5 Ways to Get Positive Reviews on Etsy


When I started my journey on Etsy, I must admit, I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing. I didn’t have a clear vision of what I was trying to accomplish. I can truly say my only vision was to be successful.

Not much substance with that.

But one thing stood true then and still exists today. I wanted to create an experience that catered to shoppers and customers. Their likes, dislikes, and everything in between.

Over time I’ve learned how to improve upon the needs of my audience and ensure that I never fail them. And I strive to make sure this holds true 100% of the time. Every action and effort I make in my shop is me creating a solid foundation to obtain positive reviews and the opportunity to gain new customers through referrals.

I achieve this simply by making sure shoppers that land in my shop are taken care of all the time. Whether they make a purchase or not. Or despite the size of the purchase.

Here are five tips you can implement right away to ensure a pleasant buying experience for shoppers and in turn receive positive feedback. (I’m talking five-star baby).

1 | Think of each customer as your first

Just in case you’ve forgotten, the success of your shop depends heavily on shoppers. Without out them, you are solely entertaining yourself. Don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t have time for that. Which is why I personally make every effort to thank each one of my customers.

Etsy sends out emails to customers following a purchase, but you should take it a step further and send out a personalized message through Etsy conversations thanking your customer for the purchase. I start out by thanking the customer for order. I then provide a timeline of shipping and include how connect with me (don’t forget to use this opportunity to plug in your social media platforms).

Something to the effect of…

Hi (insert customer name),

Frankie from Little Wonders here. I noticed your recent purchase and wanted to first thank you for the support. Additionally, here are the details of your order:

You can expect your order of (insert product name) to ship out no later than (insert date).

Don’t forget to follow us on (insert social media) at www.socialmedia.com/yoursocialmedia I absolutely love seeing you in action with our products.

(Insert Your Name)

Mind blown.

How would you feel receiving something like this as a customer? Pretty darn special right?

Sending a quick note not only communicates to your customers how much you value them, but it bridges a connection between both parties. Your customer now knows how to reach you directly should they have any additional questions post-purchase. And you are providing a sense of security and created a relationship with such a simple, yet thoughtful gesture.

Save yourself a little time by saving this as a pre-written snippet so that you can use this repeatedly without having to draft a new message each the time.

Don’t stop there…

I once thought that after a customer made a purchase I have won the battle. That couldn’t be farther from the truth, in fact, you are just getting started.

Once a purchase is made, you certainly should send them an Etsy convo, but don’t stop there. You can continue to stay in touch with your customers by utilizing your email list. I use AWeber, which by the way integrates directly with Etsy, and I get to talk to my peeps all the time outside of the Etsy platform. Which is golden, because you now have all the rights to YOUR customers.

Using AWeber not only allows me to connect with my audience, but gives me a way to target them so that I can create offers that meet their specific needs.

How so? Should a customer click on a link within an email, you can set up a follow up email on the back end that provides more detail and encourages a purchase. See what Aweber can do for your Etsy shop, grab a 30-day free trial to test it out using my special link.

NOTE: At Hello Frankie + Co. we are about transparency. If you sign up with AWeber using our referral link, we will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you (in fact, you will save money and get a free trial). We would get this commission for recommending just about any email management system, but we only recommend products that we use personally use and believe will add value to your business.

2 | Set clear and precise expectations

Sometimes we can get lost in the commotion that we tend to overlook simple factors like making sure your customers know EXACTLY what they are buying. We place so much emphasis on creating products, marketing and everything else that involves getting your products out there that you lose site of one main responsibly. Telling shoppers what they are receiving.

You would be surprised at how many listings I’ve come across in which I wasn’t quite sure what is being sold. I was totally thrown off by the photograph and had to dig a little deeper to figure out which item within the image is for sale.

Despite what you may think, shoppers are always on the go. And would rather hit the “go back” button than to take a few additional minutes (or even seconds) to figure out things. Your job is to dissolve any doubts or uncertainties for the shopper.

Ponder this…

  • Does your listing photo accurately depict what you are selling? (hint, reserve any styled or flat lay photos as the secondary image. Use the first image without any clutter and distractions.)
  • Does your descriptions provide detail about your item? Sizing, color, fabric, what it can be used for?
  • Are you thinking ahead and answering questions shoppers may have within your description’s?

One way to master this is with your listing photos (which is like super important). Work on staging and displaying your products with real-life models. You can also use objects to scale the size of your item and provide multiple angles to get a full view of the item.

Be intentional and show lots of love of what your selling but avoid overkill so that you don’t cause confusion amongst your buyers. Simply put…create a clear understanding of what you are selling to make it that much easier for shoppers to add to cart and purchase.

3 | Make it a priority to handle upsets, misunderstandings, and mistakes immediately

I’ve never made a mistake as a shop owner. Says, no one ever. Although it would be nice to proudly say I have never shipped out the wrong item to a customer, it has happened.

Let’s be honest, mistakes are evitable. Ish happens! Even for those that are perfect (if that is such a thing).

But instead of hiding behind my goof, I confronted it head on. I reached out to my customer ASAP, corrected the wrong and even threw in some extra goodies to smooth things out.

The end results?

A happy customer and I can breathe again with less stress on my plate. The reason my mistake worked out favorably is because I accepted my wrongdoing, came up with a solution, and resolved it without throwing it back onto the customer.

Some would say I lose whenever mistakes like this happens because I giveaway extra products and/or discounts to appease the customer. I call it a rebound, because I am able to retain a customer that I could have lost otherwise. I call it a big #win in my book. Besides, giving away a few products is the cost of doing business, right?

In summary, sometimes you may have to go the extra mile or two to avoid creating a big blow up and losing a valued customer.

4 | Speaking of the extra mile

One of the things that helps me in every aspect of my business is to put myself in the shoes of the buyer. I always think about things like…

What would my audience like?

Is there something special I can give?

What can I do to go the extra mile?

From the perspective as a buyer, the simplest gesture moves me. That little extra, goes a long way. So, I take those extra moments to do just that for my target audience. A thank you note, a sweet treat with the purchase, an instant message about their order…

…little things that make a big impact.

And the more you grow, you learn what moves your audience. Resulting in giving your peeps more of the good stuff and eliminate more of the not-so-good-stuff.

Take some time to think about how to go the extra mile to make a lasting impression.

5 | Follow up is key

One of the ways I go the “extra mile” is through my customer care sequence. When an order is made, as stated previously, I contact the customer through Etsy conversations.

I later send an additional conversation following the delivery of the item, generally a few days afterwards. I lead with asking how they are enjoying their purchase. This is one of my favorite ways to develop my products and business practice.

Why? Because you are getting the lowdown directly from the horse’s mouth. Believe it or not, your customers can provide quite a bit of valuable information. But you have to ask.

Using this method allows you to directly ask your customers what they think, good or bad. This feedback is an ah-mazing tool because it gives you the upper hand on any issues you may not otherwise know exist. Or what’s worse is receiving a horrible review without given a fair chance to correct your wrongs.

You know how it goes, bad news spreads fast.

Also, you get a chance to improve upon your product or processes to prevent any hiccups in the future.

Oh, and did I mention you can use this space to encourage your customer to leave feedback? You can totally pull this off without being annoying or spammy #yuck. Simply include some direction of how to leave feedback and there you have it.

So you see, obtaining good feedback from your customers isn’t rocket science. It really quite simple, if you are putting forth good customer service at all time. The rest will follow. What things that you do to bring a smile to you customers face?

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