5 Tools for more sales on Etsy (that you’ve never heard of)

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There are literally ZERO friggin’ THINGS more satisfying than finding a TOOL that solves your problems for you.

So, in the spirit of tools that actually KICK ASS, I decided to round up some of my favorite life-fixing goodies.

Most Etsy “tools” are all talk — I can’t tell you how many times I paid for something that *promised* some undefined jump in sales that still has yet to be delivered…

(Wanna mock me endlessly and see exactly what mistakes I made way back when I was a new seller? Read about ‘em here).

So if you’re looking for tools that:

  • Actually DO SOMETHING (what a novel idea!)
  • Are FREE or damn close (even better)
  • Can help you make more sales on Etsy (AND wherever the hell else you want to)

Then meet my FIVE favorite Etsy tools for 2018:

Before we get started, I want to let you know that there are no affiliate links in this article. I wanted to bring you my FIVE favorite tools with no bias, ulterior motive, or general bullshit.

(Although in case you’re wondering, I have a very strict affiliate policy for the few things I DO promote. You can read it here).

Anyway, now for the good stuff:

#5 – Corjl

What it is:
A way to sell digital items on Etsy that customers can EDIT themselves!!

What it does:
Corjl actually gives your buyers a super simple, click and done interface where they can customize your digital files. When they buy an item from you, Corjl takes over. It automatically sends your buyer to a special interface where they can add their name, date, whatever…then print (For reals!)

How it can make you more sales on Etsy:
Digital download buyers want INSTANT gratification. They don’t want to wait for you to customize a file — and YOU don’t want them yelling at you because you’re not moving fast enough. Digital buyers are notorious for doing things LAST MINUTE…so instead of creating MORE pressure for you, Corjl gives them the opportunity to deal with it themselves…instantly!

What it costs: $9+ per month
Where you can try it: https://www.corjl.com/

#4 – Google Trends

What it is:
A way to see what’s trending on the Internet.

What it does:
Google Trends shows you exactly how much something is being searched. When something gets MORE searches, it gets MORE sales…so knowing what people search for is like having a kick-ass ROAD MAP for what you should sell online!

How it can make you more sales on Etsy:
Have you ever wondered WTF you should be selling next on Etsy? Or maybe you’re developing a product line and you’re secretly worried it won’t sell? Use Google Trends to check the market BEFORE you spend all your time making and selling something!

What it costs: FRIGGIN’ FREE!!
Where you can try it: https://trends.google.com/trends/

#3 – Fancy Hands

What it is:
Extremely affordable virtual assistants.

What it does:
Virtual assistants (VA) can help you get through that pile of shit on your to-do list every month. They can do things from checking your email to handling your Etsy tasks. Fancy hands gives you a TEAM of US-based assistants that do work for you around the clock.

How it can make you more sales on Etsy:
Are you BURIED in tasks for your biz, and it’s preventing you from uploading new listings, shipping orders, and dealing with the crap that’s supposed to make you MONEY? Use a virtual assistant team to get shit DONE. You can train your virtual assistants to add listings to Etsy. You can train them to take care of Etsy convo’s for you. (YES, really! Think of them as your super affordable customer service team.) Use a VA to get back to the stuff you do best.

What it costs: Starts at $30/month
Where you can try it: https://www.fancyhands.com/

#2 – SmarterQueue

What it is:
A social media scheduler that increases your engagement.

What it does:
Very few social media schedulers RECYCLE your content when you run out…and the ones that DO are insanely expensive. But SmarterQueue is affordable and can recycle posts on all your social networks. Just fill it up with a couple months of content, and walk away!

How it can make you more sales on Etsy:
Recycling your content, mixing it up with other people’s content, and creating a social media queue that people WANT to interact with is key…once you get that done, why not automate it so you can walk away? I just add content to mine whenever something new is available, and it recycles my goodies in between! Wanna see what I schedule on my queue? Check out my editorial calendar method here.

What it costs: Starts at $17/month
Where you can try it: https://smarterqueue.com

#1 – Text Expander

What it is:
Type a couple letters and a whole convo snippet will pop up instantly!

What it does:
Think of it like a GIANT Etsy snippet keeper. You can add signatures, whole emails, customer service responses, links, pictures, whatever you can think of…Text expander will make your snippet appear just by typing a few letters. Oh and you can make shit appear on social media, in Etsy convos, in your email…anywhere you can type, you can add a snippet. **BONUS: It works on your phone too! So you can nail Etsy convos on the go.

How it can make you more sales on Etsy:
Did you know that how QUICKLY you answer Etsy convos can make a HUGE difference in your monthly sales? The rumors are true kids — great customer service = MORE sales. But answering Etsy convos can be FRIGGIN’ WORK. Not to mention, annoying AF. Especially when you’re answering the same thing over and over again. Use Text Expander to make it a 5-second *pop* — and DONE!

What it costs: Free, or up to $10/month
Where you can try it: https://textexpander.com/

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