How to ROCK Etsy in under an hour a day


So you’ve started your Etsy shop and now you’re just sitting back watching all those orders that are pouring in, right? NO?! Well why not??? Don’t worry, I’m going to tell you how to rock Etsy in under an hour a day. And guess what?!? It’s pretty easy!


There are 3 things you need to do on a regular basis to boost your Etsy sales and get more shoppers to your store.

  1. Add new products weekly.
  2. Update/renew daily.
  3. SEO (don’t worry, we’ll go over this).

Add New Listing

So the first thing you absolutely must be doing is adding new products to your shop on a weekly basis. I do this 2 days a week and I add one or two products at a time. Did you know that Etsy actually pays attention to your activity? Well, they do! They like shop owners who are active in their shops and they tend to rank more active shops higher in Etsy searches. So get active and start posting new listing weekly. Take a weekly inventory of what’s selling and what’s not. Delete any listings that aren’t doing well or revamp them to appeal to more people.


Update and or Renewing Daily

Remember when I said Etsy pays attention to your activity? Yeah, that’s why you need to update daily. If you can’t fit it in 7 days a week then go for 5 at the least. This does not have to be extensive. Pick a listing and edit the photos or revise the tags. Update the description or title and make sure that every little box is filled out. The more info you listing has the better! Look through your listings to see what hasn’t sold lately and “renew” that listing. This will bump it up in the Etsy Search.

Five minutes is all it takes to update or renew a listing and you’re showing Etsy that you are working on your shop every day. Adding a new listing is also updating your shop so on the days you add new listing you don’t need to update or renew old ones.



Okay, this is what’s going to put you over the top and it’s also what’s going to take up the most of your time. What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization. What does that mean? It means if you do this right people will find you in Google, Bing and other top search engines. The magic key to SEO is keywords. Learn them, know them and use them! Everyone’s keywords will be different. It all depends on what you sell. If you sell vinyl decals like me you’ll use keywords like, “decal stickers”, “vinyl decals”, and “custom Yeti decals”. You will want to use these keywords in your listing title, in your listing description and in your tags. Make sure when you’re using them in your description that they flow with normal language. Search engines look for keyword “spammers”. I could go on about SEO for days so I’m not going to do that in this post but research it. Learn more about it and get familiar with your niche keywords.

The proof is in the pudding

Now, just to show that that this stuff actually does work, here are my Etsy stats for this year. I opened my shop this year, in February of 2017. At that time I was still working full time and Etsy was basically just a hobby. I saw that people were actually viewing my items and even buying some of them and that got me excited. In June I decided to make Etsy a fulltime career. I quit my job and started focusing on Etsy fulltime. You’ll see that in June my views and revenue shot up.

About this time I started doing my research and learned that I needed to update and add new listings often. I started that in mid-July and you’ll see that again my views and revenue increased. Then in August I learned the gloriousness of SEO and well guess what happened when I implemented it? Not what you might think lol. My views actually took a nose dive buy my revenue shot up again. The reason for this is that my SEO brought me actual paying customers and not lookie-loo shoppers. Before I learned about SEO a lot of my shop views were from people who really had no interest in buying anything. Once I got the SEO down my viewers were actually looking for what I was selling and…THEY WERE BUYING! And that’s what we all want, right?








So that’s it. Just 3 easy steps that will take you less than an hour a day. Once you start creating new listings, updating and renewing old listings and working on your SEO you’ll see your views and revenue shoot up and up and up. Now go get started making money with your Etsy shop.

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