Etsy Shop Ideas: Nail your Niche Market & Etsy Shop Idea.


Starting an Etsy shop can be the single most impactful change in your career and business. The Etsy platform lets you take an idea and open a shop for just .20c. Often times people have the energy and drive to get started they just don’t know what type of shop to open. It can be the most frustrating thing in the world to have the energy, just not know where to direct it. I want to give you ten Etsy Shop ideas as well as give you the tools, suppliers and even production partners that you can use to get started! Get The Etsy Shop Idea Guide.


Specialty shops thrive on Etsy. When you are thinking about who you serve, is your niche tight enough, meaning is your product line narrow enough? Sometimes we find ourselves in a sea of similar products. What we really need is something unique, serving a segment of buyers. 

For example, you may decide to sell candles, you could niche down and sell candles to adventure lovers. When you are creating, you are dreaming up scents that smell like adventures… a hike in a pine forest or a mountain bike ride through the wildflowers of Colorado. When you are marketing, you know you are targeting adventure lovers. It’s easy to then find your voice and talk directly to adventure lovers and build a business and community around that niche market. 


I’ve found time and time again it’s getting started with an idea that’s often the hardest part. That’s why I put together this guide, “Nail your Niche Market and Etsy Shop Idea.”  We are going to dig in to ten Etsy shop ideas and the exact tools, suppliers & production parters that the shops can use. It creates a massive head start and cuts down a ton of research. You don’t have to think, ”I wonder how they make that, or where do they get their supplies from.  

Take a look at the guide, it’s gold. It will help you nail your niche market while exploring ten of the best Etsy Shops to open this year. You’ll be armed with the exact tools, suppliers, and production partners to make that dream shop a reality! 

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned as an Etsy shop owner over the last decade. I grew my Etsy Shop in to a six figure business and have helped thousands of women grow their own businesses. I’m a momentum type of girl, get people going, give them the tools and watch them thrive. It’s an amazing time to start an Etsy shop check out Etsy’s growth and your potential here.

For any movement to gain momentum it must start with one small action.

Let’s do this! Let me know which Etsy shop idea you loved the most by commenting below! I write these posts knowing your eyes will see them. I’d love to hear from you! 

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