How To Put Things On Sale On Etsy: A Procrastinator’s Guide

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Alright. It’s literally 7 days until Black Friday and I’m only a little freaked out. I have no sale planned, which of course makes me a pretty big idiot. But don’t worry, if you’re a procrastinator like me (waz up, fellow last-minuters!!), I’m going to show you exactly how I’m going to pull this shit show off in the next 7 days.

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How To Put Things On Sale On Etsy

Yeah, that’s right, we’re going to plan a hardcore sale, promote it, and generally be awesome in 7 days or less.

That’s how badass we are. Welcome to the jungle.


Yeah, we’ve got 7 days. So, here’s how to put things on sale on Etsy and make it work. We’re going to stick to proven tactics and keep it simple.

Let’s start by taking your 7 most popular products. (Don’t worry, if you don’t have 7 you can do this with one).


Take your most popular products (I chose 7). SLASH the price.


Stop freaking out over slashing your prices. The ONLY way this is going to work is if you GET over it and give people a reason to buy RIGHT f*cking NOW. Black Friday sales work because of SCARCITY. And your prices are going to be slashed for a day. Maybe two.

People need that scarcity or else they’ll never pull the trigger. Give them a reason to freak out and go “OMFG I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW!! IT’S A FREAKING DEAL!!” If you’re not willing to go with a 25-50% discount, don’t even bother having a sale. This is, after all, your guide on how to put things on sale on Etsy. (Rant over. Tough love done!)


Make a Black Friday Landing Page. You can do it. NOW is the time to be brave, little one! This element is important because it’s where we’re going to link all your promotions. Use your website, blog, or just a random landing page maker to pull this off. It’s only temporary (it’ll be up for maybe a week) –so don’t spend too much time on this. Remember: we’re keeping it SIMPLE.

Want to see mine? Here’s the Black Friday Etsy Page. (FYI I used an Etsy Mini widget to create this page. Copy, paste, done!)

And here’s the Black Friday Blog Page – notice the countdown timer! And the EMAIL OPT-IN!! This baby works MIRACLES *hint hint!*

Why Use a Landing Page?

As your business grows you’re going to see an increasing need for landing pages: these are simple pages that convert buyers at 15% or more.

What I’m doing here is taking a tactic that works for bloggers and fortune 500 companies and using it for Etsy: here’s why — I’ve sent dozens of emails and 100s of social media posts to my subscribers, but virtually no one ever purchased until I began using landing pages!

Why? There’s nothing to distract the buyer! The countdown timer reminds them they have a LIMITED TIME, and there’s no other products (besides mine!) floating around for them to buy!


Let’s create some BUZZ. Announce your Black Friday sale on social media “Want 50% off this Friday? Sign up for the secret black Friday sale now!” – and link that shit to your email sign-up form ( this is important. We’re going to grow your email list while having a sale!! Sneaky sneaky!!).

NOW: Post it EVERYWHERE. Here’s where I (am about to) post mine:

  • Facebook Groups (x5)
  • Facebook Page
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest (Yeah, I created a graphic in Canva for my Black Friday Sales. And yeah, I’ll promote the shit out of that pin for EACH day of my sale!)
  • I used Etsy on Sale to mark my items as “BLACK FRIDAY SALE” so they’re more noticeable on Etsy
  • I linked all my latest YouTube videos to the Black Friday email opt-in (yeah I’m crazy like that. Traffic is traffic. I’ll take it!)
  • I created 2x Instagram graphics to run both days of my sale (I’m doing Black Friday and Cyber Monday)
  • I don’t use snapchat, but if I could figure it the f*ck out I would announce my sale there too. Read about how to use snapchat for business (from someone who knows what they’re actually doing).
  • My weird blast from the past: I post my Black Friday sale page on Stumble Upon, then I promote it using paid ads for the length of the sale only. This allows me to have a bigger budget ($10+ per day) and tons of people view the “shopping” category on Stumble Upon.

If you think you’ve promoted your item WAY too much and you’re sick of looking at your own ad, then PROMOTE IT MORE. This whole process should take AT LEAST 2 hours. This is some hunger games bullshit. HAVE NO MERCY.


Throw an email together. I don’t care if you have 2 people on your email list, you’re sending out an email, dammit. Keep this simple too. It just needs to be a simple graphic with some text. Everything in your email should link directly to your LANDING PAGE (from step three).

Here are some no-fail subject lines:

  • “Tomorrow’s HUGE Sale…”
  • “53% OFF: One Day Only”
  • “All the deals, NONE of the lines…”
  • “7 Reasons To LOVE Black Friday”
  • “ Black Friday Flash Sale!”

And here’s an example email:

Seriously, that’s all you need.

I usually send out 3 emails total:

Email 1: Day before Sale (Warn people it’s coming)

Email 2: Sale is Live (Buy shit now!)

Email 3: LAST CHANCE! (Sale is GONE in 8 hours!)


Think OUTSIDE the box. Your subscribers and fans are about to be BOMBARDED with emails and Black Friday deals. So what can you do to stick out?

  • Have a “Day After Black Friday Sale” (also works for “week before” and “week after”)
  • Have a LONGER SALE: I run mine from morning of Black Friday to midnight on Cyber Monday.
  • Offer ONE product on MASSIVE DISCOUNT (like a $1 sale)… and promote the f*ck out of this one offer – I seriously always buy when I see a $1 sale. I literally CANNOT RESIST. Send me your $1 sales, people.
  • Offer one product for sale each day of the week leading up to Black Friday.

Alright little grasshopper, time to get to work! I’ve got a sale to plan and so do you!










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