Is There Too Much Competition to Start an Etsy Shop this year?

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You know how there are like, MILLIONS of Etsy sellers out there?

And MOST of them are selling something pretty damn similar…


Being surrounded by sellers JUST LIKE YOU feels icky AF.

It probably seems like you’re running as fast as you can just to keep up…So why BOTHER?

The Etsy Dread, it Burns!!

Alright, my bleak little Buttercup…What if I told you COMPETITION is GOOD?

(You’d probably think I’m huffing some ‘alternative facts’…but I promise, I’m NOT).

I know the idea of COMPETITION feels weird AF, and like it can’t possibly be a good thing

But I wanna explain what’s actually going on when you have competition…

We’ll use jewelry as an example.

I’m a SERIAL jewelry shopper on Etsy.

And here’s the deal — I don’t just shop with one seller all the time.

I can be a HUGE FAN of multiple jewelry shops, and come back to them over and over…

But I ALSO find NEW sellers I love…

Like, ALL the TIME. (Yes, I really do shop that much).

It’s kind of like watching TV…you don’t just watch ONE show. You want lots of options, because your mood changes. And you need OPTIONS to go with them.

Same thing with Etsy — we need a MIX of sellers.

In fact, take a look at the WIDE SPECTRUM of awesomeness I have in my Etsy favorites:

I wants me all the THINGS!

Your customer is NOT one-dimensional.

S/he is like your Spotify library: A complete clusterfuck that doesn’t make sense in one place…

But somehow it lives together in harmony anyway.

Don’t believe me? Just take ONE GLANCE at the average Pinterest account, and you’ll get the picture:

The Average Pinterest Profile is JAM PACKED with clusterfuckery

It’s this exact phenomenon that explains why you get MANY successful sellers in one place on Etsy.

And YES, there’s room for all of us.

While it may SEEM like you have gazillions of competitors, the reality is that customers WILL buy from more than one shop, and they DO.

There are more than enough buyers to go around!!

Think about it: if you could only watch ONE show on Netflix, you would go INSANE.

But there are LOTS of shows, and you want to watch MOST of them. You may never watch all of them…

But you need variety to avoid pulling all your hair, and going all 2007 Britney Spears.

So don’t let competition STOP you from selling something.

Competition means your item SELLS like a mofo. Use that shit to your advantage!!

BUUUTT…don’t get stuck thinking, “Well, my item is popular, so I can do less work to make sales”.

THAT is some self-sabotage BULLSHIT right there.

Your items WILL show up next to your competition.

In a mythical land far away, someone is looking at YOUR item side by side with someone else’s right now.

So here’s the million dollar question: Does your item beat the shit out of theirs?

Which one would YOU buy??

YOU have the power to turn your item into the BEST ONE on the page.

And if you haven’t done that already, it’s time to backtrack and #FixYourShit. (Not sure how? Learn how to BRING IT and create listings that beat your competition right here).

At the end of the day, if your item isn’t one of the more *exciting* ones on a page, there’s no one to blame but you.

So make sure you’re BLOWING your competition out of the water!

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