You’ve Got What You Need for Your Etsy Business


You’ve Got What You Need for Your Etsy Business

Over the past 10 years of working with Etsy sellers there is a common theme that runs through emails and coaching sessions.  It has to do with lacking something or needing to learn more, do more, or be better in some way. Most business owners are striving daily to reach new heights, but be careful not to hold yourself back from business bliss at the same time.

I know most handmade business owners are super hard workers that spend long hours not only making their products, but learning accounting or marketing.  It really is a never ending job with a list a mile long of what we want to accomplish.  It can wear you down. It can rob you of the joy that inspired you to have a handmade business in the first place.

You have just what you need!

You are the one that dreamed up the idea for your handmade business, and then you created lots of beautiful products to sell.  Now you are sharing your handmade goodness with the world. So many people wish they were as creative as you!  It’s a big deal!

You are the one that has taught yourself so many new skills just to sell your handmade products.  You’ve improved your photography skills, learned all about shipping to other countries, figured up taxes, studied pricing and so much more.  There’s so much to learn and you did it! Woot! Pat yourself on the back!

Don’t hold yourself back with negative self-talk!

When you are constantly telling yourself {in your head or out loud} that you are not good enough yet because you don’t have one skill or another it hurts you. It hurts your self confidence.  Not cool!

All you moms out there wouldn’t be alright with your child saying negative things about themselves on a regular basis.  Why is it alright for you to do it to yourself?

Break the habit today!

If you catch yourself saying something negative to yourself just stop and reword it to something positive.  You are enough.  You are improving.  You are learning a new skill, but you already rock…big time!

Know it.  Feel it.  Live it!

You are a rock star. I’m so proud of you for being a handmade seller and sharing your gifts and talents with the world. I’m happy to know each and every one of you!

What’s one of the new skills you taught yourself since you started your Etsy business? I’d love, love to hear about it in the comments.

Sending you all high fives and hugs-


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