Should You Start An Etsy Shop Now?


Today we are going to talk about all the reasons to (or not to) start an Etsy store! Tips and ideas for how to pick a product line and concrete facts about the joys and pains of being an Etsy seller!

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All Etsy Sellers Have A “Shop”

The way that Etsy is set up is that you start by creating an Etsy shop and then put your product listings into your store using your shop manager.

It doesn’t cost anything to open an online store and each listing is only $.20 for 4 months.

Here is a full walkthrough from Etsy about how to set up an Etsy store!

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How You Get Paid With Etsy

One of the first things that is probably on your mind is how you get paid from Etsy.

Etsy charges a 5% Transaction fee, 3% + $0.25 payment processing fee (as of 3/23/2020). source Etsy

All payments are made through Etsy Payments and then paid out to you on a weekly basis on the following Monday directly to the bank account connected to your Etsy shop.

The nice thing is that this don’t have to be a business banking account, you can just use your regular personal bank account if this is not going to be a long term business for you!

How Do You Find Potential Customers?

Etsy has a huge customer base already which is great! That said, there is a lot of competition too!

I can’t think of anything worse than starting a store because you HAVE to make money and then not getting any sales. With this in mind, here are some ways that you can make selling more likely by finding potential buyers!

  • Email your own list
  • Promote your products on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest
  • Tell your real life friends
  • Learn Etsy SEO so you can get found in the internal Etsy search engine

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What Kind Of Shop Could You Start

Etsy allows 4 kinds of product sales, Handmade, Vintage, Digital Products and Craft Supplies.

Here is a great post to help you figure out what to sell! How To Do Market Research On Etsy

Handmade Products

If you are thinking about starting an Etsy store simply to get you through some tough times and are a crafty kind of person, the most important thing to consider is selling something that is going to be popular since you probably don’t want to learn a ton about Etsy SEO right away.

Handmade items that you might consider selling:

Face masks :: there is going to be a feeling that people will want to protect themselves more. Here is a GREAT tutorial about how to make medical grade face masks by that nice Jennifer Maker!

Hand Sanitizer Coozies or Purse Hangers ::

People are also going to want to be able protect themselves when they go out! Anything that will support that could be popular to make and sell! These are super cute from Stitcharella!

Seasonal Products ::

Your products don’t all have to be health related, you can also figure out what is going on Seasonally! For example, you might want to do graduation gifts, mothers day or other holiday related crafts.

Additional resource :: Big List Of Annual Marketing Holidays

Vintage products that you might consider selling ::

Etsy limits “general” products for sale to vintage items that are older than 20 years (what they consider “vintage”).

Comfort Products

I have been selling a lot of things that provide comfort like pillows, flower arranging and just plain collectibles that might remind people of their childhoods!

Made In America Products

Many people will want to start being more self sufficient and with that in mind will want to have “made in america” products that were made in the US before there was so much globalization of production.

I have sold old coffee pots, oil lamps and vintage tools!

Whatever You Have

Okay, some of you may have been “gifted” older relative’s keepsakes when the downsized or passed away. If there are super sentimental things, keep them! But if you have been wondering what to do with Grandma Aggies collection of 100 figurines, now may be the time to list them!

I PROMISE you, your loved ones would rather you make some money to help your family than to keep something just because it was from them!

Digital products that you might consider selling ::

Much like the handmade products, anything that will be useful during a time of crisis could be a good seller. Adesignbyangie sells sewing patterns for surgical scrub hats.

Sell Your Business Processes

If you are anything like me, you have a ton of different worksheets, planners and maybe even some ebooks sitting around on your hard drive. Clean them up a wee bit and get them out there for sale!

Additional Video Resource :: How To Make Printables On Canva

Coloring Sheets or Craft How Tos

If you have a skill for drawing or know how to do a craft, you can sell a printout or how to on Etsy!

Craft supplies that you might consider selling ::

Okay, if you are crafty like me, you probably have a pretty big stash of craft supplies that you could sell on Etsy!

First off, you can’t sell anything “open” and it might be hard to ship liquids or spray bottles.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t sell skeins of yarn you bought on sale or beads or even mosaic tiles that you have in a box by your craft room (just me?)

If you have partially used products, consider “lotting” them up and selling them as a grab bag.

People are also always looking for cool new fabrics to use in their crafts!

Starting An Etsy Store FAQ

Okay now for some “real talk” about whether you should start an Etsy store! Of course I don’t want to talk you out of doing something that might help make some money, but I also want you to be aware of the challenges!

Do You Love Shipping Problems?

If you haven’t always had a love for going to the post office or don’t randomly collect shipping supplies, please don’t start by selling huge coolers or big wooden signs.

Since this might be a short term project, please pick something that you can ship in free boxes from the USPS or pick something small and easy to fit into mailers!

Additional Resource :: Free Etsy Shipping Guide

Don’t Spend A Ton Of Money

Unless your dream has been to open an Etsy store and you are taking your chance right now, please don’t spend a ton of money on getting started with a “new business”!

Sell or make with what you have right now and see if you like it first!

Learning To Sell Handmade Is A Little Harder

As a business owner, you know about cost of goods, margins and shipping costs. As a handmade seller you have to be able to account for materials, time to make the product, listing fees and credit card charges as well as shipping. DO NOT undercut your value.

Don’t Be Too Scared

Okay, all that said, it is super easy to sell on Etsy (little old ladies figured out how to sell doilies so you can too!)

As with anything there is a little learning curve, but nothing that you can’t overcome!!!

And you never know, you might find out that you love it!

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