Why You Should Expand Your Business Off Etsy


Building a business on Etsy is a great way to make an income, as well as create something you have a passion for. But you don’t want to limit yourself to selling on one platform. Here is why you should expand your business off Etsy. 

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Why You Should Expand Your Business off Etsy

Although Etsy is a wonderful place to start a handmade business, it shouldn’t be the only place you try to sell your items. You may wonder where to sell besides Etsy. You want to expand your business however you can, and here are some reasons why. 

Less Fees

A downfall to Etsy is the percentage they take from each sale, as well as the amount they charge each time you list and renew an item. When you have your own website for example, you will have much smaller fees on your sales, and you won’t have to pay each time you list an item. 

For many, the amount of fees Etsy charges is a dealbreaker and often why they move off the platform completely. You want to be sure your hard-earned money is going into your pocket, rather than someone else. 

More Control Over Your Shop

When you list your products on Etsy, you are under their control. Yes, it is a wonderful platform and will bring you traffic, but it does mean they will have the control. This means they can shut down your shop at any time. Scary, right? 

This has been happening more and more often, with shops that have been open for 5 or 10 years, maintaining 5 star reviews, but recently had multiple cases opened against them or multiple one-star reviews. They are suddenly shut down, sometimes without any warning, and are unable to reopen. Check out Daisy Manor’s story for more on what happened with Etsy shutting down their shop!

When you have your own website off of Etsy, no one else can come and shut you down because of difficult customers or bad reviews. So that is a huge reason why you need to have other avenues besides Etsy. 

More Customization

When you have your own website, you have much more control over the design and style of your shop. On Etsy, you are limited to the one style of shop, unless you use the Etsy Plus plan, which really isn’t worth the monthly fee. 

If you want to make your branding a key aspect of your business, then creating your own website is the way to go. You can still use branding on your page, using a logo and a banner, as well as on social media. 

Reach More Customers

Another huge reason to expand off Etsy is to bring in more customers. The more sales channels you have, the more customers you can reach, resulting in more sales. Although Etsy is a great way to drive traffic to your items, it doesn’t hurt you to sell elsewhere as well. It only will give you the opportunity to reach other customers that may not be using Etsy. 

When you only have your shop on Etsy, you are limiting who sees your products. So if your desire is to grow your business, the key is to expand to other avenues. 

Your Business is Your Own

The biggest reason why you should expand your business off Etsy is that your business should be your own. When you only have items on Etsy, your business is linked to their platform and is just an “Etsy shop”. But, when you sell elsewhere, your business is yours and is your own, more than just a shop on Etsy. 

You work hard for your business, so you should be sure that you have the control and the ownership of it. It is more to you than a little Etsy shop, and it’s worth it for you to expand it!

How to Get Started

So you decided to expand to other platforms, but how do you get started? You may wonder where to sell besides Etsy. Here are a few options!

Amazon Handmade

Everyone is shopping on Amazon nowadays, and that includes handmade items. Amazon Handmade is another platform to sell handmade goods, but it has it’s pros and cons. It has much higher fees than Etsy, on top of a monthly fee, and is not quite as user-friendly as Etsy. But, with so many people already on the Amazon site it may mean more views to your products. 


Shopify is by far one of the top options for e-commerce sites. It is very easy to learn, and makes it easy to transfer products from your Etsy shop directly to your Shopify site. There is a lot of customization available, as well as adding your own custom domain. 

It has reasonably priced plans, the most applicable one for handmade items being $30/month. So although it is a monthly fee that Etsy doesn’t have, the amount of sales that can result from using this platform would easily pay for that fee. 


Another great option for a handmade items site is Squarespace. It is another very user-friendly platform, with a lower monthly fee than Shopify at $18/month if paid annually. There is a wide range of customization options, and it is a quality and reputable platform. 

It doesn’t offer quite as many sales tools as Shopify does, but it does have more design elements than Shopify and is the cheaper option for anyone looking to keep the price under budget. 

WooCommerce + Blog

A final option you can go is by setting up a self-hosted website and use WordPress + WooCommerce for listing your items. If you have a desire to run a blog to drive more traffic to your site, then this is the way to go. There are options to add blog posts with both Shopify and Squarespace, but they will not have the customization or ease of use that WordPress has. 

To set up a site, you would first need to find a hosting service. SiteGround is a highly recommended platform with great customer service, great website speed, and a reasonably priced plan. It is easy to install WordPress on your site using SiteGround, as well as setting up your WooCommerce. There is no monthly cost to having WooCommerce, so you only will pay a hosting service monthly fee, which for the first year is only $3.95 a month. They will walk you through exactly how to get your site started, as well as picking your custom domain. 

This is a great way to really grow your brand, get your products out there, and share more about your business. 

Final Thoughts

Maybe you are wanting to expand your business because you aren’t getitng the number of sales on Etsy that you’d like, maybe it’s because your shop is successful and you want to just continue to grow, or maybe you are just tired of some of the issues that can come from Etsy. 

Whatever your reasoning, the choice to expand your business off Etsy is only one that can benefit you and continue to grow the business you are passionate about. Get started on your expansion now!

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