7 Etsy Packaging Ideas You Need to Try


How you package your Etsy orders is a key part of your business. Keep your customers coming back with these 7 Etsy packaging ideas.

A very key part of a successful Etsy business is the packaging. Of course, it’s important for your product to be quality, but customers that purchase from Etsy expect a little extra for packaging. They don’t want to see the same boring packaging that they would get from Amazon or Target, so it’s important to spend the extra time on your orders. 

There are some very key details to include in your packaging, and some that may not be necessary but add that extra touch. 

When customers see the extra effort you put into your packaging, it will keep them coming back and giving you those five star ratings!

Here are 7 Etsy packaging ideas!

Table of Contents

1. A Business Card

This is by far the most important part of packaging your order. You need to establish your brand and part of that is your business card. It is a way for the customer to keep your information for any questions or concerns, as well as any future orders. 

It is also a chance for customers to share your card with a friend! I know a lot of sellers will include two business cards with each order for that reason. 

I have always created my own design for my business cards using VistaPrint or Canva. VistaPrint has a lot of great designs to choose from, and I just keep an eye out for when they are having the best sales. Canva gives you the freedom to fully customize it to your liking and you can print it through them directly.

Just be sure to include your name, an email, your Etsy shop url, and any social media pages on the card!

2. Extra Thank You Note

Whether it be hand-written or a printed design, an extra thank you is another key aspect to your packaging. It shows your appreciation to the customer and can even include a small bit of who you are and why you have your shop. 

I use a printable thank you card like this one that shows my appreciation to the customer, as well as including my social media platforms! You can even write a small handwritten note on the back to make it even more personalized!

Just letting them know what their order means to you is so important! I noticed that once I added in this extra note I was receiving much more reviews, which is key to growing your business. 

Find more thank you card designs here at my second Etsy shop!

3. Logo Card

Another of the 7 Etsy packaging ideas is a logo card. Now, this is one of those not as necessary options, but does add an extra touch to your packaging. 

If you have a logo already created, you can input this into a Word doc or Google doc and format it so you can print out multiple per page. Then you can either simply cut with scissors, cut with patterned scissors, or use a specific paper punch that you can find at a craft store.

You can then hole punch the card, tie it on with twine to your product and that way it ties the product back to your brand. 

This is one of my favorite extra details that I add to my products, and although it takes some extra time, it adds a unique touch to my orders. 

4. Wrapping

Depending on your product, this may look different. For my signs, I wrap them in gray tissue paper and add a doily underneath my twine. For ornaments, I put them into a burlap drawstring bag

If you sell jewelry, this would include a small box with some sort of foam, as well as a backing to keep the jewelry from shifting as much as possible. 

This is another way you can add an extra touch to your package. I specifically use gray wrapping paper since it goes with my brand, as well as the doily, but use what works for you and your style!

You can use a specific ribbon, string, colored wrapping paper, and more. 

5. Bubble Wrap

Even if your product isn’t fragile, I still suggest using some type of bubble wrap, packaging paper, or foam cushioning. It just gives you a better chance from your product getting damaged during transit.

It can’t guarantee that it won’t be damaged somehow, as it still happens. But, it shows an extra effort that you are doing what you can to protect the item. 

Customers want to see that you are making that effort to protect what they spent their money on, so this is not something you should skip!

6. Outer Packaging

This is an obvious one, as you need something to ship your item in the mail. Whether it be an envelope (always go for the padded envelope, and you can potentially skip the extra bubble wrap) a box, or kraft packing paper. 

Personally, I use kraft packing paper for my signs as I’m unable to find boxes to fit them that aren’t massive. I am just sure to use extra bubble wrap, as well as stronger packaging paper. There are brands I’ve used that are thin so I have to wrap it around multiple times to not risk it ripping. 

This is a great brand of kraft paper I’ve found to use if this is something that would work best for your products. 

Now, if you can I highly suggest using a box or padded envelope. For my ornaments I buy these envelopes in bulk and they work perfectly! It’s much better than buying them individually or in smaller packs. 

As for boxes, reuse them! This is something that many Etsy sellers do, as it is a way to save on waste and benefit the environment. You can even use stickers or put a note about reusing boxes just so your customers are aware of why you are doing this. 

I also use brown kraft tape to go over any leftover tape on the box and give it more of a “clean” look. 

If you’d rather buy new boxes though, I have found them reasonably priced at Walmart or you can also find those in bulk. 

Add Washi Tape

Something to add extra details to your outer packaging, is using washi tape around your shipping label. You can find washi tape at any craft store, Target or Walmart. I also have bought it on Amazon

Find some that go with your brand and use this to add an extra detail to the outside of your box or envelope, and make it more fun!

7. Thank You Sticker

My last must-have for Etsy packaging is a thank you sticker! This is another one that isn’t completely necessary, but rather just another fun touch and something unique. 

I have bought some from fellow Etsy sellers in the past, but have also bought in bulk on Amazon

You can either buy ones that thank you for shopping small or something similar to that, or you can create custom stickers with your logo on it with a thank you. 

This is such a fun touch, especially with washi tape on the label. 

Extra Packaging Tips

  • Add in the packing slip that you can print through Etsy! You do this by clicking on the 3 dots in the bottom right of your order, then click Print. 
  • Buy your labels through Etsy, rather than going to the post office. It will save you so much time and money! Many Etsy sellers also use PirateShip, which is another way to purchase shipping labels. 
  • Use self-adhesive shipping labels! It made a HUGE difference when I started using these. Before that, I had multiple labels come off and packages get lost because of that. So this is huge!

Final Thoughts on 7 Etsy Packaging Ideas

When someone buys from Etsy, there is an expectation that it will have more thought put into it than an order from Amazon or Target; it’s a part of your customer service. How you package your order can affect not only any future order from that customer, but also the type of review that they leave you. 

I have seen it happen many times to others sellers who received a lower review because there wasn’t a thank you note, not enough protection for the product, and more. 

A customer may even be more inclined to give you a review based solely on your packaging, even more than your product. So make this a priority and be sure you add that extra touch to your orders!