Etsy Trends 2020


Do you want to know what’s trending on Etsy? What exactly are people searching for? In today’s post, I will be sharing a new feature from eRank called Hot that lets you see what’s trending on Etsy. This eRank feature is a great tool when you are doing market research, keywords research, and so much more.

eRank for Etsy Sellers

The first need you must do is log into Click on “Hot” right underneath the menu bar.

A new window will open and now you can see the most popular keywords that buyers are searching for each day on Etsy, Amazon, and eBay.

The fastest-moving search terms marked as “Hot”. Come back each day (after 9 am EST) to see if these keywords are one-off or part of an ongoing trend.

You can click on any of the keywords to further deep dive into related Etsy tags that people are searching for on Etsy and much more. This is an amazing eRank tool that will really help you find profitable tags. Let me know in the comments below if you plan to use it? I would love to hear how you feel about it.


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