A Really Big List of Etsy Tools & Resources (60+ and counting!)


A Really Big List of Etsy Tools & Resources (50+ and counting!) I love finding great Etsy tools and resources that can help me and my peeps really rock our Etsy shops! I put a call out in some of the groups that I follow and am sure that I will get more and more suggestions as this post goes along!

I love finding great Etsy tools and resources that can help me and my peeps really rock our Etsy shops! I put a call out in some of the groups that I follow and am sure that I will get more and more suggestions as this post goes along!

Updated  12/28/2018

If you have a Etsy related tool that you think could help sellers, please message me and let me know!! tara (at) marketingartfully.com

Some of these tools are ones that I use and represent as an affiliate. You will never pay more and might be able to get a little extra discount through one of my links!

Etsy SEO

Doing SEO for your listings is a vital task. If no one can find your listings, no one can buy it!

  • Marmalead – My all time favorite Etsy SEO tool! I use this daily to make sure that the terms I use in my listings are relevant and popular!
  • Keyword.io – Super cool way to help generate new keyword ideas.
  • Etsy Gadget – Check where you rank for keywords in search.
  • Spacefem’s Etsy Tag Analyzer – Let’s you check your own tags and see if you are repeating the same ones over and over (one gal had the same tag in 20+ listings!)

Research & Stats

I spend A LOT of time making sure that what I am selling is something that people are going to want to buy!

  • Craft Count – List of top Etsy sellers by sales volume.
  • Google Shopping Trends – See how different shopping terms vary over time.
  • Google Trends – Let’s you search terms to see if they are becoming more or less popular over time.
  • Handmade Hunt – Super cool site that showcases top Etsy sellers. Good for research!
  • Google Analytics – You can get a lot of information about your shop by hooking up your Google Analytics.

Etsy SEO Etsy Tools - Marmalead Banner


Figuring out the perfect price can sometimes feel like shooting in the dark… some of these tools make it a bit easier!


Sales can help drive sales! Sometimes giving a discount can make a big difference in your bottom line.

  • Etsy on Sale – Great app for letting you put all or part of your shop on sale!

Bulk Editing Tools

I have gotten some great feedback on these multi-listing editing tools!


Having great pictures is SO important to your sales. These apps and sites can help you make the most of your photography efforts.

  • Fotofuze – Lets you make super clear white or black background photos. Clipping Magic is a paid version if you are a power seller!
  • Gimp – Full photo editing program (free). resource: How to brighten your product photography for free without Photoshop
  • Canva – Awesome for making collage pictures to post on social media. resource: How To Make Multiple Picture Layouts For Etsy Pinterest In Canva
  • PicMonkey – A lot of my peeps love using PicMonkey to fix their pictures.
  • Snapseed – cool photo editor owned by Google .. for iPhone, for Android
  • Compressor – If you have ever gotten that “your picture is too big” warning this site can help make your pictures smaller.
  • Photoshop.com – Free scaled down version of the classic! (needs flash to work on a Mac)
  • Blogstomp – Resize, process and watermark your pictures all at once!

Social Media Scheduling

Social media is important, but should not be the only focus of your business. These tools help Etsy sellers do their social posts in bulk beforehand.

  • Hootsuite – Schedule your social posts out, cost between Free and $10/month. The think I liked about Hootsuite the best was being able to answer all social convos in one place.
  • Buffer – Schedule social media on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+. Cost Free and $10/month. Buffer makes it super easy to schedule posts.
  • Tailwind – Pinterest AND Instagram approved scheduling tool for pins.
  • BoardBooster – The tool that I use for scheduling my Pinterest posts.

Social Media Tools

Doing some research on your social media can help your efforts become more laser focused and less random!

  • PinGroupie – Find group boards you can share your products on.
  • Bloomberry (formerly buzz sumo) – Find out what questions people are asking so you can post great stuff they will like!
  • Followercheck – Check and see if your Instagram followers are real or fake!
  • TwitterAudit – Check and see if your Twitter followers are real or fake!

Link Shorteners

Sick of having ugly links in your social posts. Not only can you get prettier links, but you can also track the click throughs of those links!

