7 Reasons Your Etsy Products Aren’t Selling


Do you have a lack of sales in your Etsy shop? Is this leaving you frustrated? Here are 7 potential reasons why your Etsy products aren’t selling and how you can fix that!

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7 Reasons Your Etsy Products Aren’t Selling

Some of these reasons we experienced personally with our shop, and we took specific steps to fix them. It may be hard to know exactly what can be causing your lack of sales, but being aware of potential reasons can help you evaluate your shop and make changes. These are a few ways to sell on Etsy successfully.

1. Unclear or Unprofessional Photos

Your photos are the absolute most important part of your Etsy listings. Yes, for SEO your tags and titles are important, but your photos are what catches your customers eye and brings them in for the sale. 

If your photos do not properly show your product, that will mean few or no sales. Now, there are a few things that can contribute to that: 

  • Photo is blurry or bad quality
  • Distracting props or background
  • Photo is dark

It is important to spend the extra time making sure your photos are as high quality as you can make them. If you can afford to invest in a camera, do it! It has made such a huge difference for my photos, and even for social media purposes. 

But if that is not something that is possible for you, that’s totally okay too! Try to take your photos in natural light, with a light colored background (preferably white but personally we don’t), and edit it as needed. 

There are many apps that can lighten up your photos, which can make a huge difference! Many sellers also invest in a lightbox.

2. Descriptions are Confusing

If a buyer goes through your description and can’t find the answers they’re looking for, more often than not they will move on rather than asking you. 

Be sure that your description covers all of the important details of your product! This may include: 

  • Size
  • Instructions (for cleaning, downloading, how to use, etc.)
  • Exactly what the product is (especially if you have any props in the photo)
  • Any other important details your customer should know (ex: processing time, shipping info, that you will be contacting them after purchasing, etc.)

Also be sure to proofread your descriptions, because incorrect grammar could also turn away a potential buyer. 

3. A Bad Review

Did you receive a one or two star review? Or just one that has a complaint about your shop? This is another reason that you may not be getting sales. 

If a potential buyer sees a complaint about the quality or bad customer service, they may lose the desire to buy your product. But, if it’s a complaint about slow shipping or not arriving damaged, more than likely the buyer will know that it is not your fault and therefore not let that turn them away. 

Now, how can you fix this if you have a bad review? First of all, contact the buyer! This is very very important to do, as the buyer can go back in and change their review. You can apologize and if it is something you can do, you can refund their order. More than likely they will go ahead and change the review. 

If a buyer doesn’t respond, you can reply publicly to the review so that any potential buyers see that you are professional and tried to resolve the situation. But, don’t rush to do this as once you respond, the buyer can no longer change their review. 

Lastly, you can attempt to contact Etsy to report the review, but more than likely they will not remove it. 

4. No SEO

If you are noticing that you aren’t even getting views or visits, then you definitely need to focus on your SEO. This means your products aren’t being seen in the search, and they are missing the key search terms. 

SEO basically involves using keywords and phrases in your descriptions, tags and titles so that your items are more likely to be seen in search. 

Check out this article for more on how you can improve your Etsy SEO. 

5. Shipping Price is Too High

Another way to sell on Etsy successfully is to have accurate shipping prices. When I go to buy something on Etsy the shipping prices often make it or break it for me. If I am going to buy an item for $14, and the shipping is an extra $8.00, most of the time I’d just move on. 

Now, most buyers will understand that something such as a large sign or a piece of furniture is going to cost a lot in shipping, and that won’t deter them. But if you are shipping something that can fit in a small envelope and is lightweight, the price should be very low. 

Just be sure to keep your prices accurate to what you spend on the shipping labels, and you can always refund the customer if they ended up paying extra.

You also have the option to include the price of shipping in your actual product price, and offer free shipping for your shop. This is what we decided to do, and it has been a huge hit! 

6. Processing Time is Too Long

People are used to Amazon, where they can buy an item and get it two days later. So when they see a processing time of 1-2 weeks, they may look elsewhere. 

This doesn’t mean you should change it! If it truly does take you 1-2 weeks for a product, then you need to keep it at that because it is much worse if you ship an item out late. But, if you can get the product done sooner, definitely lower the processing time. 

7. Not an In-Demand Product

Finally, your product just may not be something that is in high-demand and that many people are looking for. This is tough because it is not something you can necessarily change, but even if it is not in high demand now, it may be eventually. 

If you have done all the above without results, then you can assume this may be your problem. Something that is an option is trying to figure out products that are in demand, and if there is anything you can tweak in your product to bring it to that level. This doesn’t mean you should change what you do completely, but it is important to know what is currently trending and how to align your products with that. 

Final Thoughts on 7 Reasons Why Your Etsy Products Aren’t Selling

If your products aren’t selling right now, don’t give up! There is so much that can be done to tweak your listings, but it involves a lot of work. 

Etsy involves a lot of trial and error! You have to learn what does well and what doesn’t, and that often takes time. This means a lot of patience and continuous work, and more than likely it will pay off!

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