7 Cringe-worthy things you need to stop doing on Etsy right now

7 things to stop doing on Etsy

There are so many shops on Etsy and with that comes a lot of mishaps. As a shop owner, I have been guilty of many of these things myself and I’m okay owning up to it. I’ve made mistakes but I want to help you to avoid these things when growing your shop. On the flip side, Check out How I make over $1,000 per month on Etsy.

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Here are 7 Cringe-worthy things sellers do on Etsy:

1. Bad Photos

I see so many terrible pictures on Etsy and this is the first thing customers see when they search for items. You cannot have bad photos! Blurry, not enough lighting, poorly composed. These are all major no, nos when it comes to presenting a processional image and being click-worthy.

Take time to perfect your photos! I repeat, take time to perfect your photos!

Got it? Good.

You will want to invest in lighting kits, a light box, or use natural lighting when its available. Check out a variety of lighting options HERE . A good idea is to take a look at other shops to see how their photos are composed, the lighting, composition, etc. to find examples of what works.

2. Not Enough Product Info

You ever want to purchase something but you don’t have enough info and you don’t want to ask? Do not do this to your customers. They need all the necessary details concerning your product. You can’t overdo it. Trust me!

Think about all the product details and add information such as:

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Color
  • Care Instructions
  • How to use
  • Intended user

Adding this important info will keep the customer from filling your inbox with questions and they’ll be able to make an informed decision while looking through your products. This helps convert those clicks to sales.

3. Items are too Cheap or too Expensive

Sometimes the price is not right and can hurt your credibility. I’m sure you’ve searched products and decided to start with a lowest to highest price search or the other way around. You ever see a price so low that its too good to be true? It’s a turn off, right? You think it’s terrible quality or they’re running some type of scam. On the other end, you think, who is going to pay that price? What a rip off!

Not me and not most of your potential customers.

It’s a no go. As with everything else, check out your competitors pricing to make sure you’re within the same price point.

Example: You’re selling a beaded necklace for $3 but most of your successful competitors are selling them for $25. Your item will come off as cheap and not worth purchasing.

Make sure you are adding creation time into your price, so you don’t undervalue your product.

4. Not Selling Enough Items

While I believe in quality over quantity, you may be doing your customers a disservice by only having a few items to sell. If there’s a shop with 1, 2, or 3 items to sell, it looks incomplete. Also, you’re not going to show up in search that often. Depending on your niche, you might worry about the time it takes to product your items. Maybe you sell items that take time to create or you specialize in creating this one thing.

I implore you to think outside of the box.

Let’s say you make handbags. Can you offer this item in a different color? Offer an accessory such as a wallet or coin purse. Maybe even a personalized item. There’s always a way to offer variety. This isn’t to say you need a hundred plus items but you’ll be more successful if you can at least offer a dozen or more items in your shop. Remember, it doesn’t have to be released all at once, the idea is to grow your shop.

5. No Seller Info

I understand wanting to remain anonymous but it doesn’t work out well when you’re selling products. People want to know who’s making their products to see a real person. It establishes legitimacy and professionalism which is important to trust building with your customers.

This doesn’t have to be a magical piece of writing. Add a pic and write a quick bio telling your customers a little about your inspiration, background, and process. A little bit goes a long way.

6. 3 Stars or Less

6. 3 Stars or Less

When I see a shop with 3 stars or less, I run! This means either the quality of their products is terrible or they don’t provide great customer service. Neither draws people in to buy.

I think this is one of the easiest areas to improve because it all resolves around you! Are you resolving issues your customers have with your products? Are you responding to them in a timely manner? It’s easy to do these things in order to create raving fans.

7. No Social Media Presence

You might be wondering why this is cringe-worthy. Consider this, you purchase a product and you want to follow on social media or reach out with questions. They are nowhere to be found. This comes off as unprofessional.

Do they care about their business image? Are they a legitimate business? Do they really want to grow their business?

These are questions I ask and customers are unconsciously wondering. It also helps to have other places to be found by customers. There are many customers who will find you on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

Note: You don’t have to be active on all of these platforms, you just have to need a presence. Over time, you’ll find out where to focus most of your time. As they say, you should spend 20% of your time creating and 80% promoting.

I hope you learned what to do and what not to do on Etsy. Share any “oops” you have seen on Etsy!

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