Automation Tools

If you can get your head wrapped around setting up automation practices, it can save you HOURS a week on your social media tasks.

Color Theory

Color matters in your marketing and your product development. Make sure to stay on top of color trends!

  • Etsy Rank – Color Trend – Shows historical data about color name popularity over time.
  • Pantone – Find out trending colors for your products and layouts.

Email Lists

Having an email list puts you in charge of your own destiny. While this is not the first place I would start as a new Etsy seller, it should be on your radar of to-dos.

  • Drip – Great starter email program that will allow you to grow as you go! Free to start.
  • Mailchimp – Good easy email list software. They don’t love hardcore sales so keep it light and interesting.
  • Constant Contact – A super simple email marketing program.

Marketing Pieces

I like to include branding pieces in my shipments. I have a super cute business card that I send out with all my packages giving them contact information and a discount code.

  • Vistaprint – I use business cards to send with my packages with my contact info and a coupon code.
  • Company Folders – If you are selling wholesale to a retailer or marketing your products to a magazine or blog for inclusion, having a stunning pocket folder can make all the difference for your business!


Shipping is one of the hardest parts to figure out! These are some of my best helping tools.

  • Fitshipper – Super cool tool for figuring out the lowest shipping cost.
  • eSupplyStore – One of my favorite shipping supplies stores for packing materials!

Blog Tools

I love blogging and know that some Etsy sellers are with me in that! Here are some tools that I use or that have been recommended by other sellers.

  • Pattern by Etsy – Etsy’s own stand alone website tool.
  • InLinkz – Have blog parties and show listings at the bottoms of your blog posts.

Inventory and Accounting Software

I am so fortunate to have a bookkeeper in the family, but if you don’t have that yourself, here are some services recommended by my readers.

  • Craft Maker Pro – Good software management tool for handmade sellers.
  • Craftbase – accounting software recommended by a gal from my Facebook group.

Etsy Monitoring

Keeping an eye on Etsy and what they are doing is vital! Here are some ways to keep track of what the “mother ship” is doing!

Vintage Sourcing

You know I love me some vintage and here are a few resources that you might find helpful!

  • EstateSales.net – Shows all local estate sales, sign up for weekly updates.
  • YardSales.net – Good yard sale finding website!
  • Worthpoint – Vintage pricing site that aggregates info about sold prices.
  • Free selling vintage on Etsy Ebook. This is my book!

Etsy Seller Planner

Popular General Shopping For Research

It is vital to keep up with what is actually popular in the “real world”.

  • Fancy – A great overview of popular items in home and fashion.

Popular Fashion For Research

If you are a handmade seller, tracking trends is vital to making sure your products are well received!

  • Polyvore – The think that I like about this site is that real humans are showing how they coordinate outfits. This would be good for developing product lines and styling their photos.
  • Wanelo – An app that shows popular fashion brands.
  • Keep – Women’s fashion, accessories and technology.

Cool Tools

Doing my research I found some things that are not “categorize-able”. I put them here because I don’t want to lose them!

  • Etsy Sales Map – This is a kind of cool whizzy-wig map of where you have sold products.
  • Trello – Great for making a to do list for your store!

Etsy Tools & Resources Wrapup

As with many of the “big lists” I make, I really just started this list with bookmarks of things that I wanted to keep track of for my Etsy business. Then that folder became unwieldy and I was looking for a great way to organize it. Hence this page!

I really am interested in knowing about tools that are a good fit for Etsy sellers! Some of these are free and some are paid, but all have been vetted either by me or someone who follows my site. A few are affiliate links because I believe in them so much that I am willing to spend my time and influence to promote them!

Companies… if you would like me to include your product on this list feel free to contact me, but a request does not guarantee placement. I will be verifying your product and if it clashes with something I love will not include it. 

All opinions are my own.


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A Really Big List of Etsy Tools & Resources (50+ and counting!) I love finding great Etsy tools and resources that can help me and my peeps really rock our Etsy shops! I put a call out in some of the groups that I follow and am sure that I will get more and more suggestions as this post goes along!

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