Calling all International Etsy sellers: Is it harder to sell online when you don’t live in the US?

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Some days it sure as hell seems like the internet is holding a grudge against international sellers.

For those of you who recently went through the UK/EU VAT ordeal, you’re probably OVER this whole everything-costs-more-if-you-don’t-live-in-America heaping pile of nepotism.

So why does the internet (and sometimes our government…) seem to hate online business owners who live overseas? How can we make it easier for selling internationally on Etsy?

The simple answer is: THEY DON’T.


Did you think this was going to be an angry rant blog article? Were you counting the seconds until I ripped our entire political climate a new asshole?

Well guess what, Buttercup?

Selling online is f*cking difficult, no matter where you live.

Running a business will suck sometimes. Period. No exceptions.

Do you remember when you initially had this whole crazy Etsy idea? I just want you to think back and tell me:

How many people were supportive?

Did they all tell you how brilliant you were, shower you in support, and buy all your products immediately??

Look: if you had that experience, then you’ve got some damn amazing friends and family.

But for everyone else out there (myself included), I bet there were a HELL of a lot of people who told you EXACTLY how crazy you were – and I’m sure they also let you know precisely how unrealistic your Etsy dream was.

And did you listen to them?


(If you did, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be here).

So why are you listening to all the people telling you that selling on Etsy is impossible for International sellers?

Blaming a lack of sales on your location is just another reason people THINK you won’t succeed.

It’s something people tell themselves when they need a convenient excuse.

“Oh, well, I didn’t succeed because I’m not in the US, and selling internationally on Etsy is too hard”.

The person who says that will struggle to succeed no matter WHERE they live. And that’s because they expect things to just be easy. Or in this case, easier for some people in a certain location (aka not them).

But let’s be * really truly honest * for a second:

Being in business takes WORK. It’s hard for every single one of us – and we all have different struggles.

There will always be something, no matter who you are, no matter where you live. Don’t tell yourself that something will CAUSE you to fail — because the reality is you can find a way around any obstacle if you’re stubborn enough and you keep trying.

That’s pretty much the gist of business success — if you keep trying to put the puzzle together in different ways, it will eventually just FIT.

It may take a while, and there may be some things that are harder for you than other people (for me that thing was anxiety)…but at the same time, you have other talents that are putting you at an advantage.

Everyone puts roadblocks in front of themselves. No matter who you are. You’re creating invisible problems for yourself just by thinking “it’s too hard”.

It’s time for you to STOP putting up imaginary obstacles aren’t really there.

Because, sweet cheeks, there are plenty of TOP grossing international sellers:

And do you know what the success of these sellers is telling me? If you’ve built a great business and you’re willing to work at it, success on Etsy is 100% possible no matter where you live.

So instead of saying it’s HARDER for you because you’re international, let’s talk about what’s REALLY wrong:

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