Converting Views to Sales


There is nothing more frustrating than seeing your small business getting tons and tons of views and no sales….

And there’s nothing worse when selling on Etsy than receiving “favorite” after “favorite” without hearing a “cha-ching.” It’s frustrating and defeating for any small business owner. But luckily, there are some things you can do to convert those “views” and “favorites” to sales!

Your Description

Your product description is very important when we talk about converting “favorites” to “sales.” Why? Because your description is not only a description of your product, but also your sale’s pitch. Why should someone buy YOUR item over the millions of other items on Etsy.

Easy to Skim and Find Key Points

Let’s be real if you description looks like a thousand word essay, your audience is going to click away without an attempt to read it. Less is more: and bullet points and headers are KEY. Allow your consumers to skim your product’s description and find the key points they are looking for to purchase your product.

Here’s an Example…….

Describe the Value

Product value is the perceived worth of a product or service in eyes of the consumer. But before you can describe the value of your product to a consumer you need to:

  • Identify WHO your audience is.
  • Identify WHAT your audience values. Does your audience value:
    • Quality?
    • Shipping Speed?
    • Convenience?
    • Features?
    • Reliability?
    • Packaging
    • Safety?
    • Health?
    • Style?
    • Customer Service?
    • Performance?

Once you identify your audience and your audience values, you can then describe your product to them in a way that resonates with them and makes them purchase your item. Here are some examples from big brands that describe their value to consumers in one sentence:

“Uber: The smartest way to get around”

“Slack: Be more productive with less work”

Use Enticing Marketing Terms

Capture your audience’s attention with marketing terms to push them over the edge of: purchase or leave? In your description use enticing marketing terms to capture your audience’s attention and convert them into sales. Here are some terms to consider adding to your description to spur your audience to take action.

  • Free
  • Guaranteed
  • Easy
  • Amazing
  • Discover
  • Never
  • New
  • Act Now
  • Proven
  • Real Results
  • Secret
  • Elite
  • Premium

Answer their Questions

If a customer views your product and has a question, most of the time they will leave your page. Why? Consumers are all about convenience. For me, I break up mine (and my clients) sections into these main categories (give or take depending on the product) and then use bullet points to describe.

  • About this Product
    • Size
    • Material
    • How to Use
  • What’s Included
    • What’s included in this purchase?
  • How to Purchase
    • “Please select your size from the drop down menu and click add to cart to purchase your bracelet from N-Style ID”
  • Shipping and Handling
    • How long does it take your item to be shipped?
    • Is shipping free?
    • How long does shipping take?

Make them Feel Like they Can Ask Questions

You want your customers to feel comfortable enough that if they had a question regarding your product that they can send you a message and you will reply in a timely manner. In all my listings at the bottom I have this:

“If you have any questions regarding this item, please hit the “Message Seller” below and I will get back to you within 24 hours.”


Photos are a key part of a consumer’s decision-making process. Each additional image you add gives shoppers more information about your product. Not only that, using imagery builds creditability and helps potential buyers see your product’s features and imagine themselves with the item you’re selling.

Help your Consumers Imagine Using your Product

Using multiple images to show your product in use helps consumers imagine having your items. With lifestyle type photos, they can imagine purchasing and using your item.

Let’s say you sell baby bows. A flat lay photo with a bow isn’t going to sell as well as a baby girl modeling your bow. Allow your consumers to see your product in use.

Let’s say you sell wall art. Include photos of your wall art being used in a bedroom, office, living room. Show its’ versatility and have consumers imagine what YOUR art would look like in THEIR bedroom.

Put your Details in your Photos

Let’s face it, most consumers won’t read the description, BUT go through all of your photos. SO, I include my main points in my description and in my photos as well. I include:

  • Key points about the product I’m selling
  • Results or testimonials
  • About myself and my business
  • How to use and/or download
  • Shipping times
  • Etc.


Don’t Overwhelm Your Audience

If you have too many options and customizations, this can be overwhelming to consumers and they end up leaving your page. Keep it clear and simple. If you have different colors to choose from, state it clearly in the description and in the photos. But your main goal is to make it EASY and CONVENIENT for customers to pick your product and purchase.

Matching Items

If your product has matching items, there is a greater chance that consumers will purchase. Let’s say you sell baby shower invitations. If you also have matching thank you cards, games, diaper raffles, etc. your audience is more likely to purchase from YOU than from someone else. Consider creating matching items and even bundling your items to create new listings and give your consumers different choices.

Shipping Cost

Raise your prices and offer free shipping!!! I’ll say it again…… raise your prices and offer free shipping. How many times have you purchased more items, just to get to the minimum price for free shipping? There is just something about free shipping that entices customers to purchase your product.

Processing and Shipping Time

I mean there is a reason Amazon prime is a thing right? I have a client who slightly raised her prices and started doing next day shipping on her items and her sales increased 30% that year.

Think about ways you can expedite your processing and shipping times and get your product into consumer’s hands faster and more conveniently.

Coupons / Sales

Consumers LOVE a good sale and a good coupon. I mean am I right or am I right?

Luckily for Etsy shop owners you can set up a “recently favorited” coupon and a “left in cart” coupon. I HIGHLY suggest you set these up to entice consumers to purchase your items after viewing them. Sometimes consumers need a little push to purchase.

Do your Research

What is your competition doing that you’re not? Are they offering next day shipping? Freebies? What are they putting in their descriptions? Photos? Do your research!

Start implementing some of these tips and tricks to convert your views to sales ASAP!

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