Best Selling Products on Etsy in 2020


Are you wanting to get started selling on Etsy, but not sure what types of products are doing well or what you want to make? You should always create what you love, but it’s key to know what is trending. Here are some of the best selling products on Etsy in 2020!

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Although this market can be highly-saturated, it is still a market that does extremely well on Etsy. When you want to find a very unique and special piece of jewelry, Etsy is the place to go. I know personally, all of the special jewelry I have bought as gifts recently has been from Etsy, because I know there is a huge selection of unique pieces. 

Now, because this is an over-saturated market, you need to make your jewelry stand out. If you haven’t made jewelry previously, don’t start making it solely because it’s popular. Be sure that you have experience making it and do your research of what is out there. 

Jewelry that can be customized is especially popular. For example, being able to add initials, birthstones, names, etc. 

Digital Planners

These are HUGE right now! People love the idea of finding a unique planner that they can’t get at Target or on Amazon, and that it’s something they can easily print out themselves. 

So again, because they are popular right now, there is a lot already out there. There are many ways to make your digital planners unique and stand out, such as making them for very specific audiences. For example, planners for lawyers, planners for accountants, etc. 

Take time to analyze the competitors (not to copy their designs) to see why their planners sell well, the extras they include, what styles are doing well, etc. 


Another one of the best selling products on Etsy in 2020 is fabric! You have to be careful with selling fabric, as you cannot simply purchase fabric from Joann’s or Hobby Lobby and resell it. Selling fabric on Etsy means it should be designed by you or printed by you, etc. It needs to be created by you, as that is what Etsy is for. It is not a resale platform, you can go to places like Ebay for that. 

Fabric is definitely a huge market, and a bestseller on Etsy, because it is a great option to find unique fabric that you can’t find at a local craft store. 

Bridesmaids Gifts

Etsy is definitely the place to go when looking for gifts for bridesmaids, or just general bridesmaid products (robes, gift boxes, wine glasses, etc.). This is a great market, since there is so much room for expansion and ways to make your products unique. 

Again, take the time to analyze competitors and see the types of products they are selling and what they aren’t selling. Think of how you can create something that is unique, but will also be in demand and something people will actually use and be interested in. Just create something that fits you and will also fit in this category. 

Jewelry Supplies

Supplies for creating jewelry is a huge seller on Etsy! This can be different styles of beads, chains, charms, and more. Some of the top shops overall on Etsy sell supplies to make jewelry and they seem to be the go-to place for unique and quality pieces for jewelry. 

This doesn’t mean going to a craft store and buying supplies to sell on Etsy. They need to be hand-crafted in some way or another, so be sure that you are following Etsy’s terms and conditions if this is the route you choose. But if you have a talent for making unique pieces that can be made into jewelry, this is a great way to make some extra money!

Craft Supplies

So similar to supplies for making jewelry, craft supplies is another category that sells very well. People want something that they can’t find at a craft store, and often want to support small businesses rather than chain stores. 

This can be things such as wood slices, vinyl sheets, faux leather, DIY projects and more. There is a very wide range of options you can sell in this category, making it a great option for many people! 

Gardening Supplies

This is one I have noticed is growing in popularity recently! I am seeing more shops selling seeds, as well as succulents and other plants. I never would have thought of buying plants from somewhere like Etsy, but these shops are actually thriving and are now some of the top selling shops on the platform!

If you have a passion for growing and can grow in bulk, this can be an option for you! Just take into account the processing time, the reality of how many plants you can sell at a time (so you don’t oversell), and more. 


Patterns are another top-seller on Etsy, as they are digital and convenient for creators to find the plans they need! No one wants to go search through books in the fabric section anymore to find patterns, so Etsy is now the place to go! 

These can be patterns for making clothing, building furniture, making toys, etc. This just requires some experience in one of these areas or something similar, as well as experience with creating digital products. 

Any Digital Items

Finally, digital items in general are some of the biggest sellers on Etsy. One reason for this being that it is a form of passive income, and you don’t actually need to go through and do the work for each product. You put in the initial work into creating the product, list it on Etsy, and let it go from there!

These do take some research, as you need to make sure you create the digital file correctly and will download without problems for your customer. Also be sure to be VERY clear about the format of the file, so that the customer doesn’t have issues after purchasing because they bought the wrong type of file. 

Conclusion for Best Selling Products on Etsy in 2020

These are just a few of the top selling items out there right now, but that doesn’t mean other products won’t sell well! If you create unique and quality items, you will have no problem making sales. Just do your research, and always remember to create what you love!

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