Promote Your Etsy Shop With These 7 Reviving Tips

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It happens to the best of us. One day, your phone is “cha-ching!”– ing it’s little butt off, then all the sudden you look up and realize it’s just *crickets*.

How the f*ck did this happen? What did you do? Everything was going so WELL, why are you friggin’ in the twilight zone???!

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Good news: this is totally FIXABLE. You created a kickass shop and you can make it even more kickass.

Bad news: this shit takes a bit of effort. And it may be a while before you see results. Sorry Buttercup, but the Internet doesn’t just dole out instant success.

I know, I know…patience is a 4-letter word. I hate this shit too. But if you try the 7 options to promote your Etsy shop outlined below, it will grow into the badass bitch she really is.

Promote Your Etsy Shop By:

1 – Get visible again with SEO

It’s time to get started with an SEO overhaul – When was the last time you updated your tags and titles? It’s time to stop playing in the kiddie pool. You should be updating your SEO once every 3-6 months.

You need a REAL SEO strategy that is well-researched and repeatable. If your SEO is on point, Etsy will constantly send you the very people who WANT to buy your item. Learn how to make that shit happen here.

(Time to results: 30+ days)

2 – Free Exposure + Advertising that WORKS

Now let’s talk free exposure: When was the last time you posted an Etsy shop update? Posting regular shop updates means all this awesome shit happens immediately:

  • Your item is splashed all over Etsy
  • You get more repeat customers
  • Shop updates can drastically increase traffic
  • Posting regular shop updates = more consistent sales

Now before you freak out and post an update right now, READ THIS: make no mistake, I said REGULAR shop updates. Every single Etsy shop seems to post updates completely at random. That shit makes NO visible difference.

Your key to success = REGULAR. That means CREATE a content calendar. Post weekly. Don’t screw yourself over here, this is FREE advertising that actually WORKS. It’s a proven way to promote your Etsy shop. Read about my week-long experiment with shop updates here.

(Time to results: 60+ days)

3 – Adopt a Renewal Strategy to land at the top of the pack

Did you ever notice that some people renew their items completely at random? Believe it or not, quite a few top sellers swear by renewal strategies. Why? Because Etsy’s search prefers newer items, so it usually shows them first. Read about my renewal strategy here.

(Time to results: 60+ days)

4 – Boost Your shop’s visibility with Promoted Listings

If you’re selling lower cost items ($30 and under) Etsy promoted listings is another great option for exposure. Many of my Etsy coaching clients report higher traffic and an increased conversion rate simply by switching on promoted listings for a few weeks.

Promoted listings can boost your SEO, they help Etsy find and catalog your items faster, and they can get you in front of the right buyers more efficiently. Most people see these results by spending as little as $1-2 per day. Promoted listings do just that – they promote your Etsy shop!

(Time to results: 30+ days)

5 – Create New Items (No really, actually update your shit!)

It’s time to refresh the important bits. There are over 25 million items on Etsy (as of writing). Do you know what that makes you? A needle in a haystack!

More items = more chances to get found. Adding listings has a huge impact on your shop ranking and can significantly increase your chances to make a sale (!!)

Top sellers make it a point to add new items constantly. It’s so important to keep creating new things if you want to be a full-time seller. Adding new items is just as important as good marketing and SEO. And that doesn’t just mean you should add a bunch of new stuff then sit around and wait for sales.

The world doesn’t work like that. You need to constantly update your shop. Learn why my sales skyrocketed when I started adding one new item every week.

(Time to results: 2-4 months)

6 – Trends don’t last forever. Take updates seriously.

Let’s play a game: when you first started your shop, you put all this time and energy into it. You took tons of photos and carefully uploaded everything. Fast forward to now…when was the last time you updated those photos?

Photography trends don’t last forever, and Etsy’s primary customer base is YOUNG and TRENDY. 50% of buyers on Etsy are aged 18-34. That means they want to see items that are new, unique, and fit into their modern lifestyles. Your photos should reflect that.

(Time to results: 30+ days)

7 – Drive YOUR OWN traffic

Yup, that’s right: you can rely on places other than Etsy for your traffic! But rather than expanding to every single social media network that ever existed, why don’t you start with ONE and get really freaking good at it?

Let’s be honest for a minute. Say your shop takes off in the next 5 months. Say suddenly you’re getting so many orders that you’re working 6-8 hours a day. Are you gonna have time to then post on five different social media networks?? F*CK NO you’re not! Screw that, you need time to Netflix, family, and you know…buy groceries and shit!

So take it SLOW. Start with one, easy to build network. I recommend Pinterest. Here’s why:

  • Pinterest users love to use the platform when shopping
  • Pinterest is easy to use, most people of varying ages are familiar with it – so likelihood is, your target customer hangs out there.
  • People are willing to pay more $$ for items they find on Pinterest, because the items feel “higher quality”
  • Unlike other social media networks, your pins aren’t buried under other posts 5 minutes later: people re-pin your items and they can live forever! (for example: my most popular item on Pinterest was pinned over 2 years ago!)

Check out this article about how I make a sale a day using Pinterest.

(Time to results: 3-4 months)So there it is: a somewhat long-winded (but relatively straightforward) shop revival plan! Let’s slap on the gloves and get down to business!

Get the Traffic Your Shop Deserves

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