What’s the deal with renewing items on Etsy?

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If you’ve done literally ANY research on making your Etsy shop succeed, you probably noticed there’s a shit ton of chatter out there about renewing your Etsy listings. You’re probably wondering why the hell you’d spend money for absolutely no reason at all whatsoever?? Well today we’re going to look at the pros and cons of renewing, and help you figure out whether it’s right for your shop.

Why You Should Keep Renewing Etsy Listings

Ok, rewind: how does renewing Etsy listings?

Well, there’s three reasons people renew items on Etsy:

  1. The item sold (and you have more than 1 in stock) so Etsy renews it for you automagically.
  2. You sold out of an item. So you made new ones, then you renewed the listing and put it back in your shop.
  3. You renew items that aren’t sold out, and didn’t sell, just for sake of renewing them.

Today we’re going to talk about #3 – the weird enigma of renewing items for no reason. Why do people do it? What’s the point?

True or False: Renewing Etsy Listings for No Reason Has a Purpose

True. When you renew an item, Etsy sees it as SPARKLY and NEW. (Ooh, shiny!!) Etsy likes new items. It shows buyers new items FIRST, and old items LAST.

So when you renew an item, it receives a higher priority in search.

When Etsy buyers search for an item, and your awesome product comes up in the first few pages, customers are more likely to buy that item. (That is…if it’s what they’re looking for).

Why? Because people are lazy. They won’t scroll through 20 pages of items. Think about it: when was the last time you viewed page 2 in a google search??

I think the last time I looked at page 2 it was sometime around 2003. Now, Etsy isn’t THAT bad. People will look at multiple pages of Etsy items. BUT if your item is featured on the first few pages, it will get purchased MORE… And that’s simply because people can FIND it.

True or False: Renewing Etsy Listings Leads to Sales?

False. Renewing items increases your VISIBILITY on Etsy. Your shop will creep up higher in search results when you renew frequently. But does that lead to sales?

Only if your shop is converting sales properly.

So if your images aren’t great, or your description is written in broken English, or if buyers just don’t understand something about your item…they WON’T buy. Regardless of how many times you renew something.

Does it Cost Money?

Yes. Each item you renew costs $0.20. So here’s how it breaks down:




1 item per day = $6 /month

2 items per day = $12 /month

3 items per day = $18 /month

4 items per day = $24 /month

10 items per day = $60 /month

So Should I Do it?

The answer is: it’s up to you. This is YOUR shop, and you decide how to run your business.

BUT if you’re bad at making decisions, I say give it a try for 4 weeks and see if it works for you. (See the video below for instructions.)

If it doesn’t work, this is a subtle clue that something may be wrong with your conversion rate. It may be time to ask a friend for a shop critique so you can figure out why customers aren’t buying. You can join my Facebook Group and ask for help if you don’t have an Etsy buddy yet.

How Do I Set Up Regular Renewals?

There are a ton of different ways you can automate renewal (because you don’t have time to log into Etsy and renew something every day for the rest of your life. Be real.)

The tool I use for auto-renewal is called Etsy On Sale. I’ve got two videos for you below about how to use it.

The first video shows you how to set up the tool and schedule basic renewals. The second video shows you some cool renewal tricks to boost your sales when it’s slow going!

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