help you grow your Etsy shop.

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It’s Day 8 and we are rocking our way through this series. I am loving the progress here. Today we are going to talk about promoting your Etsy shop with social media.

I don’t know about you, but when I initially opened my shop, I thought I NEEDED to use social media to market my shop.

My place was and still is Instagram. It’s something about scrolling through a feed of pretty photos. To this day, I feel like I can’t go wrong with the ‘gram.

Well, I was right about one thing — I did need social media, but not to market my shop. But rather to create connections and build my community. Which is why I don’t place all my stock in social media (I choose my email list instead). However, I do believe social media is a vital tool for your business.

And that is why I wanted to incorporate social media in today’s post.

Why Promote on Social Media?

Many Etsy sellers utilize social media to promote their shop. I am one of them. In fact, in the beginning, I spent too much time on social media. I thought that was the key to making sales. All the while, I literally neglected my shop because I was giving social media all the power.

When I saw that my sales were really non-existent, I realized that social media wasn’t really cutting it for me. And because of that revelation, I changed my marketing strategy.

Bye-bye social media? Nope.

I decided to keep it around because I found it created organic relationships for me. It created a community of loyal fans who I could interact with. Not to mention, it helped with my visibility and presence outside of Etsy.

Oh, and did I mention it is FREE advertising. Yeah, that makes a world of difference.

Should I Choose Them All?

This is where everything begins to go downhill for sellers. People tend to use all the available platforms just because it’s there. Big no-no!

I know when you begin, it seems like the most logical thing to do is to establish a presence everywhere. However, it becomes very challenging to manage multiple social media platforms. And what tends to happen is you will neglect one or many of them.

Is it really worth the headache? Hmmm, not so much!

I’ve been doing this for two years now and I still find myself burnout with social media.

My suggestion, start out with one platform and master it. Then you can add anything additional as time goes on. I don’t want you to lose focus on your main objective, which is your shop. Remember, you can easily get caught up in the glitz and glamour of social media and forget why you are truly there.

Which Platform is the Best for My Business?

What works for one seller, may not work for another. And that is because my target audience may differ from yours. Why does that matter? Because you want to be where your target audience hangs out.

If your target audience hangs out on Facebook, but you are promoting like a rockstar on Instagram you are using your time wisely. You need to refocus your strategy to get the best return.

For my shop, I use Instagram and Facebook, with more emphasis on Instagram for showcasing my products and Facebook more so to foster relationships within my Facebook group. For Hello Frankie, the volume of my target audience is on Facebook and Twitter.

So you see, you should be where your audience is, not what you believe to be the best platform based on personal preference or popularity.

How Do I Find Where My Target Audience Hangs Out?

Finding the right platform can be tricky, but here are a few ways you can determine this.

  1. Certain demographics prefer one social media platform over the other. For example, teenagers tend to migrate towards Twitter or Facebook. While professionals flock to LinkedIn. To figure out demographics this would require a little research.
  2. Check out your competitors. Which platforms do they favor the most? Typically, if they have found success on a particular platform, there is a good chance you will too.
  3. Survey your current customers. Flat out ask them which social networks they prefer the best or who do they follow on social media. You can use Google Forms for free to help with your survey needs. Don’t have customers yet? Ask others that share the same qualities of your target audience for their feedback.
  4. Search the Facebook search bar or use Instagram’s hashtags search feature.

How Do I Grow My Account?

Once you have chosen a platform to start with, learn how that platform works to make use of its full potential. With Facebook, groups are trending so join communities of your target audience. Twitter utilizes hashtags and small sentences to get the message across. Instagram is all about the visuals, make sure your photos turn heads.

Now you can begin to build your community. I’m going to share with you what you can do to grow your social media community. Keep in mind, some of these tactics may work better in one platform compared to the next. Checking out what your competitors are doing is a great way to discover what works.

  1. Add links to your social media accounts on Etsy.
  2. Add a note within packages you send to your customers inviting them to join you on social media.
  3. Encourage your customers to take snapshots with your product and use with a certain hashtag (#hellofrankieco).
  4. Host a giveaway or collaborate with another shop to host a giveaway together (double the fun, double the audience).
  5. Include your social media invite within your descriptions on Etsy (preferably at the very bottom to avoid interfering with your SEO).
  6. Post shareable content, something what will prompt and/or encourage others to share your post (contests works great this this strategy).
  7. Add links to your accounts as part of your email signature.
  8. Add links to your personal Facebook page.

So many touch points, will this be annoying for your audience? Absolutely not! Often, people may have missed it or haven’t even come across it. Not to mention, it’s an easy way to find you whenever your audience needs you. And lastly, the marketing Rule of 7 states that a person needs to come into contact with your message at minimum 7 times before they will take action to buy your product.

And if you ask me, I would say the way things move so frequently with social media, doubling that number wouldn’t hurt.

How Can I Promote Sales?

Each platform is different, so certainly do your research to figure out what is the best approach to encourage sales. But ultimately there are two key strategies that will get you where you need to be no matter the platform: quality photos and engagement.

Eye-catching photos are what typically grabs people’s attention immediately. You have now piqued their interest and the next step would be to head over to your shop. Bingo! Make things easy for your audience, be sure to include a direct link to your items.

You can also prompt your audience to do something or answer a question, a call to action. For example, “Our summer collection is available now, click the link to view the entire collection” or “Hello Friday! What does everyone have planned for the weekend, let me know in the comments”.

Doing this not only allows you to connect with your audience on a personal level, build trust, but the algorithms tend to smile upon this type of interaction.

Here are a few others:

  1. Facebook has a sell feature, if you add your products, shoppers can click on it and will be directed back to your shop. Hint, hint…this feature also links back to Instagram and shoppers can click on an image which will take them back to your shop.
  2. Pinterest has a buyable pin option that allows shoppers to click to be directed back to your shop.
  3. Use Instagram’s stories feature to showcase an item and encourage them to head back to your shop.
  4. Have multiple links, use to add multiple links to your Instagram account. I typically add a link to my shop and a direct link to one of my most popular products.

What next?

Like anything worth the effort, social media is a slow churning process. There isn’t any magical strategy to get thousands of followers. Oh wait, there is…show up and be consistent.

Make it a habit to post at least once a day or every other day. Review your stats on each platform to determine the best time that your audience is the most active.

If you find that your efforts are not worth the trouble, try a different platform or evaluate what you are posting. And above all, have fun with it. Remember, you are there to widen your online presence and cultivate your community. Obtaining sales is simply a perk.

Tomorrow we are continuing promotions and I will teach you how to market your shop. See you then!

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