Why I run multiple shops on etsy + my fav etsy alternatives

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Have you noticed? Everyone and their mother seems to be running multiple Etsy shops lately. But is this really a good idea? Or will you stretch yourself too thin?

Realistically, if you have a product that doesn’t fit with your existing collection, what can you do with it? List it and hope no one notices?

When I first created all things sarcastic for Fuzzy and Birch, I included a line of sarcastic bridesmaids cards as well.

Fuzzy and Birch is a home decor shop, through and through. No beating around the bush there. So how do bridesmaid cards fit into a home decor shop?

They don’t.

If you have an item that doesn’t feel right with your existing collection, it may be time to consider developing a second shop.

That’s what I did with Fuzzy and Birch Wedding.

But I didn’t stop there.

I realized that I’d get exposed to more people and different types of customers on different platforms.

My logic was: if I can sell these products on Etsy, could I double my money by selling them on Amazon Handmade?

Ok let me just stop you there.

YES it is a good idea to be in multiple places.

NO it’s not a good idea to just find every alternative to Etsy, import your products, and wait for money to roll in.

Because it won’t happen. In fact, it might destroy your shop.

What you need to know before jumping ship

Google has this rule about “duplicate content”. If an item is listed in two places with an identical description, google will assume both websites are copy cats. Google HATES copy cats something serious. So it won’t show results for either item.

That means if you have an item on Etsy and on Amazon, and you’ve copied and pasted the listing description and title, your items WILL NEVER SHOW UP IN A GOOGLE SEARCH. Ever. Don’t even try.

Your items will show up on Etsy and Amazon, but nowhere else.

Sounds like a big risk to take. So what can you do?

Have different descriptions for each platform. Swap sentences around. Write new portions. Modify your item’s title slightly between platforms.

If you have a lot of items, this is a serious task. But I’m going to tell you a secret:

Having lots of items is going to be a pain in the ass for you as long as you’re running your business. If you want to do this for real, it’s time to regroup and look at yourself as a boutique. Only keep the top-quality, best items in your shop. My wedding shop has 44 items. My big shop has 120. That’s too many. I need to pair down. Don’t forget: You only need one popular item to drive traffic to your shop.

The Best Etsy Alternatives

Now that we’ve got google out of the way, let’s talk about which Etsy alternatives are worth the effort.

Not on the High Street

This is a curated handmade marketplace in the UK. I do believe they have plans to move into the US eventually. You have to apply to sell with NOTHS. They only take the best applicants (you’ll need amazing pictures, and well written descriptions). It does cost money to apply, which turns a lot of people off.

Let me tell you why it shouldn’t: NOTHS uses the money you pay to do marketing, drive traffic, and find customers for you. For those of you on Etsy you’ll understand exactly how amazing that is. You can literally just sit back and watch sales roll in on NOTHS. No further investment needed.

NOTHS has changed my business. I can’t say enough about them. When they accepted me, within a month my shop had gone viral and grown exponentially more than I ever could on Etsy.

NOTHS helps its sellers. They curate each product, so if it’s not good enough, they’ll kick it back and tell you how to improve it. When my pictures started getting rejected on NOTHS, I realized I was long overdue for professional photos. While some sellers get annoyed with this, NOTHS is trying to push you to be the best you can be. You’re either willing to meet their standards or you’re not. I was ready to step up, and the push they gave me changed everything.

Amazon Handmade

The reason I like Amazon is because it’s low effort. But before you jump into bed with them, don’t forget they attract the sort of customers that like their products fast and cheap. If you’re selling a boutique product, Amazon probably isn’t for you.

However, there are some really great sellers out there who make their entire income on Amazon. There’s a great article about what it takes here: Myths about selling on Amazon – is it right for you?

Amazon handmade is an invitation-only platform for handmade items that sell on Amazon.com. As of writing this article, they are about 9 months old. Amazon gives you unprecedented exposure to more buyers than any other platform. They do not market your shop for you, but the sheer traffic that comes to the site means you’re likely to make a handful of organic sales every week.

I’m going to be honest: the Amazon handmade interface is ugly. I don’t like it and it feels dated to me. But if your images are good, they will stick out among normal boring amazon images.

Do I do as well on Amazon as I do on Etsy? No. Does it make enough money to be worth it? Yes. Amazon is pretty low effort, and I need that in a multi-faceted business.

They also let you use fulfilment by Amazon which is literally a beacon of awesome in a world of awful. Of course, fulfilment doesn’t work for custom products. But if you want to go on vacation and have a ton of standard products, just deactivate the custom ones, send all your stock to Amazon, and let the shop run itself while you’re away. Can’t complain about that.

I have to admit, I’ve tried a lot of other shops and I’m only moderately satisfied with them. Here’s a list of other storefronts that work well for Etsy sellers:

Before you start another storefront be warned: the only way it’s going to succeed is if you put the effort in. Each new storefront will take a great deal of time and energy. You’ll need to do marketing, keep listings updated, drive traffic, nurture customers, etc.

So I suggest opening ONE new storefront at a time. Put the effort in, see if it’s maintainable for you. Then you can move forward knowing what’s best for your business.

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