What You Need to Know About Etsy SEO in 2018

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Holy shit. If I hear one more back and forth on Facebook groups about what “is” and “is not” happening with Etsy SEO, I’m going to MOVE to the Upside Down and never f*cking come back.

SERIOUSLY GUYS. The SEO talk on Facebook is 99% speculation. It’s fed to you by people who heard something from somebody who thinks they understand SEO.

Let me just break this down for you:

Would you take business advice from a guy who knows a guy that can get you some customers???


That is some shady shit.

So why are you doing EXACTLY that when you listen to rumors in Facebook groups???

With the exception of Page Six, very few successful businesses are built on the rock solid pillar of GOSSIP.

This disturbing AF trend is happening all over the Internet right now, so I’m gonna tell you STRAIGHT:

This is what you need to know about Etsy SEO in 2018.

Stop listening to all the Etsy SEO Hype *RIGHT NOW*

As it turns out, you have EVERYTHING you need to determine what Etsy SEO is actually doing…and all you need is your Etsy shop.

I’m gonna introduce a novel concept here.

If you wanna know what’s WORKING when it comes to tags, titles, and photos, you just need to do ONE THING:


Your bullet-proof SEO Strategy in 3 f*cking Steps:
  1. Copy one of your items on Etsy.
  2. Wanna test what words are working for you? Change the tags and titles in your COPIED item.
  3. Wait 60 days. Which version is doing better? Your copy, or the original? Copy = your new tags are BETTER. (Better = MORE favorites and SALES, not more views. Views are worth jack shit. You want sales.)

Hey guess what? This process can be repeated as many times as you want, all over your Etsy shop!

*Poof* — I just gave you 100% guaranteed SEO that will WORK…as long as you test your shit first, you’ll know the FOR REAL answer.

Would you rather know what works IN REAL LIFE? Or do you wanna keep fighting over rumors in Facebook Groups?

SEO takes at least 30 days to work on Etsy

Translation: stop changing your tags and expecting INSTANT results. SEO is a complex being, and instant gratification is NOT a part of its vocabulary.

Once you change your tags, it takes Etsy’s bot (that’s the creepy crawly thing that Etsy uses to find ALL the changes, updates, and new items across the ENTIRE platform) —well that bot takes at least 30 days to collect all the changes across the website.

Google and other search engines have a bot too, and they take more like four to six MONTHS to find your changes.

Learn how SEO works on Etsy and Google right here.

So that traffic boost you’re seeing right after changing tags? It’s probably NOT your SEO working instantly…your item is probably coming up in search somewhere on Etsy, or it just got stupid popular on Pinterest, or maybe all that promotion you’ve been doing started paying off.

Who knows – maybe somebody completely unrelated to your or your Etsy shop just posted one of your products on their Facebook page…there are a million reasons that you can get a bump in traffic, but INSTANT tag gratification is NOT one of them.

The only way to get the REAL SCOOP about what’s going on?? Set up google analytics for your Etsy shop.

Wanna learn how to ACTUALLY USE those new-fangled analytics you’ve got going on? Take this kick-ass webinar right here.

Items can show up for a tag you’ve never used? True or False?

True, my bitches! That shit HAPPENS. Here’s why:

SEO is sorta smart. It’s not like, savant brilliant or anything, but it DOES know how to combine TWO DIFFERENT tags that you’ve used…in order to pull up your item under a TOTALLY different tag.

Let’s try an example, shall we?

Say you’ve used the tags “tribal bracelet” and “jewelry”…is it possible that your item could show up in a search for “tribal jewelry”?

YUP. But here’s the catch – Etsy is smart. It won’t rank you in a search for “tribal jewelry” if people aren’t favoriting and BUYING that particular item.

That’s why you can have two super similar items that don’t come up in the same search…OR two similar items that DO come up in the same search.

Confusing AF???

Yes…but the bottom line is that Etsy wants customers to BUY. Search is guided by what the customer WANTS and ultimately, what they wind up PURCHASING.

While it may seem like Etsy is making it up as they go, the reality is ALL search engines perform this way.

If you search for something in google, and you can’t find what you’re looking for, what do you do?

You keep trying different ways of saying something until you get what you want.

BUUUUT…the FASTER google gives you what you’re looking for, the BETTER. More people keep coming back to use google again and again because it’s EFFICIENT. It gets them what they want. Like NOW.

The same is true for Etsy. If they can make their search give you EXACTLY what you want, you’ll SPEND MONEY. And you’ll keep coming back to spend money.

Ta-da! Capitalism at its best.

Ultimately, Etsy is trying to show people things they want to BUY based on what they search for. Which means that they will extrapolate a little bit, and mix and match your tags for you.

Which brings me to my next point…

Repeating Your tags all over the place? You’re screwing yourself.

You know how creating a gazillion listings is kind of a pain in the ass??

You know how half the time, you can’t come up with 13 new tags anyway, so you basically just press that “copy” button and move on with your life?

Yeah, we all do that shit.

It’s totally 100% cool to copy your listings.

But it’s NOT f*cking COOL to re-use the exact same tags.

Nor is it OK to copy your titles and change a single word or two.

Are you guilty of ^^ that shit? If so, congrats, your items are COMPETING with themselves.

Here’s what I mean. When you search for something on Etsy, you get results. Item #1, #2, and so on.

And guess what? Only ONE item call fill each spot (…duh)

But if you’re re-using the same tags (and/or titles) over and over again, then Etsy will FORCE some of your items to take priority over others.

Meaning: it will just pick and item to show first. Usually, it picks a popular item that sells well. But what if you have two very similar items, and only ONE is selling? And you’re like WTF mate, why isn’t my second item selling, it should be popular, so what GIVES??

What gives, buttercup, is that you’re allowing that first item to outshine the second one. Because your second item might not show up in search until PAGES and PAGES later. Who the fuck is gonna find that shit??


So, how do you STOP competing with yourself??

Mix that shit UP. Make sure you use new tags for all your similar items — it doesn’t need to be ALL new tags, you can reuse the classics that are performing well. But give that second item a chance to shine in OTHER searches.

Get your shit spread out a bit – expose it to new people searching for different things! Do this by changing up your titles, and picking AT LEAST 3 unique tags (I’d recommend up to 6 new tags)…just to ensure your underdog gets it’s day somewhere ELSE on Etsy.

The Best Way to Get Found in Etsy Search?? It has nothing to do with SEO.

What’s the most efficient way to GUARANTEE you get found on Etsy?? Yup, tags and titles will HELP, but the #1 undisputed way is to keep it simple:

Add more listings.

It’s simple math – there are 25 million + items on Etsy right now.

So, your little 24 item shop? It makes up 0.0000001% of what’s on Etsy right now.

I’m just going to repeat that shit, because it’s IMPORTANT.

Your tiny shop is a SLIVER of a FRACTION of what’s on Etsy right now.

What are the chances that someone can actually find your items in search?? It’s a FRIGHTENINGLY small number. We’re talking NEEDLE in a HAYSTACK level shit here.

Wanna tip the odds in your favor?

Start adding more items.


I’ll wait.

In fact, the more you add items, the more Etsy’s search algorithm will start to give your shop some love.

Etsy’s algorithm is set up to take SHOP ACTIVITY into account…

When you add new items, Etsy sees your shop as MORE active.

And obviously, it wants to send customers to shops that are ACTIVE…because customers are more likely to find something unique, trendy, or get an item shipped QUICKLY if they’re shopping with an ACTIVE seller.

But that’s not the only reason why. Read about the time I increased my sales by 300% by adding a new item on the regular.

Want to be 100% positive that your tags are going to SELL? Use a keyword TOOL!!

You’ve got this Etsy shop, and you’re trying to make it work. You know that SEO is important (‘cause people gotta FIND your shit before they can buy it)…but it’s confusing, and alienating and weird AF… So, sometimes you just pick some random words, stick ‘em in that tag box, and move on with your life.

SEO may seem like it’s TOO HARD, but the reality is, you can test ANYTHING until it works.

Stop pulling your Etsy tags out of a hat.

Random tags = imminent shop FAILURE.

This is some serious sauce shit right here. A couple of WORDS on Etsy can be the difference between making $1000’s each month, and you spiraling into debt over a shop that never sells.

The answer?


How do you research Etsy tags? Well, you could spend all day comparing yourself to other sellers. OR you could just use a tool that does it for you.

Marmalead* is an easy-to-use Etsy SEO tool, and it’s pretty freakin’ excellent. I use it every single day, and it’s given me some insane results:

  • When I first started my home décor shop, I didn’t make a sale for my first 30 days.
  • When I opened the wedding shop, I used Marmalead for all my listings. And I made my first sale in 4 days.
  • Recently, I opened an Etsy shop for my brother, and I used Marmalead + my focus keyword strategy (here)…and he made a sale in less than 48 hours.

Pretty sure I’ve got hard evidence that Marmalead* is awesome.

Using a KEYWORD tool like Marmalead will help you stop wondering what words you should choose…in fact, tools like Marmalead can help you come up with tags that are PROVEN to sell.

Makes picking your own tags seem like an awful waste of time, doesn’t it?

(Link has a * next to it? That’s an affiliate or referral link, you can claim a 14-day free trial of this item if you click the link. Full disclosure: I get a small commission, but ONLY if you decide to spend money on this item. Clicking the link does not affect the cost to you in any way. If you use the free version, it’s just that: FREE. Wanna know more? Click here to open my Affiliate Policy in a new tab).

Get the Traffic Your Shop Deserves

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