Etsy Weekly Tip #4 Success Follows After You Lose This


Etsy tip Weekly

And the answer to the question is…

Your Ego

The moment you lose your ego and start to listen to the feedback coming from your shop, you will take your 1st step towards Etsy success. 

The feedback we’re looking for doesn’t come from your family and friends.

The feedback you need to embrace is the numbers, customer convos, and customer reviews.

The Numbers

Let’s start with the math. We are going to calculate Sales Conversions.

Make a spreadsheet. Column A holds each of your products on their own line. Column B is the 30-day view for that product.

Column C is the 30-day sales for that product. Column D is this formula, copy-paste it: 

=C2/B2*100 (you can round to two decimal places)(the *100 makes it a percentage)

Sales Conversions Example

Listen to the Numbers!

I’ve made a sample of 4 products.

You will be doing this for your entire shop and keep repeating this process once a month.

The sales conversion numbers will enlighten you with critical information.

Wallet A

Wallet A’s sales conversions are 1.78.

This is excellent. Anything over 1 is ideal. 

What does this mean? For every 100 views Wallet A receives, 1.78 wallets are sold.

Good job Wallet A. Wallet A would be an ideal candidate for your feature items row.

Wallet B

Wallet B’s sales conversions are 1.08.

This is average, and usually, I’d advise to fix more needy listings but look at the views.

This wallet received 2400 views this month. If Wallet B’s conversions were the same as Wallet A, you would have sold 43 wallets, not 26.

So this is something to take note of.

Wallet B’s conversions are satisfactory, but maybe there are some small improvements that we could be making.

Wallet C

Wallet C is under-performing. Its sales conversions of 0.71 should raise the alarm signalling that this listing needs work, something is wrong.

Wallet D

Wallet D is an unmitigated disaster. It still received a decent amount of views, so there is some interest, but once the customer was looking at the wallet, something turned them. 

Maybe the pictures weren’t up to par, or the photos didn’t all look like the same product, who knows, that’s for you to figure out!

Don’t let your ego make decisions.

Wallets B, C, and D all need improvement. 

Your opinion means nothing. If listings aren’t converting, there is a reason. Find it, fix it, don’t fight it.

Customer Convos

When customers message you on Etsy, listen to what they are asking you.

This is precious feedback. Maybe you are quite hitting the mark, i.e., you’re currently targeting females, but all the customers that message are males.

Maybe they want black leather, but you are only offering brown. If you receive this request often, don’t delay, give your customers what they want.  

Again, don’t let your ego get in the way of your success.

Customer Reviews

Everybody hates 1-star reviews. They can make your blood boil.

Never reply right away. Never. Go calm down, try and think like a customer.

Sometimes they just scammers, if that is that case, don’t reply at all. (trust me) Don’t respond.

If they are genuine people who didn’t like something, consider making changes.


This feedback is again precious and might be the catalyst to take your shop to the next level.


Lose your ego.

Listen to the numbers and listen to the customers. When we started out on Etsy, we sold leather bags at first. It didn’t work for us. (long story)

We listened to the feedback, analyzed our problems, brainstormed solutions and then we made the switch to leather wallets. 

Etsy tip Weekly

43,000 sales later, I’m glad we made the change.

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