How I Made 146 Sales on Etsy in One Week

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JTNDYSUyMG5hbWUlM0QlMjJ2aWRlbyUyMiUzRSUzQyUyRmElM0U=What’s with Etsy bloggers who DON’T sell on Etsy?!?

Want a blogger down in the seller trenches with you? See what the Fuzzy and Birch Etsy shop is doing in 2019 to help you kick more ASS:

It probably wasn’t that long ago that you were wondering “what’s etsy!”. A few hours of research later and the dream of running your own business selling from this platform was borne. Now your number one goal is to sell on Etsy SUCCESSFULY.

Looking for all the latest Etsy hacks?
Here’s everything I’m doing NOW:

Want to learn EXACTLY how I set up my Etsy email list, step-by-step??

…If you’re ready to STOP relying on Etsy traffic (and just use your email list for sales!) then I can show you how to do what I did in the video up there ⇡

I explain it all (top to bottom!) in my Etsy program, called the Subscriber Tribe.

Email set up is a complex process, and it has the potential to make you tons of extra money each month. (My email list makes me $320k per YEAR). Effective email marketing is one of the pillars of selling successfully on Etsy.

Which is why I only teach this strategy to top Etsy sellers. If you want to get on the Wait List for the Tribe, or see what the program is all about, you can do that HERE.

See what New Experiments I’ll Be Running For You in My Etsy Shop ⇣

Have you noticed all the Etsy bloggers leaving Etsy like the apocalypse is coming??

From bloggers selling their shops to family, to outright closing the shop down, to others who never had a shop in the first place (or at least you sure as hell can’t find it…)

What’s up with this??

Should you be freaking the FUCK out? Is it time to hoard beans and rice? Is Etsy judgement day upon us??

Let’s talk about what’s really going on here.

As you probably already noticed, it’s HARD AF to make Etsy work.

(If it was easy, we’d all be rich and you wouldn’t even need Etsy blogs to begin with.)

And all these Etsy bloggers are trying to juggle two businesses — a busy Etsy shop AND a blog…

Translation? All your time disappears, FAST: you’re dealing with all the orders and all the emails.

Not to mention that whole thing where you have to write blog articles, film videos, and update EVERYTHING the moment Etsy makes a change.

But here’s the thing:

You DESERVE a blogger who’s down in the Etsy trenches with you.

We’re in this together, kid

I’ve always felt this way, and I don’t want to leave you behind on the battlefield.

I told you that to tell you this:

You may have noticed my Etsy shop was on vacation for a MINUTE.

And by a minute, I mean 7 friggin’ months this year.

DAYUM, Gina. That was a long-ass vacation.

So here’s the deal:

UNLIKE all my Etsy colleagues, fellow bloggers, and random marketers who give you advice about Etsy even though they don’t have a shop…

Your argument is highly illogical…⇡

I got my LIFE together and figured out an EPIC plan that’s designed to help YOU do better on Etsy.

And my plan involves keeping my Etsy shop OPEN.

(Because SCREW what everybody else is doing! I make my own rules!)

In 2019, I’ll be using my Etsy Shop to create a series called “Etsy Experiments”.

What the hell is that?

Since my doors were closed for the last 7 months, something occurred to me:

I don’t need Etsy to make my primary income right now.

But YOU do.

So what can I do with MY Etsy shop that will help YOU kick more ass?

I can try out all the new Etsy Trends and suggestions FOR YOU, in MY SHOP.

You can WATCH and see exactly what happens.

Do long-tail keywords work? Do some products sell better than others? Should my titles be super short? Can I get people on my Etsy email list??

If you enjoy staying up to date with the latest Etsy news you are going to LOVE the Etsy Experiments series.

These are all questions YOU can watch me try to solve…

Because it doesn’t matter if MY Etsy shop makes ZERO sales when I make a change — but it DOES matter if YOUR shop makes ZERO sales!!

So you can watch me navigate the minefield for you!

And if I do something that FAILS MISERABLY, you’ll know not to do that!

No more agonizing, no more wondering whether that thing so-and-so said actually WORKS.

You’ll get to see what’s REALLY going on in my shop!

Wanna meet the new shop and get a preview of the changes I’ve made so far?

Watch the video !

Get the Traffic Your Shop Deserves

Hey Guess What? Before I quit my job to sell on Etsy, I was an SEO Consultant for a Fortune 500 Company. I used Etsy tags to get my first 500 sales in less than 6 months. Wanna steal my tricks? Try SEO Bootcamp:


